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Updated: July 28th, 2021 04:41 AM IST

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“Pelosi Republicans” stand up for democracy while “McCarthy Republicans” stand up for domestic terrorists.

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@PastorDScott fast forward a few months when the GOP takes the House and Senate and I never have to hear the name Nancy Pelosi ever again.

Trump you are under Pelosi’s high heels 👠 👇🏼😂🤣

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@EliseStefanik you are nothing more than a liar, a shameful one at that! Also, say you do want to blame Pelosi, why then not have joined into the original bipartisan commission? Please spare us your political grandstanding.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces Federal Lawsuit Against Nancy Pelosi | Conservative Brief #TheShare via @TheShare


Biggest joke of the year, beside the theft of the election. Who is Pelosi trying to fool, not any Patriots.

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@Leonard2586 @ABC I meant he chose to take 3 of the 5 off after Speaker Pelosi rejected 2. See how I corrected myself then let the lie stand.

@Yeti1181 its the fucking ring for them and add on Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of em

@JRubinBlogger Americans can thank Speaker Pelosi for not allowing the GOP idiots from turning into another Benghazi. Is that sound of McCarthy whimpering and crying I hear?

@thehill Didn’t take long for him to out himself. Who did you think Pelosi was going to let speak?

@DanScavino @realLizUSA Why would Pelosi investigate herself when Dumpy Don the Con caused all of this? What a moron 😂🤣🖕

@SpeakerPelosi @January6thCmte Thank you Speaker Pelosi. Capitol Officers shouldn’t have to relive their terror & pain of Jan. 6th publicly, but America’s Republican Party lacks a sense of reality, empathy and compassion for victims of Trump’s traumatic insurrectionists.

@AnaCabrera @MZanona Someone has to work instead of wasting tax dollars,,AGAIN. Smh, Pelosi

@EliseStefanik Blaming Pelosi is akin to an Arsonist blaming the Fire Department for a fire.

@AndrewSolender Actually, you know if you take her implications away from the words she says - she’s right. Nancy Pelosi does bear responsibility for what occurred, and she is fulfilling that responsibility now with this investigation.

@secupp @Mediaite Yep, all they want to do is find a way to blame Pelosi because she appointed a board member. They don’t care why, how or who motivated it to happen.

@GuntherEagleman Where was Pelosi’s leadership on that day? Just like Hillary’s 3am phone call(Benghazi). All bark no bite

@charliekirk11 Exactly! Give us the FACTS, the VIDEOS, and then subpoena Pelosi and the head of the Capitol Police!! I like to see FACTS AND PROOF, not the DemonRat “talking points”…..


What happened Kevin? Did you lose your balls? Oh there in Pelosi’s purse. She’s going to need a larger purse by the time she gets done with all of you. 😂😂

@atrupar I am so engraged right now after listening to these traumatized, brave officers recount 1/6 and then hearing those republicans disparage them and blame Pelosi. Fck those people!

@Cernovich @ScottAdamsSays I call Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff and others Enemies of the State. I believe it is not a stretch to apply that title to their followers and supporters.

Republicans Tap Law Firm Fighting Vaccine Mandates to Sue Pelosi Over Mask Requirement

@ToscaAusten Pretty powerful testimony today. Not sure that blaming Pelosi for, what, not calling out the Guard, which she can’t & Trump didn’t do while the insurrection was raging, is gonna convince many folks outside of the cult. But take heart, at least it won’t a 4-year Benghazi shitshow.

@pheadrick @DonaldJTrumpJr Not an insurrection! No one had weapons except the police. And why were there not more police there when Pelosi was warned there would be a large group protesting. There are a lot of things that still need to be answered. Why are the many hours of video not being released.

@aravosis Republicans continue to uphold their pride in the traditions of Josef Goebbels

Then of course they brought out Rep Banks who Pelosi rejected as a committee member for his thoughts… which couldn’t be more irrelevant

@newsmax They let people in one door and held them at the other door. This was organized. There is video that proves it. Antifa and blm were arrested there. Pelosi held back the national guard request. You can’t delete the videos or history. All u have to do is take ur head out ur ass.

@RainCityBadger @SpeakerPelosi No dumb ass. I prefer to see all the evidence. The more I see the more am convinced Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser wanted this to happen. And they are still protecting this narrative.

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Capital Police at the direction of Nasty Nancy Pelosi and positioned to storm the Capital once the MAGA rally attendees arrived so that they would be blamed and arrested. The Capital Police got beat up by Antifa members NOT MAGA attendees

Crime’s skyrocketing. The border’s in crisis. The price of everything is up. What’s Speaker Pelosi doing about it? Nothing. She’s too busy pushing her partisan January 6th charade.

“Pelosi Republicans” stand up for democracy while “McCarthy Republicans” stand up for domestic terrorists.

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