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Chris Olave this season: 72 catches 1,042 rec yards 4 rec TD Should he have been an Offensive Rookie of the Year finalist?.

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Chris Olave 1,042 yards 72 catches yards per reception 4 touchdowns 1 Rookie of the Year finalist snubbing.

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With all due respect to Brock Purdy, he only started 7 games this season. #Saints WR Chris Olave for example, played 15 games and reached 1,042 yards as a rookie WR playing with mostly Andy Dalton. How does Purdy get the nod over Olave. *Awards will be announced on Feb 9th..

Was Chris Olave snubbed from Rookie of the year? - 72 Receptions - 1,042 Yards - 4 Touchdowns.

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Brock Purdy making the list as a Finalist for Offensive Rookie of the Year over… Chris Olave is just…Wow. QB wInZ scores another W..


Brock Purdy over Chris Olave gotta be racially motivated 😂😂😂😂.

The #Saints had an obvious draft pick hit with rookie WR Chris Olave, but they may have found another in the undrafted Rashid Shaheed. He and Olave made a top 10 in yards per route run at the position per @FTNData that is otherwise full of the best veteran receivers in football..

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I like Purdy as much as the next guy but him over Olave is a bit ridiculous.

Chris Olave ain’t do enough & had too many critical game LOSING mistakes. Will he get better, absolutely & I have no doubts the young king will be a certified beast, but this past season, he fuq’d up way too many times for me to be Saints he’s the ROY or even a finalist.

“El sábado #Talleres fue superior a #Belgrano. Talleres es uno de los equipos con más dinámica e intensidad del fútbol argentino. Hay que reconocer que tienen mucha jerarquía”. ✍🏻 Firma: Juan Carlos Olave en @futbolemicok por @showsportradio.

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Chris Olave snubbed from AP Rookie of the Year nominations | via @CaulfieldCarson.

@PointsBetUSA Brock Purdy played 9 games and avg 152 passing ypg. Making this list over Chris Olave is crazy..

We’re the Saints bad this year? Yes. Is it BS that Brock Purdy started five games and was a finalist for rookie of the year over Chris Olave? Also yes..

Chris Olave se fait complètement enfl. er Imo Pete aurait je pense pu aussi accrocher le top 5 sur le trophée des HC. ..

Purdy over Olave as a finalist is crazy☠️ Honestly Kenneth Walker was probably the best rookie of the finalist but with time played into consideration since he started as the back up; it’s probably Wilson.

@BrettKollmann Imagine being the Falcons, and taking some slow, non-separating, 50 50 ball merchant from USC over Olave?.

The best WR room in CFB in the last decade is ____: • LSU (2019) - Chase, Jefferson, Marshall Jr. • Alabama (2020) - Metchie III, Smith, Waddle • Ohio St. (2021) - Olave, Smith-Njigba, Wilson (not pictured: Harrison Jr.) Choose your fighter..

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@xnicoxrobbinx2 @SaintsSoulja Olave is WR1 and with Shaheed taking the top off of defenses. They will only get better with a better QB1.

Brock Purdy is now public enemy No. 1 for bumping Chris Olave out of the running for OROY. Ludicrous for the boy, who absolutely should win the thing..

The Brock Purdy gas is crazy right now. Chris Olave put in a full season of work and got off!.

So a guy who has played like 6 games this year is a finalist!!!! What are we doing here. Chris Olave deserves it more then Purdy.

@tjayjones8 It’s a regular season award that’s why I said Purdy 5-0. Olave led all wrs until about week 13-14 can’t remember. Wilson played 2 more games and only has 11 more catches and 61 more yds bro.

Chris Olave supposed to be one of the 3 players for OROTY. He was better than Garrett Wilson this season. #ROBBED.

@Ajp0823 @504lazareaux813 I think Wilson wins the award, but Olave should be a finalist along with his college teammate there..

@DBro_FFB Let’s slow down here… Olave was not AMAZING by any means. What Purdy did as Mr. Irrelevant to come in, winning 8 in a row… and two playoff games to take his team to the NFC Championship is incredible.

@Lindellions No disrespect to him cause he was great for being the last pick of the draft but Olave deserved the 3rd spot.

@jverzosa2 Olave stats weren’t as good as Wlison though. I think the 2 games Olave missed did him in. Since he wouldn’t get it over Wilson anyway I like them adding Purdy to the list. His impact was more than any other rookie albeit just a 5 game stretch..

@MikeyMcFly LMAO King Crab Legs But yeah, people might see my tweet and see my Eagles avatar and think I’m biased or something but I’m not. Purdy played 6 games in the regular season. Olave got snubbed. First criteria i always look at is games played / availability.

@Dynasty_Josh Well we already knew he’d be up there (best RB of his class) but it’s still Olave for me..

@jverzosa2 Kenneth Walker is the answer. 1,200 yards. YPC. 9TDs. On a playoff team Olave 72-1,042-4 Wilson 83-1,103-4.

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