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This tentative guilty plea deal for Paul Manafort, if accurate, confirms again the following: MOST SUCCESSFUL WITCH HUNT IN US HISTORY

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Paul Manafort’s Flip Is A Disaster For Mike Pence DESERVED! via @politicususa.

Paul Manafort, ish-menaxheri i fushatës elektorale të Presidentit Trump, pranoi dje fajësinë për akuzën për konspiracion gjatë aktivitetit të tij të lobimit për Ukrainën. Sipas marrëveshjes së arritur me prokurorinë,....

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For Trump the plea agreement from his former campaign chair is at least a huge blow and potentially disastrous.

Pardon me, but was it only three weeks ago that tRump expressed “such respect” for Paul Manafort, his former campaign chairman and now freshly minted felon. tRump said he was a brave man for refusing to cooperate w Mueller and choosing to die in jail for him @cspanwj.

What does Paul Manafort’s plea deal mean for Trump?: Under the deal, the former campaign chairman is required to describe any and all criminal activity he is aware of which may spell trouble for the.

اطلاعات میداده و همچنین با نظرمنفورت درباره مسایل اوکراین درپارلمان اروپارای می داده.بیشتر حسابهای بانکی منفورت درقبرس بوده و اودرباره این حسابهای میلیون دلاری هیچ گزارش و مالیاتی نداده است. پ ن: به نظرم این گزارش مولرضربه بزرگی به دولت ترامپ خواهد زد..

Good article. Keep in mind that many of charges can move forward to State (and maybe some Mueller holding back). Note: He pleaded guilty on the 10 charges that had been deemed mistrial in the Virginia court..

@jaketapper This is the same fucking nonsense that we’ve been hearing today behind the joygasm that the “resistors” have been having today re: Paul Manafort. Take a deep breath. Step back..

This is big. Like, really big. Like, really really big. Like so mind numbingly gargantuan that this will be taught in history classes 30 years from now, big..

Paul Manafort’s flip is a major turning point in the Mueller investigation.

Paul Manafort, exjefe de campaña de Donald Trump, se declara culpable de conspiración y cooperará con el Departamento de Justicia vía @cnnee.

@realDonaldTrump @IngrahamAngle Hey, how about that Paul Manafort? Great guy, right?.

Paul Manafort’s Flip Is A Disaster For Mike Pence via @politicususa.

This means that the Mueller investigation is at the very least breaking even; there goes your waste of tax money excuse, Trumplodytes..

#Trump : I have the best people Translation : I have the best CRIMINALS.

7 WTF Revelations From the ‘Criminal Information’ at the Center of Paul Manafort’s Guilty Plea What America learned of Manafort’s “money laundering,” the “Obama Jews,” and “Bada Boom”.

The dominos are starting to fall for Trump. I think this little birdie will have a lot to sing about..

Statement of Offense - (United States v. Paul Manafort, Jr.) at.

Yo, ⁦@DonaldJTrumpJr⁩ , wasn’t Paul in a certain meeting with you in a certain “tower”?.

I love the smell of legal #Nepalm in the morning. Justice smells as good as it tastes. Let’s serve some more Justice pie. Thank you #Mueller @realDonaldTrump⁩.

Walls are not only closing now, caving in @realDonaldTrump.

I wonder what Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Brett Kavanaugh are thinking about right now? 🤔.

Depends change needed in the West Wing. via @HuffPostPol.

Esto sí que tiene potencial para explotar como una bomba. Paul Manafort, el exjefe de campaña de Trump, está ultimando un acuerdo de culpabilidad con Mueller, el fiscal de la trama rusa, después de haberse negado durante meses..

This tentative guilty plea deal for Paul Manafort, if accurate, confirms again the following: MOST SUCCESSFUL WITCH HUNT IN US HISTORY.