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BREAKING: Oshiomhole Booed, Stoned At Buhari’s Rally In Ogun..

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@OlaYinkaLeCaid U get time sha. Feb 16 is here we go see result way go show for Ogun.

APM CAMPAIGN DG,Chief Sarafa Tunji Ishola. gave d opening prayer,while d authentic Ogun State @APCNigeria Chairman, Chief Derin Adebiyi presently addressing party Leaders and faithfuls at the NEXT LEVEL CAMPAIGN RALLY OF PMB holding at MKO Abiola Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta..

WATCH and SHARE this video of Bola Tinubu throwing the APC FLAG away in Ogun after being stoned and disgraced. 2 days ago he insulted Obasanjo as “expired milk” that should be thrown away. 2 days later it is APC’.

President Buhari stoned at APC rally in Ogun state (Video).

2018 foi ano de Xangô, o ano da justiça. 2019 é o ano de Ogun, ano da sentença. Eu estou com O que é bom pra vc pode ser muito ruim pro outro e o universo não deixa passar nada..

Oshiomhole Stoned, As Security Personnel Shield Buhari At Ogun Rally.

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DSS personnel shield Buhari from being pelted in Ogun.

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@raufaregbesola ; I want to thank you for standing for the truth despite the intimation at ogun rally today. @Govsia just disgrace himself and not the party. we shall prevail come Feb 16 and March 2. APC Next level..

What happened in Ogun state today is shameful. Oshiomhole did a lot of wrongs in the APC primaries but the presidency allowed him get away with it. Unfortunately the crowd in Ogun are not docile like the ones in Zamfara y/day. With this now, how will the Rivers campaign rally be?.

Buhari, Oshiomhole Booed And Stoned At APC’s Campaign Rally In Ogun. (Video)..

Video: Oshiomhole Booed, Stoned By APM Supporters At Buhari’s Rally In Ogun.

Ahhh 🤔🤔 Ogun that is not up to the number of people in someones hause in the North?.

BREAKING: Oshiomhole Booed, Stoned At Buhari’s Rally In Ogun..

Chaos in Ogun. Amosun has destroyed the State. APC in Problems. PDP in Problems. APM in Problem. Only ADC is the only free party in Ogun State. We are all voting #GNI4OGUNGOV..

BREAKING: Buhari Pelted With Objects At APC Rally In Ogun | Sahara Reporters.

WATCH and SHARE: video of President @MBuhari stoned and booed today in Ogun. Nigerians are tired of BLAME GAME, fighting opposition and pretending to fight corruption. They will lie that the video was DOCTORED. It is real. RETWEET to #SweepOutBuhari with their big broom in Abuja.

BREAKING: Oshiomhole Booed, Stoned At Buhari’s Rally In Ogun..

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