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Corbyn is facing a prime minister who could be doing her very last PMQs. Dozens on her own MPs are plotting right now to force her out now. And he goes in on schools #PMQs.

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All you news junkies like me know that Theresa May is in trouble She’s rumored to be resigning any day now & faces a no confidence vote so rare they had to vote to change the rules to allow it.

English Labour MP says to me walking on way to #PMQs This country is teetering - you guys should move to your independence soon #indyref2.

#PMQs cant loan british steel 30m but can give them twats 39billion how about NO deal save our money save British steel and jobs of 25,000.

I bet the IT Nerds and File burners are Working overtime in Drowning Street before May is chucked out on her Arse! #PMQs 😜✌️.

@brexitparty_uk #PMQs Withdrawal Agreement: The UK will tied to EU foreign policy, “bound by the obligations stemming from the international agreements concluded by the Union” but unable to influence such decisions. (Article 124) #Brexit @LeaveEUOfficial.

OK, while the @brexitparty_uk rallies are very impressive, I am a bit sick of them being described as rock concerts Not many rock concerts provide the entire audience with chairs while a quartet of speakers with an average age of 64 talk about the EU.

Theresa May says at #PMQs that there are more children in good or outstanding schools. For the umpteenth time: this is misleading. [1/2].

I’m not saying it’s not an issue but I don’t think the big worry facing the nation right now is where the next generation of actors & artists are going to come from. He’s such a honker. #PMQs.

A PM on the brink of collapse because of #Brexit andd Jeremy Corbyn asks about “school funding”. There we are: a country divided between the lack of leadership and the lack of strength. #PMQS.

Why am I watching #PMQs? It would be more useful and enjoyable to stick forks in my eyes. The incompetence of these idiots is a national disgrace..

@theresa_may you laughing at pmqs Goes to show you really are an uncaring typical Tory and the sooner you lose your position as PM the better.

9 out of 10 state secondary schools have cut back on Creative Arts funding for states schools - our next generation of artists & actors only to come from private schools asks JC #PMQs.

@theresa_may v @jeremycorbyn live on #PMQs shows me why I have no faith in the people who run this country. Two grown ’educated’ people shouting at each other and point scoring; dressing it up as a ’debate’. Stop voting for both of them!.

Dump Trump: Protest the State Visit, June 3/4/5 - Counterfire freesheet May 2019 #TogetherAgainstTrump #PMQs.

Pmqs Tory benches quiet today PM’s attempts at rallying her side not working today..

Odd that Corbyn has gone on schools & schooling in this of all weeks. #politicslive #PMQs.

Boris Johnson has slipped into PMQs at the back. He’s sat behind Graham Brady, the man in charge of collecting letters of no confidence in Theresa May..

@shirleymcbrinn She’s utterly incompetent. I hope Jeremy says goodbye as this is likely her last PMQs..

Here we go!! Blah! Blah! Blah! “Last Labour Government” Blah! Blah! Blah! CHANGE THE FECKIN RECORD FFS!! #PMQs.

This is disgusting #PMQs lmaooo mate this people are laughing at real problems? Mate it been ten years on ... this is silly of the government. All they do is blame each each other..

PMQs with a pointless, hopeless, redundant PM. This is farce. God, we deserve better, but we know it may get worse.

Corbyn is facing a prime minister who could be doing her very last PMQs. Dozens on her own MPs are plotting right now to force her out now. And he goes in on schools #PMQs.

Excellent from @jeremycorbyn Why are schools resorting to crowdfunding to be able to afford exotic things such as pens and glue? #PMQs.

Theresa May said at #PMQs that the government is putting record money into schools. As we say almost every week, this is correct but misleading as it doesn’t factor in inflation or rising pupil numbers. [1/2].

Backlash against May was brutal & today PM faces her enemies on opposition benches & her own with PMQs followed by Brexit statement - Comes with renewed push by some to force her out - And I suspect many in Cabinet will press her to drop vote rather than risk this scale of defeat.

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