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Mike Evans Chris Godwin Julio Jones Russell Gage Odell Beckham Jr Sheeeeeeeeeeesh! December gonna be craaaaazy!.

They about to force us to see that George Pickens catch every 5 the Odell catch all over again. 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Odell Photo,Odell Photo by 2-0 🌙🧸,2-0 🌙🧸 on twitter tweets Odell Photo

Jacoby Brissett is a class act at the end of the day. Deshaun Watson gives off the vibes of that one time odell and nick chubb were talking on the sideline and odell said man I want to score a touchdown and nick chubb said man I just want to win and walked away..

So yall gonna casually compare Odell iconic catch to NFL young boy (amazing btw but not even close to OBJ).

Reed Odell runs in another touchdown! Tomball Memorial is mounting a little comeback, now trailing Klein Cain 35-20. Still five minutes left in the third. @Football_TMHS @Reed_M_Odell #txhsfb.

recency bias af. odell catch will never ever be beaten. that thing was insane..

Cá estava eu de boas trabalhando e ouvindo músicas, do nada aleatoriamente cai no YouTube as músicas de um cara chamado Tom Odell, e o cara canta bem pra caralho ! Pqp !.

@BoudreauxChip @patrickpucci2 Right Odell was turned towards the ball because Carr grabbed him pulling him BACK slowing him down so in order for him to “dive forward” from the position and still stretch his arm out to get it was crazy. Pickens was still running forward & dived forward. Both great catches tho.

@teddygraffeo49 I want to say closest we’ve come since but I’m definitely forgetting some crazy catches. Don’t think Odell can ever be topped..

Every sports show tomorrow is going to have a segment where they discuss if Pickens catch was better than Odell’s Even tho they know the answer is obviously Odell. #pickens.

@SNFonNBC @obj Odell’s was better. Not only was it for a TD but Brandon Carr was hanging all over him on that play. And it was a longer throw and catch. - Coming from a Cowboys fan.

Talvez eu mude de ideia por causa de como a bola chega na mão Odell tem q receber com a mão no meio da bola (parte mais larga), Pickens recebe com o fundo.

eu não sabia que eu era uma viúva do Odell até ver esse recepção.

@jaewestcoast_ idk they both are insane ass catches. but also a lot of WRs have had crazy ass catches after.

@SNFonNBC @obj How is this even a question? Odell scored, was held, and extended further? Come on!.

@Billyhottakes Odell caught a touchdown with 3 fingers after getting pass interfered with.

Reed Odell runs in a touchdown! Tomball Memorial trails Klein Cain 35-13 with two minutes left in the half. @Football_TMHS @Reed_M_Odell #txhsfb.

Odell caught it with 3 fingers, through a PI, fallin back for a TD. Pipe down.

@JimSweighy I know you just wanted an excuse to say NFL young boy but this shit not better than Odell’s grab not even close 🤣.

Pickens harder catch. Odell’s was 6. Do with that information what you will.

Odell fasho. Bro caught it with 3 fingers and a crazy PI. Pickens catch tuffff though 🔥.

@SNFonNBC @obj Me reaction to Odell’s was way more hype than this one haha. Maybe cause I’m a giants fan.

George Pickens, the 21-year old rookie, channels his inner Odell Beckham Jr. with an insane catch, and NFL Twitter goes bananas.

George Pickens, the 21-year old rookie, channels his inner Odell Beckham Jr. with an insane catch, and NFL Twitter goes bananas.

Odell was open we needed an actual qb which we have a better option.


@Billyhottakes Odell’s was for a TD and only secured it with three fingers and used one hand to bring it in. This was not remotely as impressive..

Was a great catch but Odell will forever be on top 😂🤷🏾‍♂️.

also how bad has Trubisky been if Pickens made the Odell catch and still only has 3 catches on 7 targets.

@ImYaPushaMan You listening to billy hot takes 😭😭😭 hall of famers literally got on air at halftime and said Odell catch in a league of its own. It was a great catch..

This was a great catch, but not nearly as great as Odell’s. Respectfully Relax….

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