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Firstly, I would like to thank all Lagosians, especially our supporters for coming out to vote yesterday for us. I’m convinced that with you in our corner, a NEW Nigeria is imminent..

What just happened in Nigeria? An election or a burlesque? Even masquerades voted. Touts and thugs replaced the Electoral Commission and took charge. Shame on INEC and the security agencies for turning our country into a comedy station of the world. #NigeriaDecides2023.

Or if you actually bothered to cover the full story instead of posting decontextualised video clips in an intentionally misleading manner, there was this. The man himself has admitted that he just returned to Nigeria after the story was published. Misreporting is malpractice..

Nigeria Photo,Nigeria Photo by David Hundeyin,David Hundeyin on twitter tweets Nigeria Photo

@ruffydfire @DocOmeiza Listen to this Piece. Dike Chukwumerije opened with Nigeria hasn’t failed you, Politicians are the ones who have constantly failed us. Face your real Enemies. This piece would refocus our attention. Nigerians, Stop the Bigotry. This is a wholesome Post..

What do you know about the Nigeria Navy Special Boat Service (NNSBS) ? Nigeria Navy elite squad🫡.

Nigeria Photo,Nigeria Photo by favdhee,favdhee on twitter tweets Nigeria Photo

@chipeine Well I was there during my service year and all I saw was old glory that degenerated due to the same thing happening in all sectors of Nigeria. We don’t know how to manage our resources.

Thank GOD i stopped voting in Nigeria since Buhari won the first time. I will never vote again InshAllah..

@Observer_kay I am sad and tired. The rigging is unending. There will be so much litigations but I fear @officialABAT presiding as President while Judges dispenses fair judgment. A sad nation,Nigeria!.

Nigeria can never be better again after what we saw at this 2023 general election God bless me so I fit lead my family out of this darkness called a country #kadunadecides.

@unlimitedotunba what concerns PDP and LP? PDP have their own candidate so those LP, PDP were the masterminds that brought hardship to Nigeria before APC took it to another l level, take the outcome or leave it, APC and PDP are useless..

@Ninasteve007 @jacksonpbn In Nigeria na professors dey rigging elections for Politicians with only WAEC and those without school cert. I think we should be dragging those professors online too..

Surviving Nigeria like GST should be a course studied in sec schools and Universities. Different problems, same origin. Bad leaders! Zero accountability! Zero empathy!.

@_dinomelaye Watch and see how it will end, Nigeria my.

@pikengooner @AfricaFactsZone So all the Democrats we have in Nigeria,who have they been accountable to??.

May peace be far from those causing Nigerians pains. May their wickedness hunt them. May their happiness be momentary. May their hope be dashed. All those who think they can sink Nigeria shall perish. Nigeria shall be delivered from the wicked..

Nigeria Photo,Nigeria Photo by Ayandare Theophilus,Ayandare Theophilus on twitter tweets Nigeria Photo

@AfricaFactsZone Nigeria number 8. With all the shege we are going through🤣.

Nigeria Photo,Nigeria Photo by Leo Photography International🇹🇬🇳🇬,Leo Photography International🇹🇬🇳🇬 on twitter tweets Nigeria Photo

@ConteBTCmine @fomax112 And you bought your first phone indirectly through computer village. Or do you not know how big the computer village is? It serves as far as Niger, cameroun, togo and benin republic. But because of election now, nigeria is not civilised. We need to collect that phone from you..


@10DowningStreet your high commissioner in Nigeria @CatrionaLaing1 is a total disgrace. She has chosen the wrong side and this will haunt UK-Nigeria relations for years to come..

The ballot action is over in Nigeria. Let’s accept our fate. We made ourselves like this. If your candidate is deprive of victory, tell him or her to go to court. Politics is a game. In Court, ordinary people get judgement. While privilege citizens get justice. This is Nigeria.

@MobilePunch The tribe that can hustle. Well done. If you talk naw them go say yoruba too dey beg bcos na only them get money dey hustle. If this one blow now, he go come Nigeria con buy my papa house for banana Island..

@PoojaMedia Oga ...I learned that God also watches football game. Hence the reason all stadium are bowls with hole up there 😂. Nigeria is yet to please Him on good and honest leadership..

@chude__ When has DSS or CID cells replaced the courts as a place to seek redress when one feels maligned or defamed? Anyway. This is Nigeria. But we refuse to be intimidated or silenced. They only make us stronger..

Many of the coaches in the Apex league in Nigeria are better than the fake albino they gave us as a foreign coach, but the @thenff won’t consider the Nigeria coaches because their skin is black. It is Nigeria that’s happening in that NFF, hence the reasons for these results..

@Timmyofdelta Chai 😌Nigeria don carry my money go👨🏿‍🦯 I will be glad if someone fund my a token I will really appreciate.

@Mspretty_925 Still yet to get it with highest African country on crypto,which is Nigeria, we are waiting.

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