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Favorite Parody: Amish Paradise Favorite Non-Parody: Everything You Know Is Wrong #MyFaveAl.

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#MyFaveAl Parody: “King of Suede.” He goes as far as suede pajamas. Non-Parody: “Buy Me A Condo.” It’s so perfectly the opposite of reggae music, being all about cultural assimilation.

#MyFaveAl 1) Yoda or Smells Like Nirvana 2) Nature Trail to Hell - So goddamn funny, not only for its intensity, but because half the joke is that the song just never, ever ends and keeps ramping up to impossible heights..

#MyFaveAl 1. Amish Paradise - the song that introduced me to @alyankovic, the one I cheered hardest for at the London’s show a few years ago. A masterful piece of parody. 2. Christmas At Ground Zero..

#MyFaveAl 1. Parody - “Party in the CIA” - I love when the music is most at odds with the subject. 2. Non-parody - “One More Minute” - because “I’m stranded all alone in the gas station of love and I have to use the self service pump” is one of the best dirty jokes I’ve heard..

I thought #MyFaveAl was and was about ready to go off about robots for an hour.

@GailSimone @alyankovic 1. Word Crimes 2. Everything You Know is Wrong #MyFaveAl.

Favorites from @alyankovic Parody: Pretty Fly for a Rabbi (Running with Scissors) Non-Parody: Christmas at Ground Zero (Polka Party) And one category Gail missed- Polka: Now That’s What I Call Polka (Mandatory Fun) #MyFaveAl.

1. Lasagna, which is also one of my favorite things to throw on a jukebox 2. Velvet Elvis, which replaced Close But No Cigar after hearing it live 3. adding a Polka category for Alternative Polka #MyFaveAl.

Parody: Bedrock Anthem (HM: Ricky) Non-parody: One More Minute (HM: Dare to Be Stupid) Polka medley: Polka Your Eyes Out (HM: Polka Party!) Album: Even Worse #MyFaveAl @alyankovic.

Favorite Parody: Amish Paradise Favorite Non-Parody: Everything You Know Is Wrong #MyFaveAl.

@GailSimone @alyankovic Ooo, this is Original: Don’t Download this Song or Skipper Dan Parody: Word Crimes, Amish Paradise, White and Nerdy #MyFaveAl.

Anybody who doesn’t say “One More Minute” for #2 has clearly never heard the song and needs to do their homework before responding to this. #MyFaveAl.

@GailSimone @alyankovic Hard to choose just TWO! But I guess #MyFaveAl parody would have to be Yoda / Non-parody is Dare To Be Stupid 😃.

@GailSimone @alyankovic Fave parody: Word Crimes Fave non-parody: When I Was Your Age #MyFaveAl.

@GailSimone @alyankovic Oh, shoot, White and Nerdy is up there, too!! Met Al and Dr. D back stage at the Hollywood House of Blues once and got to meet him and his parents at their house through the high school fan club. :) My photos of those events are among my favorite things I own. #MyFaveAl.

My favorite single favorite of his: (this was tough!) 1) I lost on Jeopardy 2) You Don’t Love Me Anymore #MyFaveAl Show Al the hot Al love!.

2) is DEFINITELY albuquerque because that song is a TRIP (i also like Dare to be Stupid) 1) ok this is difficult but I think i have to give it to Yoda, My Bologna, or Saga Begins (also @tabbiewolf is right, Alternative Polka Best Polka. I had it on a mix CD in 2000) #myfaveal.

1) Like a Surgeon 2) Nature Trail to Hell (In 3-D) #MyFaveAl @alyankovic.

@GailSimone @alyankovic 1). Parody, Smells Like Nirvana mostly for the fun of working lyrics about the meaninglessness of lyrics into a song where the lyrics are tertiary to everything else. 2). Skipper Dan because Al + Disney = the best! #MyFaveAl.

@GailSimone @alyankovic Parody: I want a new duck non-parody: midnight star #MyFaveAl.

@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl Parody: Smells Like Nirvana Non-Parody: Everything You Know is Wrong.

Though I often wonder if Cake feels the same way about Close But No Cigar like Devo feels about Dare to Be Stupid. #myfaveal.

And to this day, I think Its been three days since the bitter feud/Between the KKK and that gay Jewish Black Dude is the funniest goddamn lyric in the history of music. #MyFaveAl.

Parody: “The Rye or the Kaiser (Theme From Rocky XIII)” - it made playing in the marching band with a tiger as our high school mascot just a little more tolerable. Original: “Skipper Dan” / “Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me” (tied) #MyFaveAl @alyankovic.

@GailSimone @alyankovic I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. He was an intro to music for me. Fav parody: toss-up between White and Nerdy and Word Crimes. Fav original: Dare to be Stupid. No! Everything You Know is Wrong. No! Hardware Store. No! Nature Trail to Hell. (And so on… too many!) #MyFaveAl.

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