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EXCLUSIVE: DMX does not have COVID-19, per an official source An update regarding his current condition will be coming later today

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🥀💫 ♕
🥀💫 ♕ ()

LOOOOOOOOL why are people pressing that I didn’t know who DMX was, not everyone listens to rap 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 imagine tweeting an indirect tho 😬

Moderna Shawty
Moderna Shawty ()

@kerrywashington Now we all know they’re not even remotely in the same line. One of them slid down @LilNasX pole to hell and it wasn’t DMX

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DConner89 ()

#DMX just passed away not even an hour ago. The last thing I need to see is a conspiracy theory on how he died

Jamesy® ()

You and I both brought up that not being a big rap fan would explain not knowing DMX. So if you ain’t a big rap fan, why would you even be keeping up with Verzuz when they made their name off older rappers? Somebody like that wouldn’t be watching that 😂

hσtєl nírvαnα®👅🎸
Hσtєl nírvαnα®👅🎸 ()

Never got to see dmx live meanwhile my mama did 😒 and she seen eminem live and she not even big fans of they music tf

Aneeq🃏 ()

im so confused has DMX has passed or not ☹️ they gotta fire whoevers giving all this wrong info

JameelMosley ()

@hitmansteviej Growing up in Chi-Town, IL @dmx was one of the best artists come to known. But now all I see is news about the great #DMX, my prayers will ALWAYS remain not with him, but his family as well 🙏🏾🙏🏾☝🏾4 DMX



Natasha Pink
Natasha Pink ()

DMX is not DEAD! He is still on life support!Please continue to pray for the rap icon!!Beware of the false information/false rumors around the internet until DMX’s family confirms it! #DMX #PrayersupforDMX

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Larry Fisherman
Larry Fisherman ()

Off the beers got me real life sad about DMX right now. Party Up the official theme song of summer 21 whether he lives or not, what a fucking legend man

Furious Styles
Furious Styles ()

Y’all should’ve stop listening when he said “I’m not a fan of Hip-Hop/rap music and I don’t listen to any of DMX’s music”

Bodhi ()

@unicarls_33 Dmx has not passed. It was a false report. He is still alive and on life support!

XXL Magazine
XXL Magazine ()

DMX’s manager says his family will be releasing a statement tomorrow He asks that people stop spreading misinformation “It’s not helping anybody by seeing these false rumors.”

XXL Magazine
XXL Magazine ()

EXCLUSIVE: DMX does not have COVID-19, per an official source An update regarding his current condition will be coming later today

G.Denise ()

Please do not let DMX die on my mother’s death anniversary. That. Would. Be. Overkill. For. My. Black. Conscience.

BussTheMartian ()

This DMx shxt is sad asf. Not The Og. Literally was just reciting lyrics with @xfxglobal


Not gon hold you I don’t feel bad for I don’t feel bad for jimmy the dope fiend what do I look like making an exception cause you smoke rock?

Althea ()

I’m just gonna some of us DMX is like that uncle we know is dead wrong sometimes but he’s also had a lifelong struggle to well. We’re not gonna excuse some of his views but we want him to be well.

Heba ()

Aaliyah ft DMX - Back In One Piece [1080pHD] via @YouTube DMX forever!!! DMX is living DMX has a long career even when they? say DMX is dead it is not true!!! Never Fear!!!


Some ppl talkin bout DMX and don’t know how addiction is. Shit do NOT be that easy. y’all making jokes that shit ain’t funny. You just never know what a mf goin thru. 🙏 #DMX

Willy D. Beetis, PhD
Willy D. Beetis, PhD ()

@13LOODIN Your not going to bait me in with that childish joke. I have grandchildren and know what you are trying to do. Unlike “DMX”, my grandchildren will not take drugs like all these rappers

VNM Madison
VNM Madison ()

I pray DMX survives and overcomes this. It’ll be a slow recovery, but I believe in him and I believe in the universe to help him heal. I pray he’s not taken from us. This is tragic man 😪

Royalty Unfiltered ®
Royalty Unfiltered ® ()

You never know how certain peoples downfalls will hit you. I’m not normally attached to Celebs. But this DMX news has my stomach in KNOTS. I can’t shake it. Maybe it’s ‘cause my sis and I grew up on homie. Genuinely hope he pulls through stronger than ever.

Cory Gilbert
Cory Gilbert ()

Dude am I reading this right? DMX overdosed and is currently in really bad shape? Come on man, not DMX. One of the absolute most hype rappers of all time.

#VocallyToxic ()

Damn Not DMX 🙏🏽. Prayers and hopefully he pulls through


yall young dudes need to go back and do the bet two classics in one year both best selling, not many can do that period let alone in and the way he rocked that Woodstock crowd. what a legend. DMX we with you dawg! *barks*

👑 ()

Yoooo they saying DMX might not make it 😩😩😩😩😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 this is crazy

CamCam ()

Considering if it wasnt for DMX, I would probably not have listened to I Really Hope he can pull through 🙏🙏🙏 #PrayForX

Miranda 🅿️.
Miranda 🅿️. ()

Y’all know DMX is my best friend (in my head) like uhuh not him🥺

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Jelly💒 ()

Pray for DMX before y’all just kill him off please. He’s in critical condition not dead

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