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If Najee Harris goes over rushing attempts and/or rushing yards will send $100 via PayPal to one person who likes and RTs this tweet!.

Najee Harris uses THREE straight stiff-arms en route to 5-yard TD #Steelers.

Najee Photo,Najee Photo by Steelers Depot 7⃣,Steelers Depot 7⃣ on twitter tweets Najee Photo

Najee Harris is averaging just PPR points per game (PPG) through three games while playing on 70% of the snaps Last season, he averaged PPR PPG on an 85% snap share Touches per game: 🔘 2021 - 🔘 2022 - Also just 🎯 per game this season, last season.

Najee Harris compliments the Steelers O-line, says the skill position guys have to be better.

Hunt over receiving yards✖️ Najee over rush attempts ✅ Trubisky over pass yards ✅.

En el grupo seguimos sumando a base de Props. -Najee Harris 1+ TDs [+140] ✅️ -Najee Harris 55+ Rush Yards [-115] ✅️ -Crear Apuesta [+110] ❌️ Afrontaremos el 3er super domingo jugando con utilidad del 23% en el grupo NFL. $650 Resto de la temporada. Mándame DM..

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Through 3 games, Najee Harris 2021: Rushing 40 / 123 () / 0 Receiving 27 t / 20 / 149 / 1 fantasy points (PPR) 2022: Rushing 40 / 128 () / 1 Receiving 11 t / 10 / 48 / 1 fantasy points (PPR) 👀 W3 in 2021.

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For the season, Steelers RB Najee Harris has rushed for 128 yards on 40 carries () and one TD with a long run of 11 yards. #Steelers #NFL.

I forgot and opened Twitter this morning before watching the Browns and Steelers game. I was greeted with George Pickens amazing catch, two Najee Harris highlights and a Trubisky running TD and no Browns coverage. I was then shocked to watch the game in 40 and the Browns won!.


Come on people. Neither Najee nor Johnson lost any yards on the lateral. Why did claypool???? Come on @fanduel @PatMcAfeeShow what’s with your guys bro?.

Najee Photo,Najee Photo by don,don on twitter tweets Najee Photo

Game was on too late so I watched the highlights. Here what I learned. Defense is nothing without watt Matt Canada needs to be fired Najee Harris’ first time ever fumbling the ball shouldn’t even be considered a fumble Fuck Mitch we want kenny.

Coastal Carolina/Georgia state 1H -110 ❌ West Virginia -115 1u✅ Steelers +4 -110 1u❌ 🐠POD🐠 2u -114 Najee Harris receiving yards❌.

@notmilesbro Everyone walking home but George Pickens, Najee, and Diontae and maybe Warren.

najee can’t block either? or run for more than 1 yard? what can that scrub even do!??.

@sportsguyjason thank you,finally someone who actually gets love Najee n Pat but imo they shouldve valued atleast one OL with one of them 1st 2 likes to draft boring OLman on day 1 tho ive been told.

@EvanSowards Johnson Pickens claypool and Najee are all great weapons for Pickett — what are they doing?.

I have Najee Harris, I am playing Dionate Johnson, and am playing the browns defense. Crazy how one pathetic garbage time play has that much affect. Unbelievable. #Steelers.

@VonMac_ Fr. I thought trubisky look better. Now get najee hitting the holes and watt back. We gon be alright!.

@DimeComoSea El playcalling nos mata. Freiermuth es playmaker, poco lo llamaron. Najee funciona, pero no podemos obligarnos frente a Cleveland. Usemos a Claypool en.

@ActionNetworkHQ Why does claypool lose the yards? Diontae caught it and Najee fumbled lol.


Steelers backfield on Thursday: -Najee Harris: YBC, YAC -Jaylen Warren: 5 YBC, YAC👀 Season-long: -Harris: YBC, YAC -Warren: YBC, YAC👀 Per @TruMediaSports.

a este punto de mi vida lo único constante en ella es Najee haciendo esto 🔝.

@1ZachBrown1 I’m ok with it bc I have a $186k parlay that needed Chubb and Najee from tonight’s game lol.

I love Najee but honestly the run game looks WAY MORE electric when Jaylen Warren touches the ball… even with the fumble. @ThePoniExpress.

@InspireMe526 @THEChrisMack There is nothing wrong with the OL lol, they invested money into the OL, Cole and Daniels who both were opening up holes for Najee and Warren, are you guys watching the game or just trying to stick to a tired old narrative (I am talking to you Mack!!).

@oskarfinnur Ég elska að fórna svefni í að horfa á Trubisky hlaupa með boltann og henda á engan, og rétta svo Najee boltann fyrir 1 yard á 2nd. Geggjað tv..

I will NOT talk trash about the team that Najee/Minkah are playing for. But …. It’s Cleveland come on man.

@driphurts I’m so mad I went to bet this and they locked everything because Pittsburgh was in the redzone then Najee scored 😭.

Amari and Najee scored TDs? oh yea my fantasy team starting off I have the Browns defense in one of my need some sacks and interceptions by them.

...And just like that, @Steelers strike back to level the score on a Najee Harris 5-yard TD run! Listen to the highlight of a spectacular George Pickens 1-handed grab --a 36-yard completion from Mitch Trubisky that set up the score for Pittsburgh. 🗣️: Ian Eagle & @JasonMcCourty.

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