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Annnnd, we might find #ODAAT another home. This isn’t over yet..

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Netflix barely promoted ODAAT at all yet it still got a whole hashtag trending when it got cancelled Whats it gonna take for @NetflixUK @netflix to #SaveODAAT.

Sim, uma porra de série que é gatilho pra inúmeras pessoas. 13 reasons é uma bosta e tem divulgação para caralho. Se ODAAT tivesse tido metade da divulgação, teria estourado.

even if you dont watch ODAAT just try watching the first few episodes, i understand that the dialogue and acting it can be cringey sometimes but fundementally its a really important show??? with great representation?? i know its not perfect but it deserves the chance to continue.

can’t believe odaat is cancelled without me finding out if lydia finally calls leslie her boyfriend.

im not ready for odaat to be it just kept getting better every season. I havent liked a show that much in so long shows are fucking terrible these days and yes I mean almost every other netflix show..

Us: ODAAT has been canceled💔 ODAAT fans: We got you✊.

@gaychacur NETFLIX NEVER TRIED TO KEEP ODAAT which is what I’m assuming this is about if it’s not ignore me.

ODAAT has strong representation of Latino, mentally ill, LGBTQ, immigrant, etc. communities. Plus, anyone can enjoy it! It’s a funny show about family, friendship, pain, identity, and community. Netflix should have promoted it more and another network should pick it up #SaveODAAT.

not y’all saying they should have renewed odaat and not where’s the correlation?? riverdale isn’t a netflix original you absolute fucking clowns.

Netflix: Yeah sorry we had no possible way to renew ODAAT sorry Also Netflix: BTW we’re gonna renew Insatiable and 13 Reasons Why so look forward to that!!!.

não vão renovar odaat. parabéns @netflix, por investir somente em séries completamente forçadas e deixar as boas que realmente são importantes de lado. deixo aqui o meu VAI TOMAR NO CU e ressalto toda a minha indignação revogando minha conta..

Noo!! I LOVE THIS SHOW. How can this happen. Damn, this is sad. I truly hope they will find another home for this show. #ODAAT #ILoveThisShowSoMuch.

I knew friends being on Netflix would be included in the ODAAT cancellation chaos and I wanna this on Friends behalf: they would like to be excluded from this narrative.

se odaat for pra nbc quero crossover com the good place ou b99 pra já #SAVEODAAT.

How is netflix gonna renew the stupidest fucking shows like 13rw and insatiable but not odaat lmao okay.

i’m really trying to get my thoughts together on odaat not being continued but i’m so fuckingangry that i jus can’t.


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i think another network will pick odaat up. stop bashing other shows and go put ur energy into spreading love for the show instead! especially when you’re bashing shows that aren’t even ON you just look stupid!.

ODAAT so i am currently crying in bed with a pounding headache (love that too) needless to say I’ve had a day and it’s only 1 so yay me 🙃 #saveODAAT.

I’m so fucking mad. odaat helped me so much and netflix never promoted it in any way and then blamed it on views only to cancel it. it made me truly happy and not only me but so many people and netflix just doesn’t care.

só to vendo o pessoal chorando pq ODAAT foi cancelada e não deveria pq traz assuntos e personagens LGBT+, mas invalidando a Carol Danvers como bissexual rs.

bom vamos la a @NetflixBrasil nao fala sobre odaat DESDE QUE A PORRA DA SERIE COMEÇOU hoje foi cancelada e nao saiu NEM UMA NOTINHA a @netflix fala que tentou de tudo pra manter a serie mas cancelou por falta de public primeiro q falta de publico eh o caralho.

Y’all im was our small family this ray of sunshine I’d watch this show woth my mother it was our thing we’d laugh, cry and just remember great times. This show reminded me so much of my family i will miss it dearly 😔 #SaveODAAT.

Annnnd, we might find #ODAAT another home. This isn’t over yet..

And to anyone who felt seen or represented — possibly for the first time — by ODAAT, please don’t take this as an indication your story is not important. The outpouring of love for this show is a firm reminder to us that we must continue finding ways to tell these stories..