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Wow, the PitMad was strong yesterday! I tried to retweet as much as I could as it came across my feed, so sorry if I missed you! How did it go, everyone? I hope I can join your ranks next December! #WritingCommunity

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#PitMad was a delightful whirlwind! Thanks so much to everyone who shared and liked and offered encouragement; y’all made my day!! ☺️.

Yesterdays PitMad was really fun. I made a bunch of new writer friends and had a great time trying to force the story of my entire book into a few words. Not sure that I succeeded, but oh well. Thanks everyone who retweeted my pitch and for those of you who liked it..

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Whoa, I was scrolling through the pitmad tweets this morning and they’re amaaaaazing! Such cool story ideas!!! 😍.

How did everyone do with #PitMad?! Dying to hear which of those amazing pitches got query requests..

Now that I’ve found out what #PitMad is I’ll stop using it, so everyone else can shine. Good luck to everyone this round :).

Wow, the PitMad was strong yesterday! I tried to retweet as much as I could as it came across my feed, so sorry if I missed you! How did it go, everyone? I hope I can join your ranks next December! #WritingCommunity.

Yesterday during #PitMad, I learned that there will be many books about female assassins in 2021. #WritingCommunity.

Sometimes especially after #pitmad I rethink my decision to self-publish because I’m all on my own, but then I remember what it feels like to hold my book in my hand and know that I did this by It’s going to be hard, but I can do it.

Anyone else read so many pitches for PitMad yesterday, that now every tweet in your feed is reading like a pitch?.

Wow so many new connections from #PitMad ! Thanks for all the retweet support. The writing community is awesome. Hi to all my new friends! 😁.

@MDalto421 I hear you girlfriend. I’m so grateful for the support, both of pitmad but also of book recommendations. Contests and weird. Writing is weird. It’s good to have people around you!.

@margarchivist Bit of a departure today—I’m working on the queries for agents who liked my #pitmad tweets yesterday! #7amWritersClub.

Another #pitmad done and dusted! Huge thanks to all the wonderful retweeters out there! You were amazing. Fingers crossed for lots of success stories in the #writerscommunity.

I forgot about #pitmad I’m going to spend the whole day stalking everyone’s tweets. Seeing all these great pitches def helps make me better and ups my game..

Congrats to all the #PitMad submitters! #WritingCommunity.

Congrats to all the #PitMad submitters! #WritingCommunity Photo

Blown away by all the incredible #pitmad stories. I put mine on the thread for #DIS (disability) stories / characters, and I want to run around and high five all the other writers keeping me company there!.

Yesterday I RTed a lot of pitmad pitches and I hope nobody minded😅 But I can’t say sorry. I agree with this tweet, some of these were just so exciting I wanted everyone to marvel at them! Also, supporting the #writingcommunity is an honour and it’s why I’m here😊 #amwriting.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you do much to everyone who boosted my PitMad tweets. You guys are all great! ❤️️❤️️❤️️.

Two thoughts from my first foray into #Pitmad: 1) people are so nice 2) so many of these books need published so I can read them.

13-year-old new soul Tali is banished from the palace to the One mines after it is discovered by the Queen that she has the visionary powers reserved for Sevens, the old souls; but after dreaming her father will perish in an upcoming wedding, she escapes to save him. #PitMad #MG.

Everyone says, girls like pink, boys like blue—that’s how things are and will always be. I DON’T HAVE A FAVORITE COLOR YET invites readers to explore a whole rainbow of colors and possibilities. #PitMad #PB.

Thank you to everyone who is pinning their pitmad tweets!! It makes RTing you that much easier. #pitchwars #WritingCommunity.

If so inclined, please repost my PitMad tweets today. Let’s get some traction..

#PitMad. Writers, this is a great opportunity. I’m glad I learned about it and will be pitching my manuscripts in March..

Happy #pitmad! If I like your tweet, please send a synopsis, first 3 chapters, and platform info to the email in my bio. Good luck everyone! 💕.

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