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Rhys Hoskins tallies his 4th RBI of the evening with this 2-run homer off Jake Odorizzi. The Phillies currently lead the Braves 7-0 in the bottom of the 4th..

Braves lineup for Wednesday in DC: RF Acuña Jr. SS Swanson CF Harris II 3B Riley 1B Olson C d’Arnaud LF Rosario 2B Arcia DH Grossman RHP Jake Odorizzi.

Braves lineup for Friday in Philly: SS Swanson CF Harris II 3B Riley C d’Arnaud 1B Olson DH Contreras LF Rosario 2B Grissom RF Grossman RHP Jake Odorizzi.

Rhys Hoskins hit a two-out double to left field. Two more Phillies scored. Jake Odorizzi has allowed four runs in the second inning. 4-0, Phillies.

The Braves have 2 hits against a scrub with an ERA over 5. But sure, Odorizzi is the problem tonight.

In 12 starts with Houston, Odorizzi gave up five homers in 60 IP. In his first eight outings with the #Braves, Odorizzi has surrendered eight homers in 37 IP..

@BlooperBraves bloop can you go into the clubhouse and pack odorizzi’s things for him?.

@Braves this is disappointing. stop pitching odorizzi, please. for the love of God, he is not a pitcher we should be using. we can’t afford to give up that many runs so early..

FINAL: Phillies: 9, Braves: 1 WP: Aaron Nola (10-12) LP: Jake Odorizzi (5-6) 📰: Phillies offense explodes for 9 runs; as Phillies outslug Braves to win game 2 of series. 📊 Record: 83-67 📈 Streak: W3 🏃‍♂️ Pace: 89-73 Next: Sat. vs. ATL 4:05.

Odorizzi was bad but the Braves offense only mustering 1 run in 6 innings against a pitcher with a 5+ ERA is worse tbh.

What do Taijuan Walker, Carlos Carrasco, Kyle Wright and Jake Odorizzi all have in common? They can’t pitch in a game that means something significant.

@DOBrienATL I mean, Odorizzi just doesn’t look healthy. I think we should IL him, then it doesn’t matter about Muller being optioned… you know, for Odorizzi’s health….

Better Braves pitchers than Jake Odorizzi (an incomplete list): Jo-Jo Reyes Bartolo Colon Blue Moon Odom Kyle Davies Dutch Stryker Rosy Ryan Dan Kolb.

Tough matchup plays out as expected as Braves lose 9-1 to Phillies.

FINAL: Braves 1, Phillies 9 W: Aaron Nola L: Jake Odorizzi #ForTheA | #RingTheBell @Braves | @Phillies.

Odorizzi Photo,Odorizzi Photo by MLB Scorecards,MLB Scorecards on twitter tweets Odorizzi Photo

Since Odorizzi doesn’t know how to find the K zone, don’t forget about this prop coming up in a few minutes 🫠.

I predicted 2 runs in 5 IP for Odorizzi. I have reservations about both at this point..


#Odorizzi he’s not the guy. Why does he get the start? C’mon Snit call up Muller. We needed this win. #Braves.

So you’re saying Schuster could be lined up to pitch Odorizzi’s next start?.

Odorizzi has to be the worst deadline acquisition the #Braves have had in a long time..


Odorizzi looks like he has elbow inflammation and/or oblique strain and/or shoulder soreness. He might need to be put on the season ending IL or something..

does brian snitker not realize that he has other guys that are much more capable than odorizzi.

You can’t tell me the Braves DONT have someone in the minors that is better than Odorizzi.

The Jake Odorizzi experiment needs to end with this outing. Every outing he throws makes me miss Will Smith more and more. #Braves.

That really really needs to be the end of Odorizzi’s night and honestly tenure on this team.

@efmcilwain Unacceptable we keep starting this guy is pure ass and if he’s on the playoff roster i’m gonna go bezerk..

Really hope the #Braves send Odorizzi down after tonight. The guy has just not been good since they traded for him and tonight should be the last straw..

@baldheaded1der Houston’s pitching system is top tier; the fact they couldn’t get Odorizzi consistently right should have been a red flag in itself. Will Smith will go on to be 2013-2019 Will when he was consistently putting up respectable numbers..

@RealACGonzales7 @DOBrienATL Bryce absolutely has to take Odorizzi’s spot. Or Kyle Muller. Or Ian with his strained oblique. Or my dog. Basically anyone but Jake Odorizzi..

@DOBrienATL More embarrassed of the offensive output. At least Odorizzi’s numbers are to be expected..

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