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‘We Love You Nurkic’ goes up in Portland ahead of Blazers final regular season home game.

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The basketball gods are looking over the Thunder 🙏 not gonna be an easy Series but I would rather Nurkic-less Blazers than the Rockets @Fly2boy3.

@yoganho @NBA Lebih demen si 12 sih HAHAHAHA Di 2K selalu gw trade nurkic ama doi..

I think Adams is about to break out in the Playoffs. With no Nurkic (due to injury). I expect Adams to be the 1st option. Kanter and Collins physically can’t guard him. So OKC take advantage of it and feed the big man!!!.

Ay si Nurkic y Oladipo no se hubiesen Cuánto iban a dar que hablar Portland e Indiana..

@ein_wurf Jep, und ein angeschlagener CJ plus fehlender Nurkic machen es wohl nicht leichter. Witzig dass Kanter für OKC jetzt endlich mal so richtig hilfreich sein wird in den Playoffs!.

@wlmkmta Hahahha walang nurkic at mccollum taena ez path kayo tas nuggets lang sa 2nd rnd.

La lesión de Nurkic en el mejor momento de su carrera es una pena. Viendo el cuadro de PO, los Blazers podrían plantarse en las WCF perfectamente..

Sia Portland che Oklahoma sono state eliminate al 1 turno negli ultimi 2 anni. Portland addirittura viene da 2 sweep consecutivi. Guai a chi perderà di nuovo ! OKC parte favorita sopratutto perché mancherà Nurkic. Per questo pensavo che i Blazers avrebbero evitato #nba.

@FranJMerino Vaya liada de Houston perdiendo Utah a cara de perro y de regalo GSW en segunda ronda. Portland con Nurkic hubiera tenido muchas opciones de llegar a WCF, ahora el favorito es OKC..

@Alook_05 Basta niabot ug semi😂😂 kay sa okc nako di na guro makadaog. Basin ma wipe HAHAHAHAHHA rematch unta jazz na ahhahaha bahalag wala nurkic.

Looking at the Blazers-Thunder first-round series by the numbers. Portland will be hobbled without Nurkic, but there’s hope..

Es el año de Portland, es el año de Damian. Pese a la baja de Nurkic no se van a ver en otra con el camino tan asequible para llegar a final de conferencia. #RipCity.

@WeAreThunder_fr Meilleur tirage possible en vue dès confrontation de saison régulière , en sachant que Nurkic sera absent. Quesque t’en pense ?.

Na kraju regularne sezone #nba sa ovih prostora najbolji ppg imaju: Dončić Vučević Jokić Bojan Bogdanović 18 Nurkić Sad prava koš.

@YordanPapi_ Nurkic is worth more than 12 so that’s a budget contract. The one bad one is paying Evan Turner $17 Million it’s similar to why we had to trade mosgov and deng because too many bums on the cap.

@rbowlds34 @jwquick I kind of agree but nurkic was so good this year. Thunder have to be the favorites.

A excepción de OKC. Creo que es favorito con respecto a Portland y más sin Nurkic. Es una putada para Utah porque todo hacia indicar que seria su rival, y no va nada de que te tocase Blazers, a como de la noche al día. Veremos que pasa!.

@petersirianni Lilliard is one of my favorite players. I just don’t see how they can avoid flopping again without Nurkic. Thunder over Blazers seems like the only lower seed to win in the first round..

@haladjianchris Lillard would have better numbers on the Hornets. You forgot hes playing with McCollum and Nurkic?.

@NBADraftAddict True, although I’d say they’re almost equally matched, however with Nurkic injured, OKC have a huge advantage if anything.

Meilleur des scénarios pour le Thunder 😭 Blazers sans Nurkic et pas de Warriors ni Rockets dans le tableau 😭 Inespéré tellement on a fait les cons en cette fin de saison, maintenant faut tout donner #ThunderUp.

@kamuikilla15 @PrimeNerlens Dude we have sucked against Denver all year. Portland is a much better matchup we swept with NURKIC.

Basically. I woulda liked their chances better with nurkic.

With both Nurkic and McCollum definitely our, there’s no practical reason for Lillard to be inactive. Make more sense for him to me active even if he doesn’t play. Also means he doesn’t have to wear a suit..

‘We Love You Nurkic’ goes up in Portland ahead of Blazers final regular season home game.

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