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MOTOWN WAS SPECIFICALLY FOUNDED BY BLACK PEOPLE TO UPLIFT BLACK MUSICIANS HOW IS THIS HAPPENING (and also during Black history month) I really am floored by this bad choice..

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The best Kung Fu romantic-action-comedy ever made by Motown none. #NowWatching.

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That wasn’t the GOLDEN AGE OF MOTOWN, when you think of Motown no one mentions Vanity, stop stretching!.

Jennifer Lopez opened up about how her performance was in honor of her mom, who raised her on Motown classics..

@RealDLHughley Agreed! JLo gave us imitation Motown while authentic Motown sat in the audience. Whose dumb idea???.

#JLo discusses her epic Motown tribute following the performance.

@TheView come on. White women none of which are singers let alone stating that black voices should have song the Motown segment. This is so stupid of a conversation. And I’m a white woman. Continuing the white black conversation in a negative light..

For the first time I agree with Megan Jennifer Houston or Fantasia she have performed Motown. #TheView.

It’s not only that J Lo can’t sing. Motown was Black singers for Black culture. Motown was never about leotards and butt shaking. Whoever chose J Lo got it wrong. And J Lo should’ve declined the invitation. #TheView.

@2xRell Or actually sing like every single artist from Motown. Back in the day you rehearsed so that you did the recording in one take, with no mistakes. You don’t get do overs..

OK. Now that I’ve watched the whole it’s a really good performance. The last half especially. But it’s not Motown. At all. The essence of Motown is not there.

NO CHILL: Twitter Trolls Jennifer Lopez over Motown tribute at GRAMMYs #blacktwitter.

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That performance was trash Grammys has been canceled Jlo MOTOWN!!!.

Motown, the - everybody involved was wrong for this. That tribute was not up to the level of excellence that is Motown. If they wanted to celebrate Motown - have singers that were up to the task. Someone called in a favor or something. Make it make sense..

We have feelings and opinions BECAUSE we love the history and power of Motown!!.

Just watched some of the Motown moment I mean it should have been handled better Sorry , some things can not be tampered with ..

It was still awesome, though a lot of original Motown artists are still alive and should have been included. This just seemed like a quickie run-through of the Motown musical on Broadway. #Grammys.

@MsPackyetti It didn’t click until the Tina Marie moment. Motown deserved a better fit for that performance..

It’s sad that people really don’t get it! It’s not that JLo isn’t a good performer because she is but that was NOT Motown; no way NO how!!! The voice didn’t do it, the outfit choices, nor the lack of black faces on stage! This is #BHM isn’t it!?!? #Grammys 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄😒.

MOTOWN WAS SPECIFICALLY FOUNDED BY BLACK PEOPLE TO UPLIFT BLACK MUSICIANS HOW IS THIS HAPPENING (and also during Black history month) I really am floored by this bad choice..

Up Next : Lady Gaga, Travis Scott, Motown Tribute and then the one we have been so eagerly waiting for 😍 BTS will be announcing Best R&B Album 💜 #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt.

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#GRAMMYs this Motown tribute is awful. Like what connection does she have to Martha and the Vandellas or Mary Wells, or even Tina Marie? Like, nothing with her talk-singin ass..

falta q pasen lady gaga, travis scott y un tributo a motown y después los pibes presentan el premio me tiembla el anoide.

Also, Berry Gordy’s proud smile as he watched Diana Ross. The Motown fan in me is ugly-crying deep down.😭 #Grammy2019 #GrammyAwards.

Man. a #Motown Black History Month? What did we ever do to y’all, Grammy execs? #GRAMMYs.

All I wanna know is why y’all asked J. Lo to do this Motown tribute, with Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy present, when Lalah Hathaway—in all God’s glory—is sitting RIGHT there???.

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