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Best managers in finals make great decisions Ryan got it wrong today, bringing on Sissoko was a bad call, also taking off Moura who was our most dangerous player, no Ndombele either, sorry but not good enough #spurs

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Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford ()

@patrickdgrimes I think he just needs a run in the team, I think he’s already looking better last few games, and he was super before his injury. He was also coming into the game against city, him and Moura before both got the hook. Your right tho he can’t play with Ndombele.

Dave Bradshaw 💙 #IhavehadOxfordAZvaccine
Dave Bradshaw 💙 #IhavehadOxfordAZvaccine ()

@SMTHFC1 If he’d subbed Ndombele on at 60’ we might’ve reached double figures against that lot tbh.

Kieran🇨🇮 ()

@UtdCallum_ Lamela. Tbf I think if a Spurs dosent win it should come down to agenda. Lamela Ndombele Kane Højberg Son all unreal and all up there

Me ()

@ryantegan Fought he was alright tonight controlled the tempo somthing ndombele just aint done for us slowly getting sharper aswell but still needs to improve wasent right after stamp.

Jez¹⁹ 🇬🇭 #ENICOUT #LevyOut
Jez¹⁹ 🇬🇭 #ENICOUT #LevyOut ()

Already talking about selling Ndombele when Harry Winks and Dele Alli plays at Spurs. Ryan Mason has manipulate them 😭

🤡 ()

@28xvzq - Bale avi after a hat trick and also had an Ndombele avi after his goal vs them

Prophet Chijioke.
Prophet Chijioke. ()

No Ndombele today and spurs won Bale also got a hattrick Spurs scored 4 goals today proving they can still actually attack. Yeah same players different manager. And most importantly, kept a clean sheet because they kept attacking. Jose is finished!

🔑 ()

If we are selling Ndombele this summer, would you be happy to get back what we paid for him? (£55m)

Emmanuel Ayeh
Emmanuel Ayeh ()

@yidoo90 @lazqetjohnson With better structure wed see a much better ndombele . He would be magnificent as a 10

Graham Butcher
Graham Butcher ()

@EthanCOYS Old boys network. Ndombele frozen out. Tanganga and Rodon nowhere to be seen.

Andrew Snell
Andrew Snell ()

Only a couple complaints from that performance. -Kane worryingly quiet. -Why wasn’t that a red on Gio? -Winks before Ndombele? The football and movement so much better. We have to keep hold of Bale for next season. Still has it. #COYS

Mark Spry
Mark Spry ()

@GrahamRoberts4 I know it was only Sheff Utd, but we looked so much better with Dele in the middle than Ndombele.

SPURS⚪️ ()

GREAT TEAM PERFORMANCE‼️ The boys done the job today. Bale masterclass. Aurier was very decent today. ONLY NEGATIVE⬇️ NDOMBELE DIDNT PLAY AGAIN!🤦🏽‍♂️

Matt Collis
Matt Collis ()

@simonyemane @burks_eric And as great as tonight is, Ndombele’s continued omission is a question mark.

Spurzinho ()

J’ai ça en tête. Ryan Mason est un assassin. Il nous a privé de Gareth Bale, l’un des seuls joueurs world class de notre effectif. Et il boycotte Ndombele. Imaginez s’il rate l’Euro à cause de ç au profit de Sissoko le nullard.

Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur ()

Point of note, Lo Celso in CM was very good, he isn’t the long term answer but he wanted the ball, created angles, showed energy and passed forward. His performance actually emphasised everything Ndombele doesn’t do for us.

Rahul ()

@LaFeinte___ @Daily_Hotspur I’m sure Levy will tell him to play ndombele to keep his value up soon.

Rubén ()

El Tottenham ha ganado, ha jugado bien y ha convencido. Sin embargo, es el segundo partido consecutivo que Ndombele no juega. Contento pero preocupado. #ElVarismoEstaSiendoAtacado

Hallows ()

@Chuffsters I don’t apologise for taking my time on red picks and taking these efl strikers over ndombele. This guy bangs, two worldie overheads from him too. Going into the 4222 at half time with alaba going cdm and klaiber coming on at cb made this team even more fun. Gold 2 op

Ndombele Photo,Ndombele Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Electric boogaloo
Electric boogaloo ()

que mason lo esté metiendo en la rotaciones por encima de ndombele tendría que ser considerado un crimen de guerra

Jonathan Weber
Jonathan Weber ()

@vkon1 Rodon? Where does he fit in then? Ndombele not even subbing? What do we do with that moving forward?

LILYWHITE 🇹🇬 🇬🇭 ()

There’s no way Harry winks should be ahead of Ndombele. I never see him do anything well

Brick Top
Brick Top ()

@robbienlondon @HenryWright96 So to be clear, you rather play GLC at CM than Ndombele?

Spencer B
Spencer B ()

dear god @RyanMason please put Ndombele in the damn starting 11. Winks and Lo Celso are no where near the player he is

Kenneth Jacobsen
Kenneth Jacobsen ()

@lazqetjohnson @RyanMason Ndombele got done in by JM before leaving? Rumour has it he needed a break after JM’s sacking.

Ethan ()

I know I’m harsh on Dele but it’s because I have bigger expectations I think people are being very soft. Frustrating when people give so many excuses for Dele but are so quick to disregard Ndombele and Lo Celso.

ChrisTHFC ()

@HollieAgombar A child hmmm 🤔 levy thinking long term investment , I think he needs a few more minutes with the lads and bale son Kane front 3 with Ndombele or Pierre beside him maybe

Deji Faremi
Deji Faremi ()

Is Ndombele being unfairly treated too and needs a hand around him or it only applies to players Mourinho shuts out?

Michael Cox
Michael Cox ()

Struggling to think of a better midfielder in England for what Spurs needed yesterday than Tanguy Ndombele. Assuming there’s no issue we don’t know about, one of the strangest selection / substitution decisions I can remember.

Jamie Ohara
Jamie Ohara ()

Best managers in finals make great decisions Ryan got it wrong today, bringing on Sissoko was a bad call, also taking off Moura who was our most dangerous player, no Ndombele either, sorry but not good enough #spurs

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