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Je pose ça là pour ces gens aux propos insultant 😉. Pour les personnes qui aiment le football merci de vos messages 🤗 #MUNPSG #MANPSG RDV au match retour ⚽️.

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Hey Manchester United fans, are you telling me Neymar, Cavani and Meunier were not enough, did you really wanna get Kimpembe outta the pitch too? You wanted to play against 5players of PSG in a10v11, go back training your squad against Brighton before tryna beat PSG 🔴🔵🖕🏼#MUNPSG.

Newborn Found Dead In Gurugram Well #munpsg #HitLikeWINiPhone7.

Asia stocks wait on talks, China trade data #munpsg #HitLikeWINiPhone7.

ICYMI | Man Utd have been charged by UEFA after a section of their supporters threw objects towards Angel Di Maria. #MUNPSG Full details 👇.

@donhutch4 1. Soljskaer was tactically outclassed last night. 2. Young, Mata, Matic, Sanchez are too slow on and off the ball. 3. We could have played another 90 minutes and still not scored, never really threatened Buffon. The third point scares me the most. #MUNPSG.

Somehow I knew ManU would not win but they always have a way of coming back. #UCL #MUNPSG.

Di Maria responded the best way by getting the two ⚽️👏 #MUNPSG.

Je pose ça là pour ces gens aux propos insultant 😉. Pour les personnes qui aiment le football merci de vos messages 🤗 #MUNPSG #MANPSG RDV au match retour ⚽️.

2 - Manchester United have lost by a margin of more than one goal at Old Trafford in European competition for the very first time in their history. Shock. #MUNPSG.


Tab3Live Broadcast Links 📶 live Live broadcast here for the match #MUNٍPSG ✔️ Broadcast links ↓ Computer - PS - XBox 💻: Broadcast for Mobile HD: Ret Retweet + Like.


Free Live broadcast Amazing Match 😍 Manchester United vs PSG | | | | Pc 🖥️ Mobile 📱 #MUNِPSG.


Verratti ist schon ein Guter. Wenn der noch 10-15 cm größer wäre, ..... #MUNPSG.

Why should we worry .. Ole at the wheel .. Best goalie in the world is here .. World cup winner leading our midfield .. Potential, pace and academy graduates all over the field. Come on United #MUFC #MUNPSG.

Woke up feeling good .. another dream coming true at the theater of dreams 🔴⚪⚫ #MUFC #MUNPSG.

Old Traffordneeds to be loud today as these lot make a racket! #MUNPSG #mufc.

So many great battles on show tonight in the #MUNPSG game, but the ultimate one is @PhilJones4 Vs @KMbappe 😂 Dont you dare fuck up tonight jones!!.

Matchday: Big game hopefully we come out with a big result. Come On United!!! #MUFC #MUNPSG.

Predict The Score and a Goal Scorer! Man Utd Vs PSG ⚽️⚽️ ₦2000 to 5 followers Picking randomly Reply & RT Predictions after 8pm is invalid #MUNPSG If you think this is a joke, check my tweet on #MCICHE.


Ma compo pr demain : #MUNPSG - Di Maria. Mbappé.Draxler. Je fais rentrer Paredes en 2e à la place de Verrati..

Nombre de doublés marqués contre Manchester United : Eric Choupo Moting 🇨🇲 1 Kylian Mbappé 🇫🇷 0 Angel Di Maria 🇦🇷 0 Julian Draxler 🇩🇪 0 #MUNPSG.

📸 | لاعبين باريس على وشك الدخول الى الأولد ترافورد من أجل التدرب للاستعداد لمباراة الغد. #MUNPSG.


هل أنت قلق من بول بوجبا؟ دراكسلر :لقد أوقفنا بول أحيانًا في المباريات بين ألمانيا وفرنسا. سنرى ما سيفعله غدًا. يمكنه فعل كل شيء لكن لدينا لاعبين قادرين على إيقاف بول. #MUNPSG.

[#LDC🏆] Martial🇫🇷 sur Pogba🇫🇷 💬 : Paul, c’est Paul. On le connaît, c’est l’un des meilleurs milieux de terrain du monde, en ce moment, il est en train de le démontrer. Je pense qu’il peut encore faire mieux dans les prochains matches, ce sera très bien pour nous. #MUNPSG.


إلى أي مدى ستلعب إصابات فريق باريس دوراً؟ دراكسلر :سنفقد نيمار ومونييه ، فهم لا لايستطيعون اللعب. لكن يجب أن لا نتحدث عن اللاعبين المصابين. يجب أن نتحدث عن اللاعبين المتاحين لدينا. وسنقدم كل ما لدينا بالتأكيد. #MUNPSG.

👐 De Gea vs Buffon 💪 Shaw vs Meunier 😎 Pogba vs Mbappe 👏 Man Utd vs PSG Who will come out on top of this one? #MUNPSG.

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