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No. 3 Ohio State survives a late comeback attempt from No. 9 Indiana 🔥

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Bill Kurelic
Bill Kurelic ()

Top recruits react to #OhioState beating #Indiana 42-35 today. VIP

Eddie ()

@tarheelwolfpack I would have to think you’re right. I saw the Ohio State stat and they didn’t offer context.

Rex’s human...
Rex’s human... ()

@DemocracyDocket This makes much more sense. I’ve been trying to understand why my home state (Ohio) went for trump. And now I get it. People in Ohio always go for the losing teams: Bengals, reds, browns, @losingteamohio

☼  J☼hn E☈dtmann  ☈
☼ J☼hn E☈dtmann ☈ ()

@ZachHeilprin Saves the Badgers from meeting Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game?

Rodger Sherman
Rodger Sherman ()

WE WANT (the Big Ten Championship game with) OHIO STATE (to be canceled so that we can be declared co-champions)

Jason Horton
Jason Horton ()

@thistylergrove @wilnerhotline Not true. You really think Oregon can hang with Clemson, Bama, Ohio State, Notre Dame or Florida? Not a chance. Not with that Swiss cheese defense. And I don’t think UW is necessarily down. They’re not CFP worthy, tho.

ً ()

Northwestern is about to win their 2nd B1G division title. Ohio state Penn State Wisconsin MSU Iowa and Northwestern will all have division titles before Harbaugh even gets 1 in YEAR SIX. Absolutely embarrassing

Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson ()

Grace Zumwinkle scores her second goal of the game, at 15:36 of the third, to put @GopherWHockey up 3-0 against Ohio State.

Zac (Wear A Mask)
Zac (Wear A Mask) ()

BIG10 Schools where I absolutely hate playing on the road: 1. Michigan 2. Ohio State 3. Penn State 4. Northwestern

Matt Kennedy
Matt Kennedy ()

Goal is official: Minnesota 2 Ohio State 0. WCHA preseason goaltender of the year Andrea Braendli not having a good day so far with a 66% save percentage.

Chuck D
Chuck D ()

Fields had 3 picks, we gave up almost 500 yards passing and 35 State is VERY hard to beat 💯

Parth Upadhyaya
Parth Upadhyaya ()

HALF: Iowa 24, Penn State. 7 This is the fourth consecutive game that the Nittany Lions have trailed by 10 points or more at the break — down 21 at halftime against Nebraska and Maryland, 15 points against Ohio State and 10 points against Indiana.

Zack Carpenter
Zack Carpenter ()

Justin Fields breathed a big, fat sigh of relief after Saturday’s win over Indiana. Check out that and 149 more photos from today’s action.

Chris ()

@chuckster01995 Yeah dude go into the box score of Ohio state vs Indiana it’s hilarious. I think Ohio state was up by 4 touchdowns at one point and still almost blew it too.

SportsCenter ()

No. 3 Ohio State survives a late comeback attempt from No. 9 Indiana 🔥

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Eleven Warriors
Eleven Warriors ()

The streak is over. It was a good three-year run. Time for a new streak!

Jeremiah ()

Ohio State needs a new Ohio State needs a new Ohio State needs fans in the Ohio State is winning 42-28.

Joe Bruneel
Joe Bruneel ()

@dustinwmills You think Tom Allen got out a tape measure pregame, and measured out the Ohio State field to show his guys?

Chris ()

Heard in the bar just now: “God doesn’t care about the final score of Indiana v Ohio State and I can prove it. If God cared about finals scores, the Angels would win the World Series every year. “

Hubie Halloween Fan Account
Hubie Halloween Fan Account ()

I’ve watched enough Ohio State football to know that this is how every. single. Indiana game goes. Relax.

Gene Ross
Gene Ross ()

Ohio State’s defensive scheme is embarrassing. I was unaware the Buckeyes re-hired Bill Davis and Greg Schiano

KellyiztheBest ()

Ohio State mows down teams with their offense but their secondary is a concern. #IUvsOSU

Ohio State Photo,Ohio State Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nathan Baird
Nathan Baird ()

Ohio State had 196 rushing yards in the first half, which is 202 more than IU did. Buckeyes receive opening kick of second half, up 28-7.

Gregg Doyel
Gregg Doyel ()

Ohio State has passed for 193 yards and run for 196 IU has passed for 197 yards and run for minus-6.

Kevin ❌
Kevin ❌ ()

Yup! Not to mention: • Rushing Yards at the Half Ohio State: 196 Indiana: - 6

Jeremy Price
Jeremy Price ()

Two missed tackles on the would-be sack of Fields and Ohio State converts on third down. Those are the kind of things that can be costly. #iufb

Kevin Harrish
Kevin Harrish ()

One thing that Ryan Day did say about Indiana this week is that they had “no tendencies” with their blitzes. So play by play, Ohio State really doesn’t know what’s coming.

Rod Tuffcurls
Rod Tuffcurls ()

@grossdog7328 I mean- unless you went to Ohio state, who the frick wouldn’t be rooting for IU here? SHOCK THE WURLLLDDDD

Mr. Ohio
Mr. Ohio ()

I’m a casual fan and I knew Indiana would blitz a lot. Ohio State should not be confused right now.

Matt Finkes
Matt Finkes ()

I never thought I would see the day when #Ohio policy mimicked that of CA, NY & NJ, but here we are in a curfew with more threats of lockdowns if we “don’t behave”. Sad state of

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