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This dude asked Cardi if she would ever make up with Nicki and her omg 😂😂😂.

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Some of y’all don’t have the looks to even come for Nicki. Like how dare you sit your ugly ass up here & come for her?????.


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@KammiUnicorn Anyway Nicki and Ariana will perform for second weekend too. They will fix the problems too..

i expected we were going to get lot of snaps from the twins from ariana’s and nicki’s performance, but guess emma has a huge impact on them.

@BarbieNews_ @24Maaaddoxx Facts never seen no pretty girl hate on Nicki. They always have the same look. Fat, ugly, or dusty. She happens to be all 3 so are we really surprised.

Bom dia só pra quem acordou puta com os problemas técnicos da apresentação de Nicki e Ariana. Festival bosta.

@joyce_corine @onikagrnt Cardi B managed to get herself back on track, and even rapped in Spanish. Nicki struggled with English alone. 🤣🤣.

People seem to forget their favorite rapper can’t rap AND has ghost writers. That’s the tea I will not stand for Nicki slander.

Nicki elle va revenir en mode Queen le 21 a la prochaine performance de ariana a coachella elle va faire de l’acapella sans oreillette elle va les choquer comme avant parce que il l’ont pas respecté.

@chiommy_1 I just feel so sad for Nicki,dunno whenever they do her intentionally.

最近アップされてた 😄🎶 Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B - Sally Walker (Mashup).

Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown via @YouTube.

that was a messy rap actually but damn we still stan nicki.

Nicki forgot the words to her verse and did this instead ...🤦🏾‍♀️😂😭.

@melanatedgawdes You clearly see Nicki tugging at her earpiece. Yet sit on here to say this ignorance. Some of you Black women have such self hate & disdain for yourselves, you really need to get some help, and stop projecting it. “Miss Pro-Black Womanist.”🙄.

Nicki was literally WINNING on twitter and with all the locals and because of this FUCK UP she’s gonna be made into memes by that bird gang. I’m so fucking MAD!!.

Eu exijo que Nicki suba nesse palco e mostre que ela é foda sim e a culpa de tudo foi da produção do show #ARICHELLA.

Nicki body is looking Snatched !!! Giving be healthy thick body goals !! #nickiminaj #Coachella.

Nicki had a wardrobe malfunction, an audio malfunction and she still kept her shit together, the level of professionalism #ARICHELLA.

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@eddserranoo They really turned Nicki’s mic down and fucked her ear piece up but it’s still duck Ariana and I stayed up for this I- LMAOOOO bvggghggg.

Even Barbie Tingz gave me that 90s hoe aesthetic that I KNOW y’all eat everyday. Y’all are fake and better put some respect on Nicki. 🤣.

I like Cardi but I don’t like Nicki slander lol I don’t know what era you guys are from but are we going to act like Itty Bitty Piggy doesn’t exist?.

Anyone blaming Nicki for this is clearly clueless lol. We all know she ain’t ever off beat. 😂 lessssssbereal.

Whoever is on sound needs to be fired but Nicki still handled this perfectly and looks amazing!.

This dude asked Cardi if she would ever make up with Nicki and her omg 😂😂😂.

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