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D-Lo’s run with Brooklyn was so cold last year ❄️ PPG ➡️ PPG ❄️ Career-high AST () ❄️ First All-Star berth ❄️ Broke Nets’ record for 3s ❄️ Nets’ first playoff appearance since 2015

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Awel ()

Did you know that sleeping under a mosquito net can reduce your chances of getting malaria by 60%? 📌The @MinofHealthUG is distributing free mosquito nets countrywide. Register with your LC1 & VHT to receive your free net. #NetCampaign2020

CanchaNBA ()

El jugador, que había sido cortado por los Clippers en febrero, Michael Beasley volverá a la #NBA de mano de los Nets. No obstante, tendrá que cumplir una sanción de 5 partidos de suspensión por violar la política anti-droga de la liga. Veremos en que forma vuelve.

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TrashTalk ()

Officiel : Jamal Crawford s’engage avec les Nets, vous n’imaginez pas sa réaction en sortant de la maison de retraite

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Michael Beasley is “moving toward” a deal with the Nets, per @ShamsCharania

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CBS Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio ()

[email protected] breaks some news to @CBSSports broadcaster Ian Eagle and the two discuss the possibility of Gregg Popovich coaching the #Nets. Full:

Chelsea Finn
Chelsea Finn ()

To think about this question, we first look at how equivariances are represented in neural nets. They can be seen as certain weight-sharing & weight-sparsity patterns. For example, consider convolutions. (2/8)

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Best NBA League News🏀❗
Best NBA League News🏀❗ ()

Not looking too good for the Brooklyn Nets right now. #NBA #NBATwitter

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Darcy Armstrong Raptors NBA Champions
Darcy Armstrong Raptors NBA Champions ()

@KateeForbis Yeah Ive lost track at this point lol. I think half the ones that have dropped out are from the Nets.

NBA do Povo 🏀🇧🇷 #RIPKOBE
NBA do Povo 🏀🇧🇷 #RIPKOBE ()

Taurean Prince é mais um jogador do Brooklyn Nets anunciado que testou positivo para o Coronavírus e não vai jogar no retorno da temporada 2019-20 da NBA em Orlando. c/c: @wojespn

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Zach ()

nets player: *exists* woj: “[brooklyn nets player] has tested positive for covid-19”

HispanosNBA ()

Taurean Prince se convierte en la séptima baja de Brooklyn Nets

🏀🇧🇷Brooklyn Gang🇧🇷🏀
🏀🇧🇷Brooklyn Gang🇧🇷🏀 ()

Com todos esses problemas com o Nets, como vocês acham que ficariam os titulares agora? #WeGoHard

Alec Sturm
Alec Sturm ()

The Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets requested to have their team practices not in market. The Raptors request was granted, and they have been in Florida for two weeks without a single positive test. The Nets request was denied, and half of their roster has tested positive.

Do Deka
Do Deka ()

@wojespn Devam edecek NBA sezonunda forma giyemeyecek olan Brooklyn Nets oyuncuları: 🔸 Kevin Durant 🔸 Kyrie Irving 🔸 DeAndre Jordan 🔸 Spencer Dinwiddie 🔸 Wilson Chandler 🔸 Taurean Prince 🔸 Nicolas Claxton

Isolation ()

¡SÉPTIMA BAJA DE LOS NETS! Taurean Prince dio positivo de COVID-19 y se perderá lo que resta de la temporada. Se suma a Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie, Kevin Durant, Wilson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan y Nicolas Claxton.

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If the Nets don’t sign @JCrossover they are truly, truly dumb.

albino orangutan
Albino orangutan ()

@BrooklynNets @gravityblankets Who are these guys I only like the nets cause kyrie and KD

Michael Hurwitz
Michael Hurwitz ()

@ZeeshanAleem @zakcheneyrice I think this is much more an argument about social safety nets than anything else

Oren Weisfeld
Oren Weisfeld ()

lol ignore my last two tweets. I guess there is truly no reason to watch Wizards/Nets

Bloomberg Opinion
Bloomberg Opinion ()

Yet an increasing number of players aren’t interested in being guinea pigs: - Davis Bertrans, Washington Wizards - DeAndre Jordan, Brooklyn Nets - Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets - Trevor Ariza, Portland Trail Blazer - Avery Bradley, Los Angeles Lakers

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Marc Stein
Marc Stein ()

Sacramento would be the seventh team of the 22 bound for Walt Disney World publicly known to take this measure at some point over the past two weeks since players were asked to be back in their home markets on June 22: Kings, Bucks, Heat, Clippers, Nuggets, Suns and Nets

Andrew Zonenberg
Andrew Zonenberg ()

MAXWELL layout is proceeding nicely. About a quarter of the way done, if you go by number of nets (although the DDR3 bus, one of the harder parts, is untouched). Almost all of the detail routing in the probe area (ESD diodes, hotswap power, EMI filtering, etc) is done.

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Elio Martínez
Elio Martínez ()

Lo que no sabemos es si Jordan y Dinwiddie han tomado precauciones (distancia, mascarilla, manos limpias) o no, pero ahí están sus COVID-19 tras volver a NY. Mejor que los positivos que haya sean ahora y a Orlando lleguen limpios, pero ni siquiera eso ha salvado a los Nets.

Elio Martínez
Elio Martínez ()

Así que con ese panorama ya me diréis qué van a hacer los Nets en Disney. Un equipo de playoffs reducido a poco más que comparsa, especialmente si Dinwiddie se borra. Y esto es lo malo que le podría ocurrir a cualquier equipo en este tiempo: varios positivos y todo al garete.

China ()

bueno ahí muere, ya me voy a dormir, ya lo he twitteado varias veces pero si alguien necesita algún consejo o simplemente ser escuchados nets mándeme mensaje y trataré de ayudarles! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #PrideMonth

Daniel Villatoro
Daniel Villatoro ()

@M_J_C_E Ahorita estan inflando todo con nets. Otra vez sacaron el arsenal de achichincles.

Kings on NBCS
Kings on NBCS ()

How the positive coronavirus tests for DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie impact the Kings

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Legion Hoops
Legion Hoops ()

If the Nets miss the playoffs, they get to keep their 2020 1st-round pick. If they make the playoffs, their pick goes to the Timberwolves.

Adrian Wojnarowski
Adrian Wojnarowski ()

Two Brooklyn Nets have tested positive for the coronavirus -- Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie. Jordan has opted-out of Orlando, and Dinwiddie is strongly considering the same. Nets will sign a substitute for Jordan, per sources. Nets are presently the seventh seed in East.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

D-Lo’s run with Brooklyn was so cold last year ❄️ PPG ➡️ PPG ❄️ Career-high AST () ❄️ First All-Star berth ❄️ Broke Nets’ record for 3s ❄️ Nets’ first playoff appearance since 2015

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☚ Goya Diosdado Cabello ☛
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