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Espero que nenhuma alma volte a criticar Darwin Núñez depois de ver a pobreza que esse time vira sem ele no ataque. 🔴 0x0 🔵 | #ESPNnoStarPlus.

@LFCTarek66 Honestly Alison, Trent, konate, Virgil, nunez and salah would be the only nailed on ones I’d wanna keep. Ofc can make a case for gakpo robbo and Thiago.

@Trentslegacy Elliot and Gakpo wing shift aint it broo tho but glad Nunez off the bench.

@jurgenholic HT 0-0, babak kedua nunez masuk nyekor 2 goll, skor akhir 2-3 untuk chelsea.

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@_tapinelli Darwin Darwin Nunez ☝️☝️ he came from Benfica 🕺🕺 to join the big Reds 😼.

we need a complete revamp in midfield but I do think that when we get Diaz/Jota with Nunez we’ll look a lot better up front.

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@A1damnDaniel @StrawHatShonen We’ll see Ahmed and I hope you’re right. But I’m with Waz on this. He’s shown zero outstanding ability in any department. At least with Nunez you could see his aerial ability and pace, but what is Gakpo’s innate natural gift?.

Resultado Global Terminó nuestro partido amistoso ante A. D. Cantolao con un resultado global de 4️⃣-1️⃣ en el Iván Elías Moreno. 🏟️ Sigamos dando todo por nuestros colores⚪🔴 ⚽Goles de F. Pacheco, C. Olivares, J. Nuñez y L. Ramos ¡Nada nos detiene!💪🏼 #EchaMuni #FranjaEdil.

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@jonnieivandoyle We were going through a transitional period and bedding in new players in Carvalho Nunez and now Gakpo but through no fault of our own injuries have scuppered that transitional period… so it’s paper over the cracks until those players like Diaz and Jota plus Vvd come back..

@ctwd1972 I think levy was hoping you would go higher when in reality you offered a very fair price for him. Liverpool went all in on Nunez can’t see spurs selling to Chelsea who I have no idea how they will be allowed to spend any more. If he wants the prem record I can only see him.

Comenzó el carnaval fraudeamplista y obviamente ni una sola mención a olesker, cubano nuñez, ollas delincuentes, etc, pero si se burlan del presidente de todos los.

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@ii_moO3ath ماحد يطبل له لانه ماهو اصلع ويصرف مليار كل موسم.

@LFC I was so looking forward to seeing some Nunez madness today. Come on the Redmen..

@TrentisBallin it literally is that guy is only used as a wide winger to recycle the ball not to miss 10 chances a game like nunez.

@hendrykusumaa @afcDW You dont think this team would look any different with Trent, VVD, Diaz and Jota, Nunez or Firmino?.

@Chels_Express1 Wtf Milner, Gomez, Salah should be on the right and Nunez on, crap line overall.

@Pedrote42680211 @daniel_nunez_a Esta cuenta es falsa, fijarse en el nombre de la cuenta e usuario termina en varios números. Esas cuentas son creadas por informáticos que uno solo maneja 100 cuentas automáticamente. Solo hay que bloquerlos..

@son_of_Sinbhad @Opresii Nunez is £65. It’s the ads on that makes it £85. Do you people intentionally say that or what?.

@jurgenholic Nunez mania dari bjb gaada kah ini 😌 pliss ada, biar ada temennya 😂😂.

@Khpri Nvm look at their fucking back lines. 8-9 everything going in and no Nunez.

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Siempre que Buysan pone esto y juega el Liverpool siempre pone la foto de Darwin Nuñez hasta cuando no esta ni en el banco aveces ,quizás es esto x lo cual a Darwin le está yendo mal.


I like it. Would much rather be able to turn to Nunez on 60 than Gakpo..

@jessicaoma_ Really ?? … Trent and Nunez have been piss poor for them; if they were on the pitch .. that would be your time to shine.

@joelmceniry @TheAnfieldTalk My thought is always, if they’re fit enough to be on the squad, they’re fit enough to start. Hoping Nunez is subbed on early. Could do lots of damage to that Chelsea D.

Bench: Kelleher, Fabinho, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jones, Tsimikas, Nunez, Matip, Alexander-Arnold #LIVCHE.

Cuando Núñez Feijóo pisa la calle, se encuentra casyalmente con un conocido simpatizante del PP que acaba de protagonizar un video promocional de una comunidad donde gobierna el 🤔.


GW21🔒 Nunez ➡️ Toney ©️Haaland 🌍 : 47K بالتوفيق للجميع 💙 🙏.

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@markgoldbridge I mean if you fully acknowledged the setups it’s not far off what they expect. Trent and nunez recent injury issues, mudryk for us hasn’t played since November..

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