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こきんさんにトイレ行くこと伝えたら 「汚っ」と罵られました お嬢はトイレ行かないんでしょうか.

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Inniki vijay shankaruku bathila pant ha vilayada vachurukalama power hitter sollunga balaji sir.

Most importantly, on the eve of my anniversary, I’m grateful for my husband and my friends/family who don’t let me fall back down that rabbit hole again into putting my worth entirely on the scale number or my pant size..

@AsliVikrant007 Aur jab pant aata hai to nautaki wlaa shot khel k Chala jata haiiiii.

@StarSportsTamil @mukundabhinav Abi anna neega sollunga next matchla rishab pant aaruku badila velaiyadanamnu neega naikereeng?#staraikelugal.

こきんさんにトイレ行くこと伝えたら 「汚っ」と罵られました お嬢はトイレ行かないんでしょうか.

@lakh_di_laanat @drifting_lost mujh ko to koi dikkat nahi hai. Bas agle match mein Pant/DK aana chahiye VS ke badle 😂.

#INDvAFG Well played Afghanistan But Dhoni? #NoCaptionNeeded Meanwhile Pant is also trending 😎.

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Not sure why our team is opting for 41 balls 29 from Vijay instead of 29 balls 41 from Pant. #INDvAFG #AFGvsIND.

@nuns_on_film @PizzaKlown You gotta keep that ring on a long piece of yarn tied to the inside of the pant leg.

@cifarshayar @cricketworldcup Dhoni hai toh Mumkin hai , Kedar Ko training bhi de Raha tha. Drop dhobi and have pant in the team.

@YUVSTRONG12 @JadhavKedar weak middle order of India exposed, need to go with pant raydu and DK. Dhoni dosent has the spark anymore!!.

@attomeybharti Dhoni is blocking Dhoni era is over. He should have retired couple of years.

@cricketworldcup Our openers are too slow , open with Pant and bat rahul at 4 .....get DK in 🙏🙏 kedar , dhoni , shankar all are too slow ,we depend totally on hardik ....he cant always score 48 in 20 😏😏😏.

Very sedness news shikher dhawan is ruled out of remaining cricket world cup 2019 rishab pant is replacement of shikher dhawan.

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@jazz_inmypants @pant_leg well now i have to spend today making more accounts to like this tweet.

@RayuduAmbati Now buy one more 3d glasses to watch Risabh Pant in the world cup matches. 😂😂😂.

Rishabh Pant ki dua qabool Kisi na kisi ka to beda gark hona hi tha 🤧🤧🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😭😭.

#Video | With Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan ruled out of the ongoing World Cup, the BCCI has requested the ICC permission to name wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant as replacement..

So bad news for Shikhar dhawan ruled out of world cup with replace pant.

People who saying rahane should have been in the indian team on basis of technique then for them Pant currently is better ranked test batsman than rahane😴😂 Technique is mostly needed in tests Shows what kind of form rahane has been from a long long time😂.

@StarSportsTamil #staraikelungal pant ah playing 11 include panna chance iruka shankar illana jadav nalla striker of the balls compared to them. Evaru 4 or 5 batting panna athuku aprm dhoni and Pandya innum super 🔥🔥 ah erukum. Sollunga hemang sir.

@RishabPant777 in pant is causing lose match india big mistake and unworthy players.

Such an inevitability Pant’s inclusion has had. The initial exclusion helped channelise whatever he needed to constructively and get over it. Showed in the IPL, something positive happened..

KL, Rohit, Virat, Ishan, pant, Hardik, Krunal, Chahal, Rahul chahar, JB, BK. Since it’s in Australia, 4 on the bench are Navdeep, DK, shikhar, Nitish Rana. This whom I’ll pick if I’ve to pick today. #wt2020.

Dhawan rules out of World Cup campaign with broken thumb, Pant as replacement.

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