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E=mc² Where (Economy)=(Modi)(Cow)² First discover by 🙄.

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Anytime a black man tries to change the slave image he will scare white people - Huey P Newton.

@pierrelescure @Daniel_K_B Catherine Deneuve par Helmut Newton.

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If issac newton never invented gravity we all would have the ability to fly. Crazy.

To be perfectly honest, I never realized until now that Cam Newton was on my syrup bottle..

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Soy experta en la primera ley de Newton, no entiendo la segunda y soy un desastre en la tercera 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Tonight’s Catawba County football scores: Bunker Hill 12, Bandys 9 Hunter Huss 33, Hickory 7 Hendersonville 24, Newton-Conover 17, third quarter Maiden 41, St. Stephens 14 West Lincoln 41, Fred T. Foard 0.

You! Yeah you. Congratulations!!! Why you might ask? You have more rushing yards than Cam Newton this season. Feel proud!.

The @Panthers will win a game when Cam Newton is off the roster. @espn #stopcamfromplaying #wewantawin.

#CFAScoreUpdate @AthleticsNewton takes a 6-0 lead over Arabia Mountain as Quincy Cullins takes the ball 39 yards for a touchdown but the extra point was missed. At the 8:26 mark in the 1st the score is: Newton 6 Arabia Mountain 0.

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When Kevin Durant is announced to not play in a basketball game, the betting line moves instantly. But don’t worry: When every person knows the $BTC halving takes place on 5/16/2020 , the price won’t reflect that til day of. Just buy some the day before and go yacht shopping!.

Cam Newton is embarassed after losing first 2 games. He oughta be embarassed about wearing that fucking grandma scarf in public. WTF is happening in this world?!?.

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If you pushing me in Newton’s law, I push back with equal or greater force, fuckin period..

@G64Joann @YouTube I listened to The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Carole King. Some Olivia Newton John and Elton John. Really loved Carole King. Friends and I listened to soul music and on occasion gospel music..

@ClayTravis Cam Newton said, “It’s time for me to look myself in the mirror” 😂😂.

When did Cam Newton turn into a Russian Babushka who asks for beets for her Borscht at 1:30 PM from her cousin Priviet?.

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Via #FSR: The NFL Is Moving Away From Inaccurate Quarterbacks Like Cam Newton #FoxSportsRadio.

fico tao triste ao lembrar que perdi aula com Newton na sexta, era tudo que eu precisava.

Cam Newton has officially become my most disliked and over rated pro athlete. Have a seat GRANDMA!!!.

@ryanb_89 Should have never had the ball, 6-5 Newton should have went right up the middle or jump over the pile. Panthers trying to hard to make CMC our golden boy..

@FOXSports @ColinCowherd Damn near every QB in the league is better than Cam Newton right now..

@rprat75 Con il tuo pupillo Winston che gioca una gran partita, Newton bene per metà partita poi si addormenta.

Maybe if Cam Newton were less worried about his outfits and more worried about winning, fans wouldn’t be so frustrated with his lack of production right now.

“Maths never helped Einstein discover gravity”. This is true because it was Newton’s law of gravity..

E=mc² Where (Economy)=(Modi)(Cow)² First discover by 🙄.

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