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NHL must ban Tom Wilson for nearly killing Artemi Panarin

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Name ()

Just saw the Tom Wilson thing and I’m livid, how is this guy in the league still? And this is coming from someone who can’t stand Buchnevich or Panarin

Simon Leclerc
Simon Leclerc ()

As a Montreal Canadiens fan, i feel deeply sorry for the @NYRangers. What Tom Wilson did to Artemi Panarin was so disgusting. He should be suspended for the rest of the season AND the whole Playoffs. What he very small 5K fine. The Department must change.

Matthew Barnaby
Matthew Barnaby ()

I truly believe Wilson feared for his life when Strome and Panarin grabbed him. I think he showed restraint in not dropping gloves.

Empirical Sonic Fury of The Soul Empire
Empirical Sonic Fury of The Soul Empire ()

@NHL @GreatClips Speaking of hair, I heard something about Panarin getting his hair pulled during a game last night…is this true?

Neil ()

@TheHockeyNews 0 suspension, this is old time hockey, like Eddie Shore, not his fault Artemi Panarin charged into a freight train and wasn’t ready to pay the price. He could’ve let it go and Tom Wilson would’ve served his penalties and been fined and he’d still be playing.

Leslie Treff
Leslie Treff ()

Quinn “Panarin is done for the season and it is as a result of last nights incident.”

Mollie Walker
Mollie Walker ()

#NYR Artemiy Panarin is done for the season after getting rag-dolled by the Capitals’ Tom Wilson, David Quinn confirms. He’ll miss the final 3 games with a lower-body injury.

Madison ()

okay but do y’all realize if it wasn’t panarin shoulder that hit the ice (which still shouldn’t have happened), it would’ve been his head🤨

New York Rangerstown
New York Rangerstown ()

People are really out here saying, “Panarin shouldn’t have jumped on Wilson’s back” when in reality, he only did it to defend his teammate. Like seriously, do you really think that Panarin of all people is going to engage with him without proper cause ?

🅱️eff Smash
🅱️eff Smash ()

The NHL is gonna suspend Wilson for 10 games after an action that he intentionally made that could’ve killed Panarin. Way too close. The league needs to be on this ASAP and kick him out imo.

Jordie ()

@Joshua__DM Yeah no you couldn’t possibly be more wrong. Punches to the back of the head were a shit head move, but whatever. Without overdramatizing it, the toss on Panarin quite literally could have had a lethal outcome. “Midst of a fight” doesn’t matter, it just proves how reckless he is

Rick Carpiniello
Rick Carpiniello ()

Teflon Tom Wilson strikes again … against Artemi Panarin as the Rangers are eliminated from the playoffs; plus Thoughts on the season, the kids, Zibanejad and much more #NYR ⁦@TheAthleticNYC⁩ ⁦@TheAthletic⁩

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Avery Zaretsky
Avery Zaretsky ()

@Joshua__DM a guy like Tom Wilson an idiot for consistently being a malicious animal on the ice. How long is it going to be before he takes someones career away? He was just as close with Sundqvist as he was with Panarin. It’s a joke (2/2)

Jordie ()

@Joshua__DM I think he’ll just get the rest of the regular season because the NHL are run by a bunch of cowards. But if you don’t see how dangerous that Panarin toss was then I don’t think you’re interested in being even the slightest bit unbiased

Pittsburgh Penguins FR🇫🇷
Pittsburgh Penguins FR🇫🇷 ()

Les victimes de Tom Wilson : Dumoulin / Aston-Reese / Panarin / Brandon Carlo. A quand la victime de trop ? Suspension lourde exigée ... #NHL

NY Rangers France
NY Rangers France ()

Du coup après le Osotogari et finition UFC de Wilson sur Panarin, le bread n’est pas revenu sur la glace. Il semble aller bien selon la conférence de presse de David Quinn après le match.

Szymon Szemberg
Szymon Szemberg ()

This may be the worst I have seen since Rick Jodzio was close to killing Marc Tardif in 1976, WHA Calgary Cowboys at Quebec. Panarin was very lucky here.

Johan Rylander 🇸🇪
Johan Rylander 🇸🇪 ()

Kolla när Tom Wilson drar en hjälmlös Panarin i håret (!) - och låter ryssen falla handlöst mot isen. Det går att dö av krossad skalle.

Brittani💐 ()

I know we aren’t playing for the playoffs right now and that DQ said Panarin was ok but I AM LIVID! Rest up, Bread. We love you ❤️💙

Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman ()

NYR have three games remaining. Head coach David Quinn said Panarin was “OK” after the game but losing the star forward was a “big blow.”

Rich ()

“Washington’s Tom Wilson has been fined $3,, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Roughing on New York’s Artemi Panarin.”

New York Post
New York Post ()

NHL must ban Tom Wilson for nearly killing Artemi Panarin

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@Jomboy_ I know you don’t do hockey and this might be a long shot but in the caps rangers game , Tom Wilson of the capitals nearly killed Artemi panarin on the ice today, not an exaggeration. The whole sequence could use a breakdown.

Anthony ()

If Panarin’s shoulder doesn’t hit the ice first here he could legit be killed, how many more times are they gonna let him get away with it until we have a Bertuzzi situation V2 or worse?????

Tim Wilkinson
Tim Wilkinson ()

@failsonmcdonald @tpardy21 if Panarin stays down on the ice and gets stretchered off, Wilson is suspended indefinitely pending review. And that speaks to your point: they are reactively punishing outcomes, not the intent/act

Lydia Murray
Lydia Murray ()

On a lighter note about the Tom Wilson can tell Twitter doesn’t do hockey very much lol Also why did they named Buchnevich’s position but only said forward for Wilson and Panarin?

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Raz ()

@LehnerFan so panarin did get involved but he was trying to defend buch like that reaction WASNT worth it

Jimbo71 ()

This clown is cheering Panarin’s head injury and blocked me

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Dan Rosen
Dan Rosen ()

Artemi Panarin is done for the night because of a lower-body injury, per the Rangers.

Arthur Staple
Arthur Staple ()

Artemi Panarin has been held without a shot on goal in five games this season. Four of those against the #Isles, including the last three.

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