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I’m becoming slightly obsessed with this fella, he’s taking them down one at a time calmly and confidently. Reminds me of my NHS union leader Dad in his day ❤️. I just wish nurses & other workers had someone fighting their corner so cleverly & passionately..

Southern Film Industry is India’s own Film Industry- truly an Indic one as compared to Bollywood. I wish @ActorMadhavan best for his upcoming movie becoming a blockbuster. Only a devout could have come up with something as divine as this - take a bow!.

Once or twice a year I read something I wish I had written and just admire beauty. This is one of those. This almost brings a tear to my eye of my time in Vietnam. I have such find memories of everyone from colleagues to students to people on the street. Make sure to read this.

@kencharxo Girl it’s been a mess 🤣🤣 Ray J getting mad bc everybody was singing one wish better than him was the highlight tbh 😂.

@hiphopearts I really wish I could get some of theses figures especially the Rosa one.

Ohhh this is so I really wish i could get.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 One Wish stayed up like my page was the Billboards lol.

My sincerest wish is that one day Dorian learns about the wigs.

My estranged father has one child (me) and has somehow still managed to wish me a happy birthday on the wrong date every single year of my life. Sir, you were THERE..

@614chbkist Bismillah done (D)one all rules kak (O)mg wish me luck (N)ih kak buktinya (E)h btw thanks for giveawaynya kak, i hope you always have a beautiful day.

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Hadn’t listened to this album in a while. Wish this one had gotten more radio time back in the day #DavidLeeRoth #YourFilthyLittleMouth.

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@intheKCmix Ray J and Bobby V clearly didn’t hit up they vocal coaches… Besides “One Wish” none of these NEGGAS had songs….

@holymackerll @Melissacaton4 I wish it’s wasn’t going to two weeks before the next one I guess because of the 4th they are taking that long.

@JoseAMarcial1 I don’t think we should mandate training to exercise our rights. I do think the government should offer free training to those who wish to avail themselves of it though. That would be real common sense gun reform! I just came up with that. Somebody should retweet that one huh!.

@PrincessMacgee I love that you wonderful women do this! I wish I had the confidence to do it! Maybe one day!!!.

When could he ever sing?? Go listen to One It never gave what VOCALS needed to give. It was a great For Tank, or Omarion, Avant.

LittleBigPlanet Karting is one of those times I wish I could access my phone from this laptop..

“I made a wish that one day you would hear it” te amo tanto 🥹.

being on the toilet for hours the day after waxing my asshole is a pain i wish on no one.

I have played this Amazon quiz it is firebolt rage quiz . I wish that I win this lucky award . I have uploaded only my 3 questions and 1 winning page and for 2 question tweeter is saying that one time only 4 photo can be tweeted. Thank you Amazon #firebolttRage #amazonspecials.

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@Zoey0TGW oh i WISH i could draw them. but alas they live only in my brain. but know one of them is a girlboy vampire who wears full suits to regular occasions. he killed accidentally one (1) time and then killed on purpose for 150 years before he allowed himself to feel guilt.

@AdamBienkov Wish one of them would stand in and put the boot in! The PM is a dead man walking..

@malisa_gj1 @MariaSTsehai I wish one day she rise to lucky we could.

I wish all of you a Happy Mid Summer and I sincerely hope that one day the Iranian people will have freedom from the autharitan Iranian regime @PahlaviReza @AlirezaNader.

@JamesMacEachern @Patrici89225734 The UK was one of the founding architects of the ECHR, there is nothing anti Democratic about. The Nazis on the other hand were elected democratically. Be careful what you wish for..

hey guys iw some eyebrow pencil recc sometimes i feel like i cant function as a human being properly and i overthink everything and i wish my brain will shutup anyways i used to use the etude brow one from shopee lol.

I do wish I had a little snack for my movie but maybe it’s okay not to eat during this one.

My mom used to take me to an ice cream shop called The Carousel when I was a kid. It was expensive, so we could only do it on special occasions, but to me it was the happiest place. I wish I could go back there one last time..

Today we join the rest of the world to wish Maama @JanetMuseveni a Happy Birthday Have a good one Mother of the Nation.

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