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Thank you for the outpouring of love. #saveodaat To the beloved cast, crew, and fans of @OneDayAtATime:.

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Fani #OneDayatATime oburzeni tweetem Netfliksa. Czy serial ma szansę zostać uratowany? #SaveODAAT.

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the cast of @OneDayAtATime saying thank yous and goodbyes us with #SAVEODAAT :.

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If you watched #OneDayAtATime and did NOT fell in love with Elena, you r watching wrong #SaveODAAT.

@MikeGrunwald @ChrisCarfizzi What about border security? Those hard workers could’ve had criminal records!!! 😂😂🤷‍♂️🤑🦎#OneDayAtATime.

Thank you for the outpouring of love. #saveodaat To the beloved cast, crew, and fans of @OneDayAtATime:.

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They canceled @OneDayAtATime Noooo! Say it isn’t so! That was one of my favorite shows! If you haven’t seen it go back and watch friends. It’s funny and full of heart! I pray it gets picked up by another network or comes back to Netflix..

@netflix canceling #onedayatatime is a step back for the inclusivity on your platform. 😔.

⚠️: Netflix has confirmed that @OneDayAtATime will not come back for a forth season. One Day At A Time has been cancelled..

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Wooohoo @THR and @iamsonalibendre made #OneDayAtATime a trending topic in the US. You can trust the robot..




@netflix @OneDayAtATime That’s the exact message you are sending. No promotion on a good quality show but you have know problem keeping garbage shows. 13 Wishes, Kissing Booth ? Really?? So disappointed in Netflix. It’s no wonder your subscribers keep dropping. You are choosing wrong shows to cancel..

ODIANDO @NetflixBrasil nesse momento por ter cancelado @OneDayAtATime AAAAAAAAH.

Many thanks to the incredible cast, crew and writers at @OneDayAtATime for the many laughs, tears and wonderful stories..

i genuinely want to cancel my @netflix subscription because they did @OneDayAtATime so fucking dirty.

@netflix why you gotta cancel #onedayatatime like do y’all really just like to punish us?.

heartbroken!!! such an important show. thank you @OneDayAtATime for helping make non binary people more visible!! thank you for talking about pronouns, immigration, depression. so much love for everyone involved — L.

. @OneDayAtATime is such a wonderful show that covers so many important topics. #saveodaat.

@netflix @OneDayAtATime What? You must be kidding!!!!!!!! This is the greatest show ever and you are breaking Latinx hearts, I will not forget this!.

@netflix just raised their prices again but still can’t find the money to fund s4 of @OneDayAtATime 🤔🤔🤔🤔 que funny.

I have never once considered canceling my @netflix account, but I am very upset about them canceling #onedayatatime.

So upset but mostly angry about this. Shows that are so important and have great representation in all aspect with great writing and you go decide to cancel it?! #OneDayAtATime deserves so much better..

This is some bull 😩 nahhh I want another season of @OneDayAtATime.

@netflix @OneDayAtATime Hey fuck you Netflix for this fucking terrible decision what the hell is wrong with you???? You never even bothered to promote it properly like you push your shitey ableist fatphobic white teen crap on everyone non stop..