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For anyone that thinks the Leafs need to do something drastic, what is that move and how does it take them to the next level? Don’t just want a “trade Nylander” answer.

big conference of uncles going on in Toronto at the moment, they’re all brainstorming ideas as to how this was William Nylander’s fault.

William Nylander’s ice time ➡️ 21:31. Congrats to winner here who collects the prize of choice. @MooreRussell was next closest and gets what Forbesy doesn’t pick. Thank you all for playing. May do a version of this for the remainder of the playoffs. We’ll see 🙏.

Une transaction qui tournerait autour de Nylander/Chychrun ferait tellement de sens pour les Leafs..

@torontobaghead It’s time for change. Fire Dubas. Trade Tavares and Nylander and bring in a drafting savant like Jim Benning..

#LeafsForever could be looking to offload Mitch Marner or William Nylander this off-season to clear up cap to help their bottom six. Something to keep an eye on if #Isles and LL decide to go bold..

@James_H630 @TheLeafsIMO This isn’t on Keefe, so I say give him a few months. AM34 and Marner aren’t at fault…this time. BUT Tavares is overpaid and Nylander is streaky. Dubas is ultimately at fault (yes the refs screwed us, but that excuse only goes so far). Dubas paid too much for Tavares..

@JDBunkis They’re at the same point the raptors were at pre Demar trade…team that you know is good for a top 1/2 see in East…but they just can’t get over the hump…no LeBron excuse for leafs though…what’s the kawhi trade for the leafs…Marner-Tkachuk…Nylander-Kopitar?????.

Pirates 🏴‍☠️ F5 +.5 -135✅ BOS/TEX F5 U 4 -105❌ EDM/LAK Over 6 -116❌ PHI/LAD over -105✅ A’s + -125❌ Sparks/Sun 1H under 80 -110 ✅ BOS/CAR Under -110✅ Bruins ML +118❌ Padres ML +112❌ Padres F5 TT over -135❌ Phillies ML +164✅ Nylander point -159❌ #SoloLocks.

@WillCann4 There is no way to trade a guy who outperforms his contract by so much. All the trade Nylander takes are idiotic..

James Tanner announces in five words that he wants to trade Nylander?.

@OverDrive1050 Need to shake up the core. Nylander is the obvious choice. Can’t pay 7 million for a playoff third liner and someone who shows up every other game. 5 straight first round exits something needs to change from the core..

@Sigi_JE On a Campbell byli nejlepšími hráči Leafs. A ještě Nylander s Kämpfem hodně bojovali..

@Jrocc260 @jabo_vancouver I just wanna turn it around. This unnecessary hate is stupid! I like Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares… as #Canucks fans, why not be better!?!.

@J_westcott True. I feel like this series was substantially less upsetting than losing to the Habs last year. Still stings, but at least it’s to the reigning (2x) Stanley Cup champs. Marner, Mathews & Nylander showed up when they needed to, which os reassuring to Leafs fans I’m sure.


@Archivistttt I think if this is a rematch the Leafs take it for comes down to truly believe the Leafs will be the best team Tampa sees all playoffs. Nylander may be a cap at the very least Campbell deserves to stay a series he had.

@MaestroVas Facts. Nylander trade too. They’ll be talking about that everyday. I don’t know how the leafs are gonna get better in the future. They’ll be playing the same team for next couple years. The Atlantic is stacked n will be competitive for at least 2-3 years….

Well all in all I think the Leafs played fine this year. Ultimately I think Justin Holl needs to go, Nylander completely changed my opinion of him with this series (for the worse) and Jack Campbell isn’t good enough to be a starter. Also find a D that can play the point ftlog.

@cridge17 As Camper Dave and I were chatting about, Matthews needs to go but it’ll be Nylander and Marner that take the fall for this unfortunately..

@SportPrincess89 Completely agree with your comments, no need to blow it up, they are close. They’ll need to ship out one of the big 4 forward contracts however (Taveres or Nylander).

Toronto föll i avgörande matchen: ”Kanske måste trejda Nylander nu”.

@OverDrive1050 My thoughts on the core 4 if we’re to deal one Matthews= he doesn’t show the hunger in these closeout games Marner= straight mamaluke Tavares= takes him too long to heat up Nylander= the most confusing star I’ve ever seen Who do we move? Do we even move one? So confusing.

@SamehBarakat80 @MapleLeafs Tavernas has a no move clause (NMC)… so a trade would have to to include nylander or Marner as I assume they keep Mathew’s.

@DarrenDreger 5 straight first round exits. They need a shake up and that starts with someone out of the core. Nylander would be the obvious choice for trade. Time to shake it up a bit..

@TheOakLeafs The same way they fixed the Caps. You know for a *fact* if the Leafs never made it to the 3rd round it would be the same stuff, losing is losing. You have Matthews, Marner, and kinda Nylander. You keep running them until you win..

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@MLarkinHockey You want a real bad one, during one of the leafs power plays paul does the most blatant tripping on nylander right infront of a ref, but of course it doesn’t get called because they would never give the leafs a 5v3 and risk a canadian team winning in playoffs.

@homesliceneo @AntDiGrazio I’m not saying I would do it, but you add a draft pick with jvr, and ship him to Arizona, like Ghost. Other option, Leaf’s need dmen. Nylander for Provorov makes sense for both teams, and the salaries are a wash..

@PortCreditRoy @JDBunkis Always thought Nylander for Konecny & Laughton was a deal that made sense for both sides.

Nope. Trade Marner, Trade Nylander, and fire all management and coaches. Rotten to the core. Fucking prima donnas..

@thegoldenmuzzy Why trade Nylander when he costs less per point than Matthews or Marner. i would trade Marner..

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