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Brazil is beating a Black Stars team without Partey and Hudson Odoi but see how demma coach excite.

Tough day at the office for Denis Odoi already. Whew. 🇧🇷 2-0 🇬🇭 #CitiSports.

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@Real_DMacheda U get young blood like Tariq Lamptey u Dey play odoi against Vinicius 🤦🏾‍♂️ sometimes dem Dey do the formation like them dey fear some players.

@duncsagain first game with lamptey and williams registered + odoi is waiting on the wings aint no fuckin why we line up like this is Qatar man.

Ghana Black Stars can’t pass just 3/5 passes and Vinicius Jr keeps on disrespecting Odoi wtf!!.

Odoi play’s as a holding midfielder in his club side so why is he using Kudus as a holding midfielder.

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