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  • Dear @NRA: This is the future. You are on the losing side of history. #nationalwalkoutday

  • WATCH: California students spell out #Enough during protest against gun violence #NationalWalkoutDay

  • I am so proud, I stand with every student today. #NationalWalkoutDay ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽.

  • The young people of this generation give me so much hope. Are u listening @GOP? Time for gun laws to change. And for you 2A-ers, relax, no one is saying you cant own a gun, your right to ‘bear arms shall not be infringed’. Just looking for common sense reform! #NationalWalkoutDay

  • To all the kids walking out of school today, you are the change we want to see. Thank you. #NationalWalkoutDay.

  • Student speaks in front of the U.S. Capitol on #NationalWalkoutDay: “Their right to own an assault rifle does not outweigh our right to live. The adults have failed us. This is in our hands now, and if any elected official gets in our way, we will vote them out.”

  • On #NationalWalkOutDay, lawmakers should listen to students who are demanding stronger gun safety laws. These students know the horror of mass shootings and they deserve to be heard. My op-ed:

  • Over 150 colleges are telling high schools students it’s OK if they get suspended for peacefully protesting gun violence #NationalWalkOutDay

  • Gun-trained teacher accidentally discharges firearm in California classroom, injuring student #NeverAgain #NationalWalkoutDay

  • The students of Detroit. The students of Chicago. The students of Oakland. The students of Parkland. The students of Ferguson. The students of Newtown. The students of Baltimore. The students of New Orleans. The students of New York City. 10AM. WALKOUT. #NationalWalkoutDay

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  • Jacksonville-area schools to accommodate #NationalWalkoutDay, as students stage demonstration in response to #ParklandShooting (@WJXTElizabeth) --

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  • #NationalWalkoutDay is mostly students who dont want to be in class Dont @ me. We were all kids once..

  • When you go to a military school and you’re not allowed to participate in #NationalWalkoutDay because in a navy uniform you aren’t permitted to participate in political issues.

  • So in other words you still think teenagers who ate tide pods know whats best for this country with #NationalWalkOutDay..

  • I am beyond disappointed our school is too scared to hold a real #NationalWalkoutDay. A memorial is nice, but it does nothing to solve our problems. We need action, not more thoughts and prayers. But they are so scared of the repercussions of being political. Shame.

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  • #NationalWalkoutDay NO POLITICS IN SCHOOL. PERIOD. #MAGA #Trump2020.

  • @Allah_Fanesh I can promise you that what these students will learn today is far more important than anything they might have learned in school. #NationalSchoolWalkout #NationalWalkoutDay #NRABloodMoney #NeverAgain

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  • #NationalWalkoutDay because nothing better then getting out of class for an hour..

  • #NationalWalkoutDay Today at 10am please honor the victims and stand with the survivors #NationalSchoolWalkout #EnoughIsEnough #NoRA

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  • This is why nothing will ever change, people replace actionable solutions with meaningless symbolic jesters. #NationalWalkoutDay.

  • Go do your "no one gives a damn" walkout kids, your teachers want a day off. 👍 #NationalWalkoutDay.

  • #NationalWalkoutDay is trending on Twitter. Everything you need to know about the protest happening around the country and right here in Metro Atlanta, next at 6:51. @wsbtv

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  • Dems using our kids to promote their agenda should outrage every parent. #NationalWalkoutDay.

  • #NationalWalkoutDay is nothing more then the Dems using our kids to push their agenda. Sad..

  • @dolanthrust we’re ready asf #NationalWalkoutDay.

  • #NationalWalkoutDay. We’re talking in studio with Andy Kowalczyk from Clarence High School about events at his school today

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  • What kind of idiot marches to demand their rights be taken away? #NationalWalkoutDay #NRA.

  • Watch on #Periscope: #PPH SHOW 21 #JGF #BNC #CBTS #NRA #news #blog #QAnon #NationalWalkoutDay #StephenHawking #Trum…

  • "We Will Remember" The Heroes of Parkland Memorial Tribute Video via @YouTube #NationalWalkOutDay.

  • Be careful what you wish for. #NationalWalkoutDay

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  • Congrats on using your kids as political pawns. Glad mine are smarter than that. #NationalWalkoutDay.

  • Students, I stand with you today. Your voice is the only voice that matters on this issue. Keep using that voice! #walkout #neveragain #NationalWalkoutDay #MarchForLife.