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Firefighters in Paris say there is a fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral..

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Right-wing pundits are already spreading conspiracy theories about the Notre Dame fire.

people made in the image of the Creator (who made this galaxy) made the Notre Dame Cathedral. amazing..

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Very sad day for all of us! #Repost foxnews ・・・ A massive fire broke out at the famed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday afternoon, officials said. Black smoke could be seen from a….

So at what point will everyone acknowledge that Christians are the most hated group in the world. I mean just look at the Notre-Dame Cathedral..

you act like a Costco burned down. The Notre Dame Cathedral was more than just a work of it has indescribable beauty and history. It’s really extremely sad and unfortunate..

Huge fire sweeps through Notre Dame Cathedral – in pictures.

15th April: - Notre Dame cathedral fire - Boston marathon bomb - Hillsborough disaster - Titanic sinking - Mum and dad’s wedding anniversary.

Breaking from Paris Police: Structure of Notre Dame cathedral has been saved. Fire stopped from spreading to Northern Belfry. - MSNBC.

Notre Dame cathedral spire falls as fire rages via @nypost.

Sad to see the destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral. I visited there in 2008 with my wife and got to see the Eiffel Tower light up at dusk from one of the two towers of the church. It was a very impressive structure. Definitely a momentous and heavy occasion..

Notre Dame’s spire collapsed as flames devastated the iconic 13th century Paris cathedral..

The 15th of April will forever be a date remembered for tragedy. 1715 - Pocotaligo massacre. 1865 - Death of President Lincoln. 1912 - RMS Titanic Sinks. 2013 - Boston Marathon Bombings. 1989 - Hillsborough Disaster. 2019 - Notre Dame Cathedral burns. We will remember..

@AmyMek @realDonaldTrump MInnesota or Islamisota celebrating the Notre Dame Cathedral burning!! 2001 all over again!!.

more than 4 Muslims arrested just last week, one just yesterday, for plotting to blow up, Notre other source on.

I would hate to be the owner of the company that was doing renovations on the Notre Dame Cathedral. All of this happens during Holy Week too? Wow that’s sad..

Vindicated. The Burning of Notre Dame Cathedral: A Tragic Symbol for Our Times - OnePeterFive.

Trump makes very bizarre statement about fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

I’m I had never been outside of America and was welcomed to Paris by the cathedral. I hadn’t even changed from the 9 hour flight, I was disheveled and tired and Notre Dame was the first place I could rest. I always dreamed of going 💞.

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Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris. This is heartbreaking, it’s such an inspiring building. Highlight for me when I have visited Paris. 💔.

Heartbroken! Blessed to have visited twice in my lifetime and saddened that my children will never be able to experience the grandeur of the Notre Dame cathedral..

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This is sad. I pray everyone is ok. God bless. #NotreDameParis.

I got on Snapchat and saw my best friend’s snap of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. I open Twitter and see that it’s on fire. It’s heartbreaking to see such a monument be engulfed by flames taking with it its history and culture. #NotreDame.

This is heartwrenching to see!! The famed Notre Dame Cathedral is burning. Just a few minutes ago the fame steeple collapsed. Such an historic.

Notre Dame cathedral: fire rages at Paris landmark – live news.

Firefighters in Paris say there is a fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral..

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