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LeBron will miss tonight’s game vs. Nuggets with a sore right ankle, per @ShamsCharania

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kaylo ren
Kaylo ren ()

tempura tofu ‘nuggets’, curly fries and seitan ‘chicken strips’ , made by yours truly … purrrrrrr

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There is no reality.
There is no reality. ()

No strategy devised by anyone on how to tackle this task. The best they came up with was chanting golden nuggets. #BBAU

NBC Los Angeles
NBC Los Angeles ()

Anthony Davis scored 25 points and had key plays on both ends of the floor in the final minute as the short-handed Los Angeles Lakers snapped a three-game losing streak with a 93-89 victory over the Denver Nuggets Monday night.

Chubbs Peterson
Chubbs Peterson ()

The Lakers scored more points than the nuggets resulting in a win for the Lakers

Trevor Lane
Trevor Lane ()

The Lakers once again found themselves short-handed but still managed to get a big win over the Denver Nuggets as Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol shined.

Sam Quinn
Sam Quinn ()

If you asked me to outline a dream scenario: Lakers lose a nailbiter because of unsustainably hot Clippers shooting. They then run the table and get No. 5. Dallas falls to six. Lakers draw the Nuggets in Round 1.

Vic Lombardi
Vic Lombardi ()

Final thought on @nuggets Always hate losing to the @lakers. I get that. But the Nuggets are still in 3rd place. Loss doesn’t mean nearly as much as the loss of PJ Dozier. Seven games to go before the playoffs. Schedule doesn’t let up at all. Running out of bodies.

Derek Buchanan
Derek Buchanan ()

@Lakers @JackBox That was a good win vs the tough Nuggets team. That’s was better Lakers basketball.

Hardwood Paroxysm
Hardwood Paroxysm ()

Lakers’ physcality and the grind of this style of game has sapped the Nuggets of energy, which they can’t really afford on the road down so many weapons. No one to really sparkt them.

Your.boi.champs ()

Let’s go back to back playoffs 😈 #MileHighBasketball @nuggets

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كرة السلة الامريكية
كرة السلة الامريكية ()

8 نقاط في 6 دقائق من جافيل ماكغي ضد فريقه السابق .. مباراة الانتقام؟

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Silver Screen and Roll
Silver Screen and Roll ()

Hey everyone, the point guard-less Lakers tip off against the Nuggets in a few minutes. @hmfaigen on the tweets. This could be a weird one.

Facu Campazzo Worker’s Party viceroy
Facu Campazzo Worker’s Party viceroy ()

They should follow up the marvel broadcast with a DC broadcast for the Nuggets Lakers game. Lebron is Batman, AD is Robin, Jokic is the joker, and I kill myself on live TV

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

LeBron will miss tonight’s game vs. Nuggets with a sore right ankle, per @ShamsCharania

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StatMuse ()

The Lakers have lost 6 of their last 7 games — including tonight at home to the Raptors playing without Fred VanVleet, Gary Trent Jr and OG Anunoby. They are now 7th in the West. Their next 5 games: Nuggets, Clippers, Blazers, Suns, Knicks.

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🏳️‍🌈Tara & Shann🏳️‍🌈
🏳️‍🌈Tara & Shann🏳️‍🌈 ()

7am tweet …. I’m fine with MPJ becoming the face of the Nuggets franchise alongside Jokic if it means @BeMore27 can come home. Juss sayin.

Chris Laffan
Chris Laffan ()

The positive of having to go to Whittlesea today was going to be tucking into some world famous chicken nuggets. Shop was closed 🥺been craving those bad boys all week 😑

Jamie Graham
Jamie Graham ()

Also, an open-topped Ray Liotta being fed nuggets of his own sautéed brain, in a MAJOR STUDIO MOVIE, is to be robustly applauded

Repo Man | Manel
Repo Man | Manel ()

Quin plaer de balonsesto que fan els Nuggets joder! Deixo una foto de PJ Dozier

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Gift of Healing TV
Gift of Healing TV ()

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls with Sara Jane Who Am I to Others #Inspiration You can watch it here:

TrashTalk ()

La course aux Playoffs : les Nuggets plient les Clippers et débarquent sur le podium de l’Ouest, la dernière quinzaine s’annonce mythique

patrick louis
Patrick louis ()

@GameInjuryDoc Either nuggets or next week’s games will be deciding the factor 💯💯

totally not chicken nuggets | MISSING ALEC !?
Totally not chicken nuggets | MISSING ALEC !? ()

@94TIGHTROPEKIWI heyyyyyyyy yeah im good , very very good actually cuz my school got close for 2 days , anywaysssss wbu

𝗥𝗶🍡ᴺᴹ ()

Idk who needs to hear this but Dear Red Lobster, when I order fried shrimp 🍤 I PROMISE U, I want TARTER SAUCE. Not cocktail sauce. At least put both. Sincerely, mother of a new born w/no nanny. 🥴 Also, Wendy’s: Pls stop forgetting my ranch sauce with my chkn nuggets

StatMuse ()

The Nuggets are 9-1 since Jamal Murray’s injury. They are now 3rd in the West.

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NBA ()

MPJ is having a BREAKOUT season! 💥 PPG 💥 shooting 💥 from three Michael Porter Jr. and the @nuggets can move into the #3 seed with their 5th straight win TONIGHT at 10pm/et vs. LAC on ESPN!

NBA ()

The @BrooklynNets and @nuggets kept pace with their 4th straight wins last night! The NBA Play-In Tournament and NBA Playoffs picture as of today. 📖:

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NBA Latam
NBA Latam ()

El partido de @facucampazzo en la victoria de @nuggets 🤯 🔥 19 PTS 🔥 6 REB 🔥 10 AST 🔥 2 ROB Primer doble doble en la #NBA

Raju ()

So I finally had a chance to have some beer today. Only had a bit. Was enough to feel good but not ruin my fitness goals. But then I had like 6 very unhealthy dipped wings. And then later an iced coffee from McDonald’s. And frosty from Wendy’s with 4 spicy nuggets.

Midnight Underdog 🐺
Midnight Underdog 🐺 ()

Sometimes you have to go back to the basics 👀 Just reread my Checkmate course 😎 Can confirm it has grammar errors Can also confirm it is filled with gold nuggets 💰 Course is on sale Just $20 ($50 value) 🤯 Wouldn’t $1,000+ a month extra be nice?

☚ Angela Rayner Alessandro ☛
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