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I had thought calling her Mad Nads was a bit unkind until she started tweeting about the Johnson investigation..

creo que el año que viene voy a pasar de hacer regalos de cumpleaños xk luego a mi casi nadie me regala nads y solo tengo que andar escuchando es que no tienes regalos xk no haces nada por tu cumple.

@BobHS I thought the same about Go Nads! but then rapidly saw that she does indeed talk absolute b*****ks. 🙄.

@NadineDorries What are YOU hiding Nads? Why do you want this witch hunt over? At least we know who the witches are..

@davidyelland @mrjamesob Nads reminds me of an unfortunate lady who used to sit at the end of our road, shouting incoherently at traffic..

@Shannanagins6 I had to unsubscribe. If Diarrhea Debbie and Nads think you are on their side you need to rethink your angle. SA and DA are not two areas that I tolerate a devil’s advocate on bc you hate the other person more..

@AntonyMotha Thank you ! But all good. We have 200 packs to deliver in a bit so I’ll grab something on the way home..

What’s this? Another Tory MP having their nads ripped off and handed back to them on a plate by the good people of Twitter? Surely not. @johnredwood’s assertion is being thoroughly dismantled in the comments in multiple ways..

Nads Photo,Nads Photo by Jessica Gioia,Jessica Gioia on twitter tweets Nads Photo

no actually lowkey era na nila to like seryoso wag kayong makikinig kay nads walang nag d word.

the height was achieved not by the extra drop in, but the weight of the absolutely colossal nads on this lad..

@supertanskiii @B_E_Andre If anyone sees Raab or Mad Nads heading for a North Sea ferry, for God’s sake stop them before it’s too late!.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson The “Fake news” line used by Trump eventually came to an end, Nads. people over there realised how a corrupt racism got into power and the damage he really did. I’d be careful linking fake news to your mortgage payer if I were you..

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson You just do not recognise people with any form of moral compass, regardless of party sitting in a committee to hold people to account. You sound scared Nads…like the end of your brief, pointless career as an MP. We can’t wait for professional, decent and ethically sane govt..

nagsked kami nila nads na iinom bago mid year, pero beh patapos na mid year namin di pa rin kami nag iinom.

@NadxCL16 Hi nads!! Chilling tbh, feeling like a lazy Monday 🫡 Have a safe drive!!.

@UKLabour Don’t badmouth him… Nads will be round for your…nads… actually scrap that she’s already targeting a member of her own party.

@NadineDorries It honestly wont Nads. It will serve as a reminder For Prime Ministers to come that, at the end of the day, they are accountable..

@NadineDorries How dare we see if Boris lied! Pipe down poor people! Nads, he lied, get over it..

@MichaelTakeMP Big dog has shit on the path and only Nads has a bag to pick it up. Go Nads 🐕 💩 👏.

@MichaelTakeMP Indeed Sir M. Priti, Terry, Andrea 🖕, Liz, Sue Ellen, Penny. Big Dogs inner circle? No! They are his VESTAL VIRGINS protecting his flame. With Nads as his vestalium maxima, it’ll be a braver man (haha) who tries to come between them! Do you have any virgins protecting you Rishi?.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson How much gin did mad nads drink at the weekend. Fascist style plot here. Incredible.

@YvonneBurdett3 @NadineDorries Yes you’re no longer young, looking or age wise. He prefers em classier than you’ll ever be Nads.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Chr it st nads your working your fingers to the bone for that peerage.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Nads off her trolley again this morning. The old prosecco breakfast.


@thefairywin ada sejarah apa sama dia nads sampe diblokir 😭😂.

Nads Photo,Nads Photo by fae,fae on twitter tweets Nads Photo

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Careful Nads, you don’t want to be inciting the right wing nutters. People die when that happens.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson I know happy hour is anytime. But come on Nads rein the gin in first thing!.

@NadineDorries Is this a threat aimed at committee members Nads? Are you threatening them? @HoCSpeaker.


@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Wow Machiavellian is a big word for you nads, is this all you can come up with ? What a putrid load of entitled dog sh*t the conservatives are..

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Johnson has damaged the country more than anyone since Hitler Nads, that’s why most people loathe him. Destroyed the future of the country to achieve his own aims. A vile bloke..

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