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  • It’s not New York or Paris, but it’s home. We have cheesesteaks, Rocky, Penn’s Landing and La Colombe. As the birthplace of America, Our history is long. Our students live this city #TempleMade and Philly strong. #PoemYourCity.

  • Old school swagger With a flair of the streets, Mom and pop, built by foreign hands, Shops and mortar. The East West divide, Tempered by The King. Ahead of the rat pack, But still behind. #Cleveland #PoemYourCity @KingJames #amwriting #poetry.

  • #5 USA #PoemYourCity with @tlcprincess @TheRealJmar @iCanHash Play along on @HashtagRoundup.

  • City of Brotherly Love & the People are nice Close to New York at at least 1/2 the price The Eagles, Rocky & the Constitution we hold dear Huge Foodie City with Dog Parks Everywhere #PoemYourCity.

  • Tacos, fog, churches, and bars, homeless millionaires living in cars. #PoemYourCity.

  • 20 years ago Bruce Springsteen visited our city and he impregnated everyone. #PoemYourCity.

  • New York City Is Sometimes Shitty Still Always Pretty Fucking Great #PoemYourCity #NYC.

  • Poem Your City Neer, Andy & Gracy in @haikujam #PoemYourCity.

  • Its such a small place not much to do but talk and listen the men are jealous and the women all in competition Complacent locals incapable of seeing further Content with minimal lifes and banter on twitter Air filled with dank smoke and the smell of manure #PoemYourCity.

  • a cacophony too many people and cars dense concrete jungle #PoemYourCity #haiku.

  • #PoemYourCity On a bench, eating a Gingster Looking at the fab York Minster..

  • Don’t ruin my flow, when you say YOLO, I’m like Jason Derulo, in Tokyo! 😎🇯🇵 #PoemYourCity @iCanHash @HashtagRoundup.

  • flint the price for believing that all can dream and thrive: stripped of prosperity, denied history, flint pays with successive trips to a well poisoned by those who understand nothing of how a flower blooms, nothing of the persistence of beauty. #PoemYourCity.

  • #PoemYourCity “Then I saw New Jerusalem,,,the holy city,,,coming down from God in was like a bride dressed in her wedding gown,,, and ready to meet her husband.” Revelations 21:2.

  • Potholes potholes everywhere Gunshots gunshots no one cares I can say I hate it but I will have lied Deep down I have great Toledo pride. #PoemYourCity.

  • #PoemYourCity She Walks In Bridges.

  • @maga_fedup @elenochle @seanhannity @SaraCarterDC @seanhannity it would be of great service to America if you would put the bill of rights petition on your show tonight or every night to make sure this shadow banning on social media ends. #PoemYourCity We see DC.

  • #yannyorlaurel #ewa18 #poemyourcity donald trump jr..

  • The energy is undeniable The rent is barely viable Diverse, beautiful, dirty, gleaming, Everywhere else is only My island city near Everywhere is here. #PoemYourCity #NYC @iCanHash.

  • We have the Dolphins We have the Heat Get in a fight The cops will beat #PoemYourCity.

  • #PoemYourCity This is my Poem, my little diddy about my hometown of Princeton West Virginny! There are hills, mountains, and rednecks a-pleny with 6 teeth between them,they all love shootin bunnies!.

  • No care is greater than Dad’s Care. Show your love for your father or can be the best gift for your family member. #WednesdayWisdom #Laurel #OneOfMyFavouriteThingsIs #FallInLine #PoemYourCity #DavidTepper #GreaterTorontoDay #yannyorlaurel #RightsCon2018.

  • #PoemYourCity These streets will make you feel brand new / the F train will run over you.

  • This Arbor of Ann Should rhyme with traffic jam #PoemYourCity.

  • #PoemYourCity I live in Woonsocket There are people who knock it Before you disparage the place Visit and learn its saving grace.

  • Austin traffic sucks But tacos are delicious Do I stay or go? #PoemYourCity.

  • "Spreading fake news, I am here to stay until the FBI takes me away. New York, New York." #PoemYourCity.

  • Place on the outskirts Kind of nice and quiet here Lots of fast food stores #PoemYourCity.

  • #PoemYourCity Revelations 21:4 “He will wipe all tears from their eyes, and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain. These things of the past are gone forever.” @holybibletoday @POTUS @VP @Pontifex.

  • Palm Trees, white sand Tipsy already, drink in hand. Every day is a good day When you live in The Bay. #PoemYourCity.