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Sending big birthday love from the United family, @Donny_Beek6! 🥳❤️ #MUFC

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STEVEN ! . ()

Are the Glazers actually in Manchester, ARE THEY ACTUALLY IN THE UK, ARE THEY ACTUALLY IN EUROPE ! #MUFC

Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano ()

Ed Woodward will leave Manchester United as he was planning by months, confirmed - he’s gonna stay in role until end of 2021. 🔴 #MUFC #SuperLeague

TalkSPORT ()

Roy Keane pulled no punches when asked about Paul Pogba’s scathing verdict of Jose Mourinho #MUFC

United Journal
United Journal ()

🚨 — If that happens, PSG will be crowned Champions League winners and the Europa League final will be between Villareal and Roma #mufc #mujournal [@abc_es]

Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams ()

By bringing together the best clubs and best players in the world, the Super League will deliver excitement and drama never before seen in football. Did they not see Solskjaers last minute winner in 99? Piss off.

Ismail ()

@MarkusUTD17 The only thing that will keep me going now is knowing that if City win the UCL it will be meaningless

Manutd Analytics
Manutd Analytics ()

The reason I criticise ex pros is because some play the high moral ground when it favours them. @rioferdy5 the other week told Newcastle fans to stop moaning and buy the club themselves (very unrealistic), just because the fans wanted more ambition from the owner 1/2 #MUFC

STEVEN ! . ()

If everyone changes there team after the announcement i will go to my family team Bournemouth ! #MUFC

Manchester United
Manchester United ()

Sending big birthday love from the United family, @Donny_Beek6! 🥳❤️ #MUFC

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Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes ()

What a real Bromance looks like @juanmata8 😂 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Off to the semi-finals 🚀👹 #mufc

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شبكة مانشستر يونايتد
شبكة مانشستر يونايتد ()

بوجبا عن حمله لشارة القيادة :كان من دواعي سروري و شرف أن أكون قائد فريق مانشستر يونايتد في هذا الملعب، إنه لشرف لي ومثلما قلت، أبذل قصارى جهدي دائمًا لهذا الفريق ، لهذا النادي، كنت سعيدًا وفخورًا.

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Manchester United
Manchester United ()

Mimin dan @paulpogba mengucapkan, selamat manjalankan ibadah puasa di bulan #Ramadan untuk fans United di Indonesia! 🙌 Semoga di bulan ini kita dipenuhi keberkahan ya! 🤲 #MUFC

Philip ANTHONY Jones
Philip ANTHONY Jones ()


Ismail ()

@Roseangel009 @Sommiiiee Yh waiting for that triple threat and wanna see the Fiends entrance.

BrOdA AcE ()

@premierleague With the table only #MUFC remains unbeaten in the past 5 matches I love that team walahi❤️

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Ismail ()

@Sommiiiee @Roseangel009 I 100% know Edge is winning tonight and it’s gonna be emotional for him. Tonight is exactly 10 years to the day he announced his retirement. Gonna be emotional for him

Fauzan Ramdani
Fauzan Ramdani ()

China mine rescue: Crews work to free trapped workers in Xinjiang

Tadhg McCaughey
Tadhg McCaughey ()

@rory_mufc_ it happens very often doesn’t really matter that we won tho i’ll still get slagged for 10th 👍

#OpenTheGroundsBoris ()

Racism to Asians is way too normalised, that’s why bare accounts were doing it, it’s a society problem

yvonne🇰🇪 🌟
Yvonne🇰🇪 🌟 ()

A true definition of an opportunity. #MUFC LINGARD Paul pogba Pastor fred Greenwood

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Mark Normandale
Mark Normandale ()

@JeremyCorBAEn I’ve not watched any of this season yet !! I’m gonna binge it in one day

Jay_J_White ()

@Burton_MUFC @BaxterCymru11 Worked harder? 🤣🤣🤣 i mean on the pitch, not the cat walk. Stats prove trents crossing is more accurate but to even argue Beckham worked harder shows how little you know.

Obinna Mpa ndi highway
Obinna Mpa ndi highway ()

@privilege_mufc @deanhenderson Always came out when needed and also commanded his line

🇯🇲Rachel🇨🇾🏳️‍🌈 ()

@DevildetailsMU speaking about Oles tactical changes on @TFTerrace. Thanks for educating people 👏. Can always count on you. #MUFC

Patron ()

Can we appreciate how good @deanhenderson has been since being given a chance. He’s making that spot his own. #MUFC #TOTMAN

Ed ()

Again - this is what Ole was talking about re 🏆 Spurs may win the League Cup & finish 6th - yet people see it a success I’d much rather challenge for the title (although a weak challenge 😂) than win the League Cup League is most important. The rest will come #TOTMUN #MUFC

شبكة مانشستر يونايتد
شبكة مانشستر يونايتد ()

فريد :سعيد جدًا بهذا الهدف، إنه هدفي الأول في الموسم، أعلم أن وظيفتي ليست تسجيل الأهداف ولكن عندما أسجل الأهداف فأنا سعيد جدًا، يجب أن أستمر في هذا لمحاولة تسجيل المزيد هذا الموسم.

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Fozzy ()

Just another example there of Greenwoods progress as an overall player, far more facets to his game this season.👏

Adam 🇮🇪
Adam 🇮🇪 ()

That is such a good goal. In terms of quality probably Uniteds best of the season. Nutmeg, cross and finish within 5 seconds #MUFC

Ashwin ()

For all three goals (yes, including the “disallowed” one), Cavani’s movement inside the box has been top quality. It’s something we’ve severely missed while Martial has been leading the lines this season. #mufc

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