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I don’t spend my money on family movies to explain to my sons why two women are kissing. If I wanna watch lesbians, I’ll turn on Showtime after midnight. Or softball. Good for you, America. Good for you..


No molesten a @andercortes, está disfrutando de su sueño. #Lightyear, la nueva película de Disney y Pixar, ya en cines..


The film that pulled at our heartstrings. Toy Story 3 hit theatres on this day in 2010..

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#Lightyear, a @Pixar film directed by my friend @AngusMacLane, is a beautiful, heartfelt and hilarious love letter to the last 50 years of science fiction films. It’s supported by a rich, deep tapestry of easter eggs for every level of sci-fi fandom. Damn, it’s fun..

Disney didn’t allow Tim Allen, the longtime voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Pixar movies, to voice the character in the new movie, reportedly, because of his conservative political beliefs..


Whether they’re a king, a superhero, or a dancing pair of pants, @Pixar dads can do it all! Wishing an unforgettable #FathersDay to anyone who fills the role. ❤️.

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Maldito “progresismo” que “impuso” la educación laica, el sufragio universal, el derecho a decidir, el fin del apartheid, la desegregación racial, los derechos humanos, la diversidad sexual, las películas de Pixar, y la paridad de género que llevó a mujeres panistas al poder 🧐.

ENCONTRARAM! 💧🔥 O @thedrawinguy_ encontrou o Easter Egg de ‘Elemental’, próximo filme da Pixar, em #Lightyear. Em uma cena do filme, é possível ver uma garrafa com o nome Wade, mesmo nome de um dos protagonistas da nova animação..

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Pixar should drop a traditionally animated movie on us someday and blow everyone’s minds.

LIGHTYEAR’s soft open is interesting in that it can confirm lots of priors. It’s a.) the natural result of Disney teaching people to watch Pixar movies on D+ or b.) a backlash against “woke” cinema or c.) proof that America remains tragically homophobic or d.) franchise fatigue..

Chris Evans, who is playing Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s prequel to Toy Story ‘Lightyear’ is using his platform to share his frustration with people criticizing the same-sex kiss in the movie. MORE:.

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145. ‘Lightyear’ (2022) ¡AL INFINITO Y MÁS ALLÁ! Visuales impecables para la historia de Pixar/Disney. Un gran homenaje a uno de los juguetes más queridos de Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans prestando su voz es un gran acierto. Llena de guiños y lindos momentos..

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@PopBase Fun fact! The Pixar team drew inspiration from Nicki Minaj when designing ms potato head 🎀🦄.

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YA ES UN FRACASO EN TAQUILLA Con un presupuesto de 200 millones de dólares la película de Disney y Pixar lightyear prometía romper records de taquilla; pronosticaban que en la semana de estreno recaudarían entre 75 a 100 millones (USD)….

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not the first to say so but had Pixar dared to make LIGHTYEAR their STAR TREK / INTERSTELLAR equivalent instead of unnecessarily related to TOY STORYS it could’ve been incredible.

official feral pixar ranking just dropped! all my rankings are right, i take no critiques.

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Che bello un anno fa twitter era pieno di content di Luca Pixar.

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Imagine being Pixar and ripping off the panned Lost in Space movie for a plot point in your billion dollar animated movie..

@jb_flanagan @InSitgesWeTrust A los homófobos les viene bien, ya instrumentalizaron el fracaso de Eternals en su beneficio. Habrá otros factores, dudo que sólo eso aleje a tanta gente. Quizá el hecho de acostumbrarse a ver originales de Pixar en D+ y saber que ésta estará ahí antes del fin del verano influya..

The Buzz Lightyear movie is a clear nadir for Pixar, but overall it was better than I expected from a spinoff origin story of an already overdone franchise.

Hacemos un repaso a aquellos personajes robaescenas de las películas de animación..

@Clapman_YT @DisneyFR Vu jeudi et perso dans mon top 3 Pixar, j’avais le sourire durant tout le dernier tier du film❤️ bonne séance tu vas adorer Clapman.

今日は親友とPIXARのひみつ展に行ってきました〜! 展示の内容が濃くて綺麗なイラストも沢山見れてお腹いっぱい笑  大人も子供も絶対楽しい展示でした✨ #ピクサーのひみつ展 #札幌芸術の森美術館.

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Tras mucho meditar, así quedaría mi ranking de Pixar tras #Lightyear.

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🙄 Gracias @iggyrubin por hacerme tú la entrevista 🤟 ⭐️ Hablamos de Pixar y su abuelo de 103 años 💜💜.

The Pixar Story Structure is great for recapping learning, creating new ideas, and presenting group work. ✨Once upon a time there was ✨Every day ✨One day ✨Because of that ✨Until finally Get this FREE template for students:.

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With all the talk about AI image generation making artists lives easier(?), I’m wondering if Pixar has already implemented AI tools into their creative process. They’d be the first to have access to advanced tech, no? Dreamworks? Anyone using it?.

One of my favorite Pixar movies of all time. Possibly top 5. What a masterpiece.

In celebration of the release of Disney-Pixar’s #Lightyear today, Disney has revealed three new game experiences featuring the beloved Space Ranger:.

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Pô mano, fui assistir Lightyear e não sai do cinema chorando, @Pixar vocês poderiam devolver meu dinheiro?.

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