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Baby … Sammie & Pleasure P choosing violence. Lemme grab a drank #Verzuz.

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My whole take on the Verzuz Sammie fucked up the whole vibe. Mario the only one that can sing, Omarion was trying to act like he was eating puthy using a watermelon (sir grow up), pleasure p still chubby, Bobby V well…and Ray J …I’d be embarrassed too..

now i see why Pleasure P was talkin shit 😂😂 he definitely wouldve been a better opponent for Mario than Omarion #VERZUZ.

I must say lol RAY J/BOBBY V/SAMMIE/PLEASURE P, was more entertaining than then main event…. ( they just took too long to get off stage at the end lol ) #Verzuz #Verzuztv.

now i see why Pleasure P was talkin shit 😂😂 he definitely wouldve been a better opponent for Mario than Omarion.

Can we talk bout the verzuz & how horrible EVERYBODY sounded! beside Mario & Pleasure P 🔥😩 Mario won that idc bout all that props & dancing Omarion was doing his voice wasn’t there 😐 #Verzuz.

Vocally Sammie and Pleasure P was stronger anyways on top of having more hits #Verzuz #VerzuzTv.

@nonchalant_bran 😂😂😂😂 that’s cool , cause Pleasure P was definitely doing it for me too.

Mario single handedly killing Omarion, Ray J, Pleasure P, & Bobby V 🔥🔥🔥 Nobody else in this #verzuz came ready!.

Pleasure p really should feel disrespected that he was up against them with all the hits he got and he sing better than all them.

R&B niggas got more beef than Rap Niggas. #Verzuz yall gotta do better. This message is directed to Pleasure P😭.

I would’ve rather seen Pleasure P battle with Mario. We would’ve had a SHOW full of bops. Mario would’ve still won but we’d all be happy and nostalgic ♥️.

Ray J Blasts Bobby V, Pleasure P, & Sammie For Taking Over His Verzuz Performance .

@honestleedottie Literally Sammie had to help Pleasure with his falsettos. Papa P had the hits though.

Pleasure P reminded us that, before there was side niggas, we had a boyfriend #2 😌.

•*And (gaining) the pleasure of the Lord of the earth and the heavens* •*And it is a light for its owner (for the one who says it) in his grave, a rescuer from evils and harm* 📚 *Al-Fawaakih Ash-Shahiya (p. 41)*.

I didn’t know that was Pleasure P for like 30 minutes. I thought that was somebody producer.

Pleasure P though😍😍😍 always loved him. So agressive lol then he turns into.

@glamsquadhippie i didn’t know they brung out Jeremih, but i seen it on the neighborhood talk. idk what they thought when it came to ray j, sammie, bobby v, and pleasure p. that was a long ass pre show. i was like “where the hell o and mario at??” and also i believe what you sayin bout o’s sound..

It really was a pleasure to talk at The Space Cafe Podcast #057 Adrien Mauduit, Aurora Hunter by passion.

@kbrown_boss22 His sound was messing him up which is why his vocals was a little off but the rest of them they just couldn’t sing 💀🤣🤣💀🤣🤣like idk what was going on minus pleasure p , Sammie and Mario cause they sounded amazing but Jeremiah and Ray j it wasn’t too good for them.

Not Omarion fat shaming Mario tf is this!? This whole #Verzuz has been messy af ngl. So much pettiness from all sides- and that opening show was a mess. Pleasure P.


Let me catch up with last nights verzus. Mario, Omarion, Ray J, Pleasure P, Sammie and Bobby V. That is my Vibe. RnB all day EVERYDAY.

Fave moments: Mario saying Jeremih sounded like a cartoon character and being absolutely correct. Ray J blaming his baby for his poor vocals Omarion and co being corny Mario singing Omarions song better than him Pleasure P dropping hit after hit.

@CashWalken 100% Pleasure p was making me mad too 😭 like alright we get your a song writer but your vocals wasn’t there either boo-boo.

Ray J carrying but him and Bobby V whooping Pleasure P and Sammie 🤷🏾‍♂️ #Verzuz.

sammie aggressive asf, ray j using auto tune, bobby v and this damn mic…give pleasure p his own shit atp 🤦🏽‍♀️.

How is it a verzuz between Omarion and Mario, and they got Ray J, Bobby V., and Pleasure P. on stage battling each other lmao I’m confused..

Him and pleasure p definitely winning this. Bobby V look like he brought his old clothes with him to the verzuz.

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