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a peloton ad where the husband gives his wife a peleton and she sells it and has $2,000..

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The Morning Briefing: Cops Should Do a Wellness Check on Woman In Peloton Christmas Ad @PJMedia_com #AAG #AAG2020.

Om du/ni vill skiljas inför nyår så är Peloton en väldigt bra julklapp. OBS! Julklappar är förknippade med risker, gör egen analys och bla bla bla bla. MVH.

I’d be much more likely to buy a Peloton if their ads had a Britney Runs A Marathon vibe rather than scared skinny chick efforts to get under 100 pounds to make banker bro hubby proud..

Maybe it’s time to consider that Peloton is trolling us all with its advertising.

Now that I’ve seen that Peloton ad on TV, again, I guess I should go to bed. Feels like the closer for this day..

MYX vs Peloton: 10 Reasons Why MYXfitness Is Better #myxfitness #peleton.

-there’s no media or band or movie or anything that’s necessary for anyone to be familiar with! Period! -I don’t get why the Peloton ad was any worse than any other ad! Thanks for listening! I love this stupid free site!.

if my husband gave me a peloton I would use it every day and make him a little video and while he was watching the video I would use my giant peloton muscles to kick his ass.

I wrote about how peloton blew its marketing before and I’m still right.

peloton is creepy but honestly has nothing on the exercise mirror startup.

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I was thinking the same Peloton $PTON commercial is so weird. Guy getting wife an exercise bike for a gift, shes nervous about her first ride. Its very cheesy. They should have shown a real-life transformation instead of a fake ad..

a peloton ad where the husband gives his wife a peleton and she sells it and has $2,000..

@ClueHeywood When you see Peloton trending on twitter & you go to check out if Clue has posted himself riding in a dive bar facing a @CoorsLight sign. He hasn’t and I’m bummed ☹️.

Know what’s better than the peloton ad? Just getting a #goata coach that can work with you remotely and get your ass off a seat and back to moving pain free..

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Masterclass teaches how to give a cry for help using only your eyes. Featuring the peloton wife..

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This Peloton ad is destroying my book and talks in which I use them as an example of a brand with a stronhrg point of view.

In defense of this god awful peloton takes me about year to lose three and a half pounds too..

@KristinaLuca Why are they watching her Instagram stories on a tv? Did he ask her to make videos just for him? Does the dude not live in this giant place with her? Is she thanking Peloton or him? People are saying this Black Mirror but it’s really Saw..

There are cheaper ways to signal for a divorce than buying your spouse a Peloton. Just go out and get lipstick on your clothes like a normal man..

I think people are missing the point of this ad, which is that peloton owners are simultaneously the most boring yet contemptible people on earth, and this ad delivers.

@_PatrickSimpson $21 for Black Planet Fitness membership per month, hop on Stairmaster for 50 or 60 minutes, do intervals, you can burn between 850-1000 calories. Peloton is a HUGE waste of money..

Peloton wife’s gonna sell the bike and use the money to buy a gun, a shovel, and some fake IDs and bus tickets for her and her daughter.

I’m gonna marry the peloton wife and let her do whatever she wants and bake her garlic bread every night and give her scarves for Christmas.

We all need to treasure the things that bring us together as a nation, as a people. Collectively hating on this Peloton ad is that thing..

Nothing says “maybe you should lose a few pounds” like gifting your already rail thin life partner a Peloton.

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