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Thank you O’Ryan and Omarion parents for understanding the assignment! #verzuz #verzuztv.

O’Ryan Photo,O’Ryan Photo by Imani Bashir,Imani Bashir on twitter tweets O’Ryan Photo

O’Ryan was so fine and QUIET. Now that he ate that watermelon, I can’t unseen it!!.


Mario, Omarion and O’Ryan were on the same stage tonight, I woulda screamed asking for a train tbh. Fck the Verzuz at that point..

O’Ryan Photo,O’Ryan Photo by J.,J. on twitter tweets O’Ryan Photo

Omarion , Mario and O’Ryan could of CHOO CHOOED me 💀💀💀💀💀don’t @ me I said what I said.

For those who don’t understand (mostly men) on what the watermelon was about, O’Ryan (Omarions brother) went semi viral of him demoslishing a watermelon 🍉 a few weeks ago 🙃#Verzuz #VerzuzTV.

Omarion and O’Ryan been fine all they life. It’s ridiculous. Like God did know wrong with those creations..

O’ryan better get up there & sing 😭😭😭 fuxk the watermelon Nigga your brother need you to sing w him #verzuz.

Mario eating Omarion up in this #VerzuzTV worse than O’Ryan was doing that watermelon 🫠.

@TFActress O’melon can just stay with O’Ryan cause he’s going to O’bother me 😂.

O’ryan- aye bro I know you said no b2k joints we have to drop a few to get you back in the race Omarion -damn man I said I wasn’t going to do that but fuxk it throw that shit on 😂😂😂 #verzuz.

O’Ryan and Tank were the Little and Big Joker and he STILL lost!!!.

Was O’Ryan back there slicing the watermelon? Did they bring it in a cooler? Mario was so outdone by that watermelon.

Sammie , Mario & O’ryan can have a field day with me. Omarion can join but he can’t talk, (hes kinda corny to me) 🤷🏾‍♀️😂.

Omarion and O’Ryan after eating that Watermelon Coochie 🍉 #Verzuz.

O’Ryan Photo,O’Ryan Photo by Jeremy Douglas,Jeremy Douglas on twitter tweets O’Ryan Photo

Lawddd. Check out the podcast episode of @Thegoodmoms w/ O’Ryan for context regarding the watermelons..


That was lowkey cringe 😬 lmao I hate stuff like that 😂😩 and he gon bring o’ryan in that bs.

Omarion and O’Ryan… Can I have them both? At the same time? #VerzuzTV #Verzuz.

O’Ryan Photo,O’Ryan Photo by 06/22 ♋️😈,06/22 ♋️😈 on twitter tweets O’Ryan Photo

Omarion & O’Ryan are some fine ass brothers. Either one of them could have me🤣🤣🤣.

the way o’ryan eating that watermelon , he can eat me like that good god 😮‍💨.

Let us watch O’Ryan eat the watermelon because Omarion can’t even do that right. He’s pissing me off #Verzuz.

I know y’all seen that video circulating of O’Ryan eating that fruit 😭 Omarion love a viral moment. Peace and love..

They have to jump MARIO now! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omarion, TANK, Jeremiah and O’ryan…. #Verzuz.

I’m mad late because I forgot live Tweeting was a thing but I flatlined when O’Ryan and Omarion was eating that watermelon 💀💀💀😂😂😂 #Verzuz #VerzuzTV.

can we talk about how O’Ryan and how the good lord has blessed that man 😩🙌🏾.

@AsTolbdyTerry I tried to send the link but it didn’t work. YouTube good moms, bad choices podcast with O’Ryan and fast forward for the 1 hour mark. You’re welcome 🙃.

The way o’Ryan ain’t that watermelon just showed me that it’s niggas out here that really love eating some kat… & I just want to say I’m your 1st volunteer babyboy cause whew.

@sweetNlow__ I wish I knew why her and O’Ryan ain’t last because they have similar vibes.

Omarion & Brother O’Ryan Eat Watermelon During Verzuz, Twitter Reacts.

Mario eating Omarion with the vocals. Not gon lie. But i fuck with Omarion mor in general…and O’Ryan 👀.

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