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A casting director somewhere is about to hear a lot of bad Rick and Morty impressions. Godspeed..

they asked me to be on rick and morty but I refused because I can’t do it and have no talent for it.


a tweet is like that one throwaway alien character from that one rick and morty episode that was born and then immediately grows up and ages into an old man and turns into dust but the dust is likes and RTs.

Rick and Morty should make the first episode of next season a full hour montage of every character who was voiced by Roiland getting beaten to a pulp by crowds of women. No explanation. No context. Run credits. And scene..

waiting for rick and morty to do the whole “replace voice actor with beloved celebrity and never mention it” thing @adultswim let’s make it happen.

Mike Mika
Mike Mika

Look, it’s great that you didn’t like Rick and Morty and/or Harry Potter, but nobody likes a smug bug..


Season 7: Rick and Morty get their Rick and Morty licenses revoked because their diplomas were fake. They go study and form a wacky study group with interesting misadventures.

lol, I forgot about those ai voices of them. We could practically make our own Rick and Morty episodes now!😂😭.

我说怎么这么熟悉。。。 《中国奇潭》第二集的书生好像 rick&morty 里的 morty 啊。。。.

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Yesterday I said Justin Roiland was a victim of cancel culture. I now retract that statement..

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@GraceGFreud Adult Swim should get him to voice Morty and Werner Herzog to voice Rick..

Unfortunately I have parted ways with adult swim studios and will no longer be voicing Rick and Morty.

hoje eu fiquei pensando que acho caído continuarem Rick and Morty sem o Justin Roiland (preferindo, portanto, que não continuasse), mas aí pensei que é sacanagem a equipe se fuder por causa dele E aí pensei que foda-se isso aí, não é problema meu.

@lucasinutilismo só acham rick and morty um desenho complexo, pq nunca assistiram a 5° temporada de futurama.

caso estejam preocupados com rick and morty o justin roiland é só a voz old que a alma é o dan harmon.

„Rick and Morty“-Schock: Sci-Fi-Hit wirft Serienschöpfer raus – wichtigste Rollen brauchen neue Stimme.

I kinda feel they should go for it & ask Michael J Fox to voice Morty & Christopher Lloyd to voice Rick.


Solar Opposite e Koala Man vão continuar após saída de Justin Roiland. Co-criador de Rick and Morty foi acusado de violência doméstica. Entenda o caso:.

I do not care about the Rick and Morty news I just want to know when there will be new Smiling Fiends.


@fluttrbby Never thought I’d hear a nsfwtwt audio with Rick and morty in the background but here we are.

@IGN @DEADLINE Damn there goes my favorite Rick and Morty will never be the same😭😭.

@idiot7002 And surely South Park is about tragedy mostly which seems to work endlessly which is why it’s so good and exciting by each newer season. If only Rick and Morty could still do that like how it did in Seasons 1 to 3..

Justin Roiland after his cell mate makes him do the Morty voice for the 1000th time.

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solo viendo Rick and Morty de trozos mal cortados en TikTok me doy cuenta del desarrollo de los personajes y ya básicamente todo el lore interesante memeo.

@RiseFallNickBck I’ve NO IDEA what Rick’s and Morty’s voices will sound like when season 7 eventually comes..

Obviously the answer is to have Tracy Morgan voice both Rick and Morty.

@G0ffThew They need to get that guy that did the Australian Rick and Morty ad and make him do it, and just have nobody in the show acknowledge it.

New FtF, in which I invent a new character, assistant coach who keeps losing recruits because he tries to bring up Rick and Morty to them.

First Job John Kricfalusi Was fired by Nickelodeon creator of Ren and Stimpy, second job Justin Roiland was fired by adult-swim/cartoon network creator of rick and morty..

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