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#Browns confirm that Myles Garrett was involved in a one-car accident this afternoon after leaving the practice facility. Garrett suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital..

#Browns DE Myles Garrett was in a single car crash after practice today. He and a passenger sustained non-life threatening injuries and were transported to a nearby hospital..

Myles Garrett was involved in a single-car crash today and was hospitalized with minor injuries.

Myles Garrett Photo,Myles Garrett Photo by B/R Gridiron,B/R Gridiron on twitter tweets Myles Garrett Photo

Things to watch for on TNF DE Myles Garrett is one sack away from becoming the franchise leader in sacks. RB Nick Chubb is 80 rushing yards away from passing Kevin Mack for 5th most in franchise history. With a win, Cleveland would tie Chicago for 5 straight TNF wins #Browns.

From @GMFB: #Browns pass-rusher Myles Garrett will play night, but his sidekick Jadeveon Clowney (ankle) is out vs the #Steelers..

Browns dropped Myles Garrett into coverage on that third-and-3, which seems curious, but it worked!.

really big game for myles garrett. super noticeable. dpoy level stuff. amazing human and player.

Yes. They are holding Myles Garrett every single play and getting away with it. You got it..

@cmanesh_ Myles Garrett is gonna find Rudolph Mason on the sideline and give him a German suplex.

Browns fans, do you want a chance to win a free autographed Myles Garrett jersey? Go to the link below and vote for Taylor Hale to have your name entered into the raffle. #Browns #DogPound.

I feel like it’s easier to block a great white shark than it is to block Myles Garrett.

@FeedNajee @NickAdamsinUSA We need more people like Tim Tebow and less like Myles Garrett in this league!.

Can someone tell me what Myles Garrett needs to do to get a call hands to the facemask #PITvsCLE.

Steelers fans going at Mitch is hilarious. My dude has had 5 horrible drops from perfect passes to his top two receivers 😱 Also his LT is getting tossed around like a toy by Myles Garrett.

Based on his 0 sacks and 0 tackles thus far, @PFF probably has Myles Garrett ranked as the best player in NFL history..

How is PFF going to justify the 95 rating they will inevitably give Myles Garrett for his two tackles tonight?.

Myles Garrett and the passenger have been transported to a nearby hospital to receive treatment after the car (via @camijustice) #NFL #Browns.

Myles Garrett Photo,Myles Garrett Photo by Sportskeeda Pro Football,Sportskeeda Pro Football on twitter tweets Myles Garrett Photo

I think if there’s one person in the world who can walk away from flipping a sports car it’s Myles Garrett so let’s cross our fingers, pray for him and his girlfriend, and thank the lord above they were wearing seatbelts.

Browns’ Myles Garrett TOTALS his Porsche, but only suffers minor damage.


So the defense is now basically Myles Garrett, no other DLs, no LBs, and a bunch of DBs who have their heads up their….

TJ Watt isn’t even playing and I’ve heard his name called more tonight than I’ve heard Myles Garrett’s.

Mitch is looking like a good QB against the #browns defense .....somebody has to got paid & relaxed, the steelers o-line shutting out myles Garrett, the linebackers have sucked all season, the safety play has been terrible & the d-line has been suspect.

Not a good luck for Myles Garrett to not show up in a prime time game when he wants to be known as the best defensive player in the league. He has done nothing this game. #TNF #PITvsCLE.

Joe Woods isn’t making Denzel Ward and Myles Garrett be turnstyles. They aren’t performing.


Myles Garrett’s arms are forking huuuge 😂 it don’t look real! 😂 he different 🫠.

I’ll be the one to say it. Either Myles Garrett didn’t like what he heard in the player’s only meeting… or he simply does not give a damn about run plays. #TNFonPrime #browns.

@blaiden remember when you said “Myles Garrett is gonna have himself a day” like two weeks ago.

@jorgetinajeroe @elbuenluigi Es que también myles garrett está ah no #Overreaction.

- Is Myles Garrett playing today? 🤣🤣 - Denzel Ward hasn’t had a good game since his rookie year. - I think the defense needs another players only meeting tonight..

@gooodtimealex @Alex_Kozora Myles Garrett in your your backfoot. Need your star wr to make that catch.

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