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Updated: December 4th, 2021 12:41 PM IST

JP sharing his mutual respect for Klay 🤝 [via Jordan Poole/IG]

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amazing stat right here: Approx 41% of the current NBA has some G League experience. - And *Eight* of the 10 Warriors who played in the win at Detroit had G-League experience: Poole, Looney, JTA, D Lee, GPII, Kuminga, Chiozza & Moody (with Steph, Dray, Andre & OPJ all out)

THT tonight - 8 points 0/4 from 3 Poole tonight - 14 points 2/5 from 3

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@QC00KSZN @GSWReddit Klay still on the books for 2 more years after this one. I think it’ll be Wiggs, especially if JK develops. Poole gonna get his with the Dubs, I think.

@richcacho @GSWReddit Somebody’s gonna have to walk between Klay, Wiggins, Poole eventually unless Klay/Wiggs take really team friendly deals

I’m not even mad about this but I want to talk shit to the warriors so I’m just gonna say it… Poole looks like his mustache was drawn on with a sharpie.

@ClutchPage Curry gibi şefimiz, green ve wiggins gibi savunma bakanlarımız, poole toscano lee gibi boşluğu bulunca rakibin amınakoyan görev adamlarımıza klay thompsonla wiseman eklenince yine nbanin sefiri oluyoruz

Final del tercer cuarto. Buen cuarto para alejarnos un poco, en mi opinión la figura por ahora, es Draymond por escándalo. Muy mal Poole, muy bien Toscano y Payton. GSW 80-68 PHX Inicio 4Q

Que euro step lindo do Jordan Poole Por isso que não da pra tirar ele como vcs tão dizendo, querendo ou nn ele têm que continuar, mesmo numa noite ruim, pq qualquer bola dele pode dar uma confiança absurda nele

Come for Jordan Poole and Steph Curry getting up shots, stay for Li’l Draymond putting in work

*IF* Klay this season can resemble who he once was, this is truly the first time in the Steve Kerr era that the Warriors have four players (Curry, Klay, Poole, Wiggins) on the roster that can get you 20 points on any night

@boblister_poole 11 years of Torys running the NHS what do you expect? Same thing happened in the 1990’s. Must be embarrassing for people that keep voting Tory and want functioning public services.

Jae Crowder out scored every Warriors starter except Jordan Poole. Fitz gotta be pissed

Poole and porter keeping us close in this game so far. 3rd quarter warriors will be in effect soon 😎🥴

Jordan Poole and Otto fucking Porter combined for 30 first half points and 8 threes while Book left the game and the Suns are up 2. And people wanna question if PHX is a “threat” to them. Horseshit.

MEDIO TIEMPO | #NBA75 WARRIORS 54 - 56 SUNS 📊 Jordan Poole: 18 pts | 4-7 3P • Stephen Curry: 8 pts • Otto Porter: 12 pts • Andrew Wiggins: 7 pts 📺 NBA League Pass 🎙️ @AlvaroNBAMartin y @CoachCMorales

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İlk yarıyı 56-54 geride kapattık. Poole 18, Otto 12, Steph 8 sayıda. Bu kadar top kaybı bize bile fazla.

Entretiempo. Nos vamos abajo después de un segundo cuarto completamente NEFASTO. Se están culeando a Curry, Poole no jugó mucho, Wiggins tampoco la tocó. Confiemos en que no van a tener a Booker y una segunda mitad de las que acostumbran, sino, F. GSW 54-56 PHX Final 2Q

@warriors 1. no booker yall better win 2. Curry wake the f up 3. Draymond work on your LAYUP 4. Help poole pls

🐬💌 CHENLE is too strong unmatched i have to go home from work too in a minute i have to going work too is time to get scolded from boss hahahahahahahahaha today Potter and Poole are cool going home from work everyone have worked hard

The Warriors not only survived, they THRIVED in the ultimate trap game, buoyed by Angry Steph in the fourth and Angry Jordan (Poole) in the third. Some thoughts on the Dubs’ 105-90 win over the Clippers:

Chiozza is necessary when JP gets in foul trouble. Only person that can dribble drive and create not named Steph or Poole.

ngl Jordan Poole is the hero today his streaky 3s saved our ass in the late 3Q to stop Clippers building any momentum

Final del partido Warriors 105 - 90 Clippers Cuando Stephen Curry se enoja no hay nada que se pueda hacer. Golden State tiene una facilidad muy grande para abrir diferencia en poco tiempo. Otto Porter y Jordan Poole jugaron un gran partido. Estamos 18-2. VAMOS💙💛

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WARRIORS ARE 18-2! Stephen Curry had 33 PTS, 6 AST, 5 REB, 6 STL on 7/13 3PM in GS’s 105-90 WIN over the Clippers! Porter Jr.: 18 PTS, 10 REB, 26 MIN Poole: 17 PTS, 7 REB George: 30 PTS, 5 REB, 5 AST, 11/24 FGM Klay is less than a month away from returning! 👀🏆

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Brands bay. Three low flying red kites have just put up hundreds of birds and are now flying towards Poole.

Headband Poole é uma nova versão do Headband Klay. Estamos criando um monstro. #DubNation

Stunning rainbow projection from Poole Lighthouse. When was the last time those Hampshire tossers did something like this? #JeremyVine #Bournemouth

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Women for whom a baby is a mere blip in their busy schedules Carrie Was Back Running UK’s Green Policy As PM Designate Within Hours!

Kerr praises Jordan Poole’s poise and shot selection. Cites Wiggins as second half spark

JP sharing his mutual respect for Klay 🤝 [via Jordan Poole/IG]

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