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Updated: September 22nd, 2021 02:52 AM IST

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What does it say about Mike Pence that he needed Dan Quayle to get him to do the right thing?

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@ugurunver76 @mike__pence__ Mike pence konustum hocam bana küstü cevap vermiyor diyor

6 signs Mike Pence is gearing up for a 2024 presidential run via @Yahoo Pence for President? 😂😂😂 I’d rather vote for Dan Quayle!

It would be much better to get the testimony from Dan Quayle about the call with Mike Pence first.

Fmr. senior advisor to House Oversight Republicans: The Jan. 6 select committee should hear testimony from Mike Pence about his call with Dan Quayle.

@BrexitBuster This is such pointless jingoistic bull shit! pounds shillings and pence All distractions to keep from thoughts of how shot are these bastards

Boris Johnson’s government just snuck out a whole new section of the #ElectionsBill under cover of the reshuffle and pounds, shillings and pence circuses.

Looks like Mike Pence’s former chief of staff might have broken the We filed a complaint.

📕 Lindsey Graham failed spectacularly at repairing Trump’s relationship with Mike Pence: Woodward book📕

@thehill Oh I would love to see Mike Pence run against Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

Next, Johnson should bring back the pound divided into shillings and pence. (It would surely help w/ the understanding of numerical examples in Ricardo & Marx.)

@Normanjam671 It remained as legal tender, equivalent to the new 10 pence piece, for several years until being officially demonetised on June 30 1993. This made the florin the first decimal coin to be produced, and also the last coin in circulation before the decimalisation to be withdrawn.

Yes, I agree with @kurtbardella. The January 6th Select Committee should hear testimony from @Mike_Pence about his conversation with fmr. VP Dan Quayle.

@WhenWillItEnd99 @TomJChicago Dan Quayle is also from Indiana and a Republican. Give the man credit, he must have convinced Pence to do the right thing.

It also shows that this was a carefully thought through coup attempt @January6thCmte. If Pence didn’t certify, if he’d left the Capital by choice or force, the House would have overturned the Biden win by procedural fiat. THEY DISCUSSED THIS IDEA IN THE WHITE HOUSE. #Coup

There’s no doubt that Trump wanted Mike Pence assassinated on Jan 6th. His plan to become dictator failed. And to think this brainless wonder has been let off the hook, is still inciting his base AND is gonna run for president again? What a fucking disgrace. DOJ: Do Better!

So, the VA Redistricting Commission has a rule about wearing masks, yet the Republican co-chair keeps violating that rule even AFTER after a member tested positive for COVID-19. h/t @vaplan2018

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@DrGJackBrown @greasewoodbloom What happened to it about a month into the Administration? I feel he kept it at bay with all the Acting Secretaries. The rest, incl Pence, just sucked.

A nation that does not have fair elections is not free. I escaped one and now the country I adopted has become so corrupt that voting is useless. I suppose we can hold the GOP and especially @Mike_Pence for selling out and handing the country to communists.

@Angry_Staffer Can you believe it? What would have happened if he told Pence to give it a shot? What would have happened if Gen’l Milley hadn’t calmed China down. WTF is wrong w Republicans that they’re STILL fine w making a mockery of our Democracy.

Did Mike Pence really call Dan Quayle during the insurrection for advice?? How was Quayle going to help him with that massive train wreck scenario when he can’t even spell potato???? What the actual fukk!!!!????

In the conversation between Mike Pence and Dan Quayle, Quayle was the intelligent one. That may take a moment to sink in.

Even if Pence wanted to go along with Trump, there was nothing that Pence could have done to decertify the election. The VP’s role is just ceremonial. #inners

What does it say about Mike Pence that he needed Dan Quayle to get him to do the right thing?

BREAKING WaPo: Pence Sought To Abandon His Duty Of Certifying Election Results Former VP Mike Pence sought to shirk his responsibilities in certifying the 2020 election. Dan Quayle, a former VP and fellow Indiana Republican, told him he had to do it.

Dan Quayle saved our country?! THAT is amazeballs. @Mike_Pence thank you for listening to him. @DonaldJTrumpJr Once again, Pops looks mentally deranged. Check your genes, buddy, you could be next in line for long-overdue meds and a straight jacket.

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Pence was looking for a way to keep Trump in power. Pence is no hero.

Mike Pence is the definition of feckless. He was the one person who Donald Trump could not fire or punish in any realistic way. He knew the President couldn’t be trusted and he stayed silent.

New details undermine Pence’s supposed ‘hero’ turn on Jan. 6

Insane to realize how close we came to absolute chaos but Mr Potatoe, Dan Quayle, steered Pence away. Wowe.

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NEW: Playbook scoops an important moment on the 1/6 timeline. MELANIA Trump was informed of the violence at the Capitol at least *an hour before* Trump tweeted his 2:24 pm attack on VP Pence. Further undercuts the paper-thin claim that Trump wasn’t aware Pence faced danger.

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