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Detroit Pistons guard Cory Joseph is opting into his $ million player option for the 2022-23 season, league sources tell @YahooSports..

Hear me out….Hornets trade Gordon Hayward and TWO 1st round picks to the Pistons to clear cap space AND discourage/prevent the Pistons signing Bridges to a large offer sheet.

A new forward coming to Portland 💪 Ano opinion niyo sa Jeremy Grant trade? #TrailBlazersPH.

..you always need THAT DUDE on offense unless you’re gonna aim to be the anomaly Pistons with Billups and co. I’ll admit if I’m wrong in time but I just don’t see how Paolo isn’t great - the combination of size, 3 level scoring & amazing playmaking is rare for his size & age..


The Trail Blazers acquired Jerami Grant the day before the 2022 NBA Draft and didn’t give up much in immediate assets..

Some one just say the Pistons have Cade, Bey, and 48 million in cap space let me call my Agent!.

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@C_Robbins_ @joelirvine97 Call up okc OKC gets 5 OKC gives up 12/23 pistons pick/another first(wiz) Nets gets 23 pistons 1st/1st(wiz)/25 1st(mil)/pick from OKC/27 1st/Joseph/Hami Nets gives up KD Pistons gets 12/KD Pistons give up 5/25 1st(mil)/27 1st.

Pistons are keeping Bagley at 12-15 million a season! Bagley per 48 min average 26 points 14 rebounds 2 assists blocks 29% 3pa Plays switch defense on perimeter Ayton at million per 48 24 points 16 rebounds 2 assists blocks 25% 3pa Plays drop coverage.

@JLEdwardsIII So let me get this straight, the trailblazers keep all of their own first rounders, just swap 2nds, AND get Grant… tell me how the Pistons didn’t just get fleeced. I’m on the “Trust Troy” bandwagon, but this feels like an awful fucking trade.

Pistons traded Jerami Grant to get essentially a Jerami Grant level player in 2024/2025 when a Cade-led team is ready..

Como curiosidad, Jerami Grant deja Detroit como el 7º máximo anotador por partido (20,9 puntos) de la historia de los Pistons, y el máximo en las últimas 20 temporadas..


@omarisankofa Also do you think this increases the odds that Troy takes on a bad contract for additional picks? Seems odd the Pistons would go all in on Ayton right after trading the 2nd/3rd best player on the team.

@Sageof6turtles Pistons bout to take Keegan Murray and make me rethink my fandom so it’s all good.

@PistonsBrasil_ 1 comentário, 10 minutos de o quão ruim tá o Pistons e de quão longe essa situação tá de melhorar, não era pra eu rir mas a esperança de vocês tá no fundo do poço demais kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

@lillardRS Detroit pistons desistiu do basquete e virou uma instituição de caridade.

@BullsNationBR_ @PistonsBrasil_ Aí tá jogando a praga máxima kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, eu admito que não gostaria de ver o Pistons ruim pra sempre já que jogos contra eles e contra o Knicks são os melhores da temporada.

@alexthewhatever Yeah I know I was just hoping for more. The Pistons are known for fucking up so 😂.

so the Pistons gave up Jerami for a top 4 pick in 2025?? this gotta be purely to clear up cap space, imma need Ayton and Bridges by the end of the season to make it worth while.

@BullsNationBR_ @PistonsBrasil_ Eu não to rindo do Pistons, eu to rindo especificamente dos comentários deles, se você ouvisse o que eu ouvi, você teria rido tanto quando eu kkkkkkkkkkk.

@SirMannyG Oh 100% is for the blazers considering their 4 was abysmal this year lol. But the pistons now have the most flexibility in the nba. They are going to stack assets and be very very dangerous in 2 years. Mark my words.

So Troy can go after whoever he wants in FA and then roll any leftover money to next year when almost $9 million more comes off the books due to Zhaire and DJ? And CoJo comes off the books as well? Pistons have a lot of options over the next few seasons. Very promising..

@joelirvine97 @Stylesofpunk There is not any situation in which KD says “I will only play for the Detroit Pistons” *just* because we have cap space..

@C_Robbins_ @Stylesofpunk 5 may be close to enough if he forces his way to the Pistons.

@esidery @wojespn When you say immense salary cap flexibility I can only think of the Pistons 43-56 million in cap.

If the Pistons get Ivey, 2/5 of the starting 5 will be Batman villains. We’d have Poison Ivey and the Joker (Bey).

Se o Pistons conseguir o Ayton para jogar com Cade… temos uma coisa bem bem beeem legal se formando ali hein.

But people want to sit here & complain like we got robbed… TAKE IT EASY! Just the start. #Pistons.


@widthemid @Fireburner Yeah and the steering wheel actually moves the wheels, and when the car rolls u can see the pistons moving in the engine.

Please Pistons do not sign either of Bridges or Ayton. Thank you! #NBA #detroitpistons.

@wojespn We might be looking at some big name free agent signing to the Pistons this off-season… *cough cough Ayton & someone else 🥂🤞🏾!! #313.

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