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“I think Newcastle have a better chance of winning the Premier League next season than Liverpool.” #NUFC #LFC.

Video review: Southampton 0 Newcastle 1… Anthony Gordon edges closer to Tyneside & NUFC edge closer to Wembley.

Matheus França | Newcastle have made third attempt to sign player • €16m all in one go • Negotiations with Flamengo proving to be very difficult #nufc.


👏 “He’d be a brilliant signing… under Eddie Howe, he could fly!” 🔥 “I’ve never seen him play for #EFC and not give absolutely everything!” 💷 “If they can get him at £40m, do it! In 3 years he’ll be worth more!” Danny Murphy says Anthony Gordon to #NUFC is a great move! ✅.

Good morning, just a reminder last night Newcastle won 1-0 in the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi final and are now 90 minutes away from a trip to Wembley 🤩🤩🤩 #NUFC.

#NUFC Photo,#NUFC Photo by Adam Pearson (YT) ⚫️⚪️,Adam Pearson (YT) ⚫️⚪️ on twitter tweets #NUFC Photo

🚨AC Milan are very interested in Allan Saint-Maximin reports @Santi_J_FM #NUFC #Newcastle.

What kind of a headline is that ??? We were denied a perfectly good goal by VAR, where as theirs was an actual handball ??? Sky Sports not even trying to hide the anti Newcastle agenda now #NUFC.

#NUFC Photo,#NUFC Photo by Alex Birdsall,Alex Birdsall on twitter tweets #NUFC Photo

Just another daily reminder that Miggy does not have a Twitter account. 8k of you guys seem to think otherwise. 😂😂😂 #NUFC.

15 corners tonight for us, 0 corners were properly used, no one of our 6’4 players can score a header and we must fix that. #NUFC.

If Newcastle bid 35 million and Everton turn it down for Gordon then that club is beyond help #nufc.

° Eddie Howe🙌🏾!! @NUFC 3rd in the @premierleague and one foot in the #CarabaoCup Final!! #MidasTouch.

#NUFC Photo,#NUFC Photo by Stephen Magyezi,Stephen Magyezi on twitter tweets #NUFC Photo

8am tuesday - 7am home from coach to Southampton for the NUFC Semi! Cracking trip half way to Wembley, let’s get the job finished at SJP #NUFC 🖤🤍.

Back home some trip and some canny miles travelled these last few days. #NUFC #upthemobilityscootermags.

Soon to welcome the newest little Toon fan! Poor child doesn’t know what it is in for 😅 Due July 2023 ❤️ #NUFC.

#NUFC Photo,#NUFC Photo by Benjamin McGee,Benjamin McGee on twitter tweets #NUFC Photo

Nice of the team to allow Nick Pope to show how good he is at saving shots to, poor lads been bored stiff recently, about time he earned his wages 😂😂 #nufc what a save today 👏🏻👏🏻.

ايدي هاو عن اقتراب نيوكاسل للتوقيع مع أنتوني جوردون 🗣️: ليس لدي أي فكرة، لقد كنت أستعد للمباراة. #نيوكاسل #NUFC.

#NUFC Photo,#NUFC Photo by نبِراس,نبِراس on twitter tweets #NUFC Photo

The skill to create the space and the accurate cross from Isak is incredible. So happy to wake up to a lead ahead of a home second leg. Have a good day everyone. #NUFC.

Ye gods so many people MOANING! “Joelinton should play here” “drop Longstaff” “Wilson is finished” etc etc. We just won again, one game from a final, 3rd in the Prem. Jeeez talk about forgetting where we came from. I think Eddie & team know what they’re doing, don’t you? #nufc.

Lee Ryder
Lee Ryder

Bruno Guimaraes sends dressing room message as Newcastle dream of Wembley #nufc.

#NUFC 🚨 Newcastle have a good transfer record since the takeover. If Ashworth wants Anthony Gordon, get in behind it. Only 21 with plenty of upside. 🔜.

Let’s get something clear for all those journalists trying to cause shit in the Newcastle camp. ASM is NOT for sale. Howe has already stated this about ASM & Shelvey. So stop writing total bollocks as click bait. #NUFC.

مدرب ساوثهامبتون بعد مباراة # نيوكاسل : لقد بدونا ضعفاء في انتقال الهجمة ضد نيوكاسل الأكثر مرونة في الدوري ، لايوجد فريق أسرع وأكثر قوة وعدوانية منهم انظر إليهم لا أعتقد أن لديهم لاعب يقل طوله عن 6 أقدام باستثناء تريبير ، 6 أقدام وبإمكانهم الركض #NUFC.

#NUFC Photo,#NUFC Photo by ‏ نيوكاسل يونايتد | NUFC Arabic,‏ نيوكاسل يونايتد | NUFC Arabic on twitter tweets #NUFC Photo

anthony gordon is a player if he plays for another club you hate him but if he’s your own player you’ll like him. i’m warming to the idea of us signing him #NUFC.


Calling all followers and #NUFCFans @SteveMc9 is someone worth considering following. A top top bloke. Drove all the way down to York to hand me a top to get signed and to give away as a prize on the channel. What a bloke and a nice lad 🙌 He will also follow back #NUFC.

#nufc of Dyer says we have no one world class in our back line That logic must mean theres no world class strikers we have faced this season yet then Fukin doylem.


A draws not a bad result away to Palace 61% possession, 16 shots & 15 corners 🤦‍♂️ #NUFC.

I’d love a mash up of how many good chances we’ve absolutely blasted over the crossbar in the last few games #NUFC.

I don’t think you’re a proper Newcastle fan if you don’t like Jacob Murphy #nufc.


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