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Listen, if the Celtics brass found out Ime Udoka was cheating on Nia Long, a suspension is not enough..

Whole timeline jumping to nia long’s defense knowing absolutely nothing and I’m about to work my way to the front line and demand to be in the vanguard.

We will not tolerate any disrespect of Nia Long. Absolutely none. It better be something else..

If he was cheating on Nia Long he should be fired and permanently suspended from the NBA imo.

Nia Long deleted essentially all the photos of Ime from her IG… including the one she posted when he was hired. 👀👀.

Ime Udoka was caught having “relations” with Nia Long in his office, Boston Celtics staff caught them in the act.

@MajorsDaddy_35 They need to fire him if he cheating on Nia Long just off strength lol.

On the one hand it just being Ime sleeping with someone is much better than like most outcomes here, on the other hand if he cheated on Nia Long they should lock him up and throw away the key.

Waiting to see if Nia Long hits free agency or Anna Horford spills the beans on twitter about Ime Udoka 😁.

@MumbaichaDon 👉NIA termed this as largest ever investigation process till date. 👉PFI chief Salam among 105 held. 👉This demon was nurtured long, time to decimate them ..

If Ime cheated on Nia Long with a white woman Boston might be the 3rd safest place for him.

My shot in the dark: Ime and Nia Long got caught in his office or locker room so they’re gonna say it’s an intern to save her image she takes him back they launch into a superstar couple.

Let me find out Nia Long is subtweeting her husband on a all hell is about to break loose..

Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by Paris Norton Music,Paris Norton Music on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo

@TheHooopCentral @wojespn This tweet don’t even slap. Y’all should’ve went with another angle. He has Nia Long already. We know this not happening.

Streets saying Udoka was stepping out on Nia Long and smashing one of the players’ gfs..

He tryna save his marriage with Nia Long. I respect the word-smithery.

@AndrewDoxy if it were something like gambling the league would have gotten involved. I bet he fumbled the bag with Nia Long.

The Celtics got the News on Ime Udoka cheating on Nia Long with some Milk. and knew that nigga wasn’t the man for the Job.

@el_jefe_Dagod Aye boa u not finna disrespect Nia Long in my mentions u finna get blocked gang.

Fam if he cheated on Nia long this man just set back black men for generations.

Nia Long posted a reel that had this in it and at the end it says “them not the people you want to play with” 😭 #UfokaEscandalo.

Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by j’dan,j’dan on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo


@sportsrage This story makes sense but the source isn’t reliable he’s some Boston sports freelance writer. Udoka’s wife is Nia Long fwiw.

Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by robert,robert on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo

Nia Long shared this story 3 hours ago. Click into the story and listen to the end, which is cut off on her share because of IG’s stupid 15 second limit. “You have to go through darkness to get that light” Make of that what you will… #Celtics #ImeUdoka.

@codezeaad Streets saying he pulled an Aaron Rodgers cause no way my man cheated on Nia mfing Long.

I hope this dude wasn’t up there being nasty. You’d gotta be an idiot to fumble Nia Long because you can’t keep it in your pants..

@ginoradja @AdamMKaufman No he should be fired…simply because he is married to nia long.


Exactly! That’s what i got out that tweet… he is engaged to Nia Long btw.

Ime has to resign if he was cheating. I mean we can’t just accept a suspension. Nia Long gave us Friday, Soul Food, Best Man, Boyz in the Hood and Love Jones..

Y’all changed from “Cheating on Nia Long??????” to “….I understand” like this🫰🏽 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

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