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Non-existent OPI called against Purdue. Two fumbles not reviewed in Illinois/Nebraska. Clear Indiana fumble ruled down and not reviewed. Have Big Ten officials opted out?

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Andy Sweeney
Andy Sweeney ()

Alabama is great and littered with NFL players, but Kentucky, at least for one night, is the laughingstock of college football. Nebraska a close second.

Steve Helwick
Steve Helwick ()

Put Northwestern in the top 10: 43-3 win over Maryland (2-1) 21-20 win over Iowa (3-2) 21-13 win over Nebraska (1-3) 27-20 win over Purdue (2-2) 17-7 win over Wisconsin (2-1) 4/5 teams .500+... not the prettiest scores but that defense doesn’t mess around.

Sam McKewon
Sam McKewon ()

When you lose by 18 to a 17-point underdog, social media shade is coming your way - especially when Nebraska got burned all day on the field. Scott Frost is “embarrassed.” He didn’t see it coming. My game story from another trainwreck. #huskers

Gwan White
Gwan White ()

4-0 day 6-5 week College Football Northwestern + -110💰 Over 64 -110 UCLA vs Oregon💰 Illinois 2nd half + -110💰 2nd half under 31 -110 Illinois vs Nebraska💰

Matt Brown
Matt Brown ()

Northwestern’s first win against an AP top-10 team since 2011 at Nebraska and its first home win against an AP top-10 team since 2004 against Ohio State

T A Y L O R🥀
T A Y L O R🥀 ()

Penn St How it started: Preseason AP Poll # 8 How it’s going: 0-5 (incl. losses to Maryland and Nebraska)😬

Andy Staples
Andy Staples ()

“Can’t we just be irrelevant?” Not the request you want to be making long term. Be glad lots of people — including many non-Nebraska fans — are interested in what happens to Nebraska. That’s a good thing.

Andy Staples
Andy Staples ()

Because they did something exactly a year ago that I wrote an entire column about (with regard to a different school) this week. Sorry, but that makes their situation relevant. Also, people tend to be more interested in Nebraska than the two you mentioned.

Andy Staples
Andy Staples ()

It’s not limited to Nebraska as the folks in South Carolina can attest.


It’s crazy to me how bad Penn State got this year and how much better Northwestern is. Nebraska is trash still which is no surprise. 😁

Pat Wolfe
Pat Wolfe ()

As a Nebraska Alum and die hard, it’s hard not to LOVE IU football right now.

AJ Ellingson
AJ Ellingson ()

Also, let me be the first to get my Black Friday prediction on the record. Iowa 52 Nebraska 5

R Kay
R Kay ()

Why You Don’t Talk a Metric Ton of Shit Before You’ve Won Anything Outside of the American Athletic Conference. The Nebraska Edition in a thread. And boy do we have receipts. ()

An Illinois field goal puts them back out in front by 24. Illinois 41 Nebraska 17 10:14 left in game

Rick Webster
Rick Webster ()

I’m just being honest here. If the Fidone kid wants a much better future as a TE, theres no reason to pick Nebraska over Iowa. Iowa is a 1 way ticket to the NFL as a TE.

Chris Sourk
Chris Sourk ()

With Nebraska getting blown out at home by Illinois, it certainly looks like Scott Frost is well on his way to failure at Nebraska. Something that was apparent to me early is now totally obvious to the rest of the college football world. #GBR

Nebraska Photo,Nebraska Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
ZVB ()

Interview process at Nebraska Football for the last 2 decades: “Can you coach the kids to run a successful screen pass.” “Oh God no.” “Hired! Here’s a billion dollars!” *enthusiastic handshaking and nervous laughter ensues*

Optimistic Sker
Optimistic Sker ()

@TheRealPaesan Class of 2018. I was born to be a fan, I went to school at UNL and I rep Nebraska every day with my work ethic.

Marc Heidorf
Marc Heidorf ()

Jokes about Nebraska football aside, hoping injury to Colin Miller is not as serious as it

Hawkize ()

Gotta admit, it’s refreshing to see Nebraska is still talking tons of shit as they’re getting their asses handed to them at home by Illinois

Graham Coffey
Graham Coffey ()

Y’all remember when the black shirts was a thing? Cause now Nebraska is wearing them while giving up 28 to Illinois in a half

Bobbi jean 🅾️
Bobbi jean 🅾️ ()

@Sunshine_1601 can’t bc they’re not showing the game in Florida 😩😩😩😩.... I am getting the Nebraska game Go HUSKERS!!

Jeremy Werner
Jeremy Werner ()

Hold on Nebraska wipes out a TD. Cornhuskers have some of the most costly penalties today.

Seemva ()

@bluestein @AllenPeake They are wrong . Trump is politically dead . He is a Manhattan corrupt gangster , not a conservative or republican . Ben Sasse won Nebraska by 40 points . Trump won Nebraska by 20 points . Who wins here ? Not Trump .

Broncofan_H ()

Watch a good game between two top ten teams in Ohio St and Indiana, or watch Nebraska lose at home to Illinois? Decisions decisions.

Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson ()

neither plays complimentary football but B1G W is not the Big 12. Nebraska style under Frost would work in the Big 12 but in the B1G W where IA/UW r the 2 top the ball, stop the run, control the pace, good luck Nebraska

TDale ()

Look, the refs obviously suck, but Nebraska is playing like shit regardless. Let’s not forget that.

Matt Schick
Matt Schick ()

Non-existent OPI called against Purdue. Two fumbles not reviewed in Illinois/Nebraska. Clear Indiana fumble ruled down and not reviewed. Have Big Ten officials opted out?

The Atlantic
The Atlantic ()

The University of Nebraska Medical Center has been specifically preparing for emerging infections for nearly two decades. But even it is rapidly approaching a breaking point—a fact that should shake the entire , @edyong209 writes:


Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse is strongly pushing back against President Trump’s attempts to contest the election with lawsuits and claims of fraud, observing Thursday that Trump’s lawyers have “refused to actually allege grand fraud” in court

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