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Just seen the Pickford tackle 👎🏻 could end a career that, terrible terrible tackle ! He has done it before & will do again !

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Melissa Reddy
Melissa Reddy ()

#LFC request a review into the application of VAR during the Merseyside derby from the Premier League over the failure to scrutinise Jordan Pickford’s challenge on Virgil van Dijk + clarity over aspects of the Sadio Mane offside call

Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason ()

Just seen the Pickford tackle 👎🏻 could end a career that, terrible terrible tackle ! He has done it before & will do again !

Carson ()

PGMIL admitting that the Pickford/VVD decision was a mistake So now given that even the final whistle isn’t too late to retroactively make a decision this season, give Pickford the red now

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

Virgil Van Dijk had to go off injured after this challenge from Jordan Pickford.

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Rikki Dhesi
Rikki Dhesi ()

@maxrushden Stumbled to a WC semi in one of the easiest runs we will ever have. Beaten by 1st half decent side we met. Continues to stand by players like Pickford who shouldn’t be anywhere near the team. Team selection very questionable and tactics far to defensive. He’s anti creativity

Cameron ()

@SirBobLichfield The thing is we’ve now got better players than we did then, yet he still plays Maguire, Pickford, Walker at CB and then doesn’t pick creative players like Grealish or natural goal scorers like Ings. Plus when we’re struggling he doesn’t change anything

📈🍋⛵️ ()

@SeanDOlfc The England setup starts Jordan Pickford and Kalvin Phillips, if anything them not playing Sancho suggests he’s very good

Paulo C. Cortes. ⚽️🏀🎾🥊📺📻
Paulo C. Cortes. ⚽️🏀🎾🥊📺📻 ()

INGLATERRA es su última convocatoria maravilloso 3 arqueros con menos de 30 añ Den Henderson 23 años- Manchester United Jordan Pickford - 26 años- Everton Nick Pope-28 años-Burnley Defensas Alexander-Arnold-22 años- Liverpool Ben Chilwell - 23 años- Chelsea

Buckers ()

@BradBarbz So just because a goalkeeper is more crucial means you don’t care about playing a shit defender? How does that one work? Why don’t we just take maguire AND pickford out? WOOOOOAHHHH

WallaceReid* ()

1925 I did not know Mary Pickford had a seed named after her Mary Pickford sweet peas, great @Jeopardy question #AlexTrebek

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Scott ⚽
Scott ⚽ ()

@BenGrocott99 Soon as we went a man down it was a big ask just because of how organised they are sitting in. So irresponsible from Maguire. Penalty decision then killed us. Pickford’s positioning was bad but it should never have been given

Ben Kearney
Ben Kearney ()

@RWC_1980 There was 4/5 mad choices. I much preferred the team from the wales game than the previous 2 to be honest. Grealish MOM then dropped, Pickford and Maguire shouldn’t be in the squad. DCL over Kane, Declan rice 🤒 Southgate isn’t the man!

Khurram Iftikhar
Khurram Iftikhar ()

@mattprice170 Pickford - Dier - Maguire - Rice is the epitome of average. So poor. He always picks this lot.

S. Jae-Jones (JJ)⁷
S. Jae-Jones (JJ)⁷ ()

📷 When you realize you have Mary Pickford hair and have therefore found your next Halloween costume

Maike ()

@JamesARG_ @EvertonianBR Se eh filho de goleiro ja pode vir p atacar no lugar do Pickford

MaryBonpary ()

@OzilThings @reecejames_24 Pickford is still number one, you’re worried about the wrong hands, man

January Baby
January Baby ()

@FromDaCamp @AbbeyOkwui Yea outta no where like got called up to the English we even got the English goalie but he low key trash lol

Daily Star Sport
Daily Star Sport ()

Gary Neville outlines his biggest worries for England ahead of Euro 2021 next summer

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Jake Wittcomb
Jake Wittcomb ()

@pearcy3000 Defo agree with that football fans are so fickle, maguire is good just ain’t got any confidence poor management by Southgate there. And Pope should be no 1, Pickford is an accident waiting to happen

Stefan Housen
Stefan Housen ()

Surprised Maguire got a yellow for that. Pickford hilarious for the pen being conceded.

𝕻𝖆𝖚𝖑 𝕽𝖎𝖌𝖇𝖞
𝕻𝖆𝖚𝖑 𝕽𝖎𝖌𝖇𝖞 ()

@ianq72 Only thing I’m nervous about, is fuckin pickford! we know he’s always got that error in him, it’s just whether they’re gonna be there to capitalise on it!! 😭😂

Dave Chapple
Dave Chapple ()

Southgate being hammered at the mo! I get but surely he must of been pressurised by Klopp - no TAA, Henderson or Gomez when arguably they’re all starters 🤔 Biggest worry is still Pickford over Pope and Maguire despite him clearly struggling at all levels atm #England

Cal ()

Ref was a wanker anyway, excuse the french, Walker conceding the penalty, was very having said that, Pickford didn’t help Walker either, should be dropped for Nick Pope 👍

Tony ()

Reece-James looked one hell of a player, rice Philips & Coady looked solid but lack of creativity cost us tonight, Sterling to come back will help but maguire needs to go back o Greece Pickford needs to retire, sancho is good but he’s not the saviour #ENGDEN

Rhyslyons ()

@stuarthendrie20 I’d love to know the reason why he hates grealish don’t seem to be a fan of Trent either and rims Pickford and mount 🤮🤯

🇳🇬BABA-BANTER!%@*🇳🇬 ()

Also how is Pickford STILL England #1?? That pen was cuz of his uncertainty smh. Now he’s made a mistake for England, there’s zeroooo excuse. As if there isn’t already evidence to warrant him losing his place 😡

Woody ()

Managers biggest downfall at pretty much every level of football is their stubbornness. Southgate is falling in to that with Grealish now, and also Pickford over Pope.

LenaStarrWHU⚒ ()

Why did we love Southgate? His willingness to be brave to not always pick players because they played before. Maguire not on firm Rashford looking disinterested. Pickford bad form. Down to ten men and we need drive and inspiration. He brings Henderson not grealish🤬🤬🤬

Tom ()

Picking extremely out of form players based on their names and who they was a few seasons ago. Think everyone will agree saying Maguire and Pickford shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad.

Paddy Power
Paddy Power ()

England have a real chance of winning the Euros until you consider that Pickford and Maguire are the spine of their team.

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