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Brighton’s published accounts show Chelsea paid £ for Graham Potter, thought to be a world record compensation fee for a manager. (@NizaarKinsella) #CFC.

A clip from one of the most extraordinary interviews I’ve ever seen. In 1994 a terminally ill DENNIS POTTER talked about naming his cancer ‘Rupert’ in ‘homage’ to Murdoch & the destruction of political discourse in the UK. He passed ….

El efecto domino que les propongo: Graham Potter sale del Chelsea y toma el reto más grande su carrera: El Real Madrid. Julian Nagelsmann toma el banquillo vacante de los blues. No me agradezcan. Sé que todos quieren que esto ocurra..

@TA1Y0_ it’s a theme park!! :) it houses stuff like marvel, harry potter, the simpsons, despicable me, jurassic park, etc!.

Senam Pagi Ganjar Pranowo yang diadakan oleh Sahabat Ganjar membludak karena dihadiri masyarakat dari berbagai penjuru di Kota Surabaya. Syifa CONGRATULATIONS JIN jungkook Tari Ormas taylor swift Kris Potter.

Potter Photo,Potter Photo by Gabriella Gunawan,Gabriella Gunawan on twitter tweets Potter Photo

@elpumalondonboy Si es cierto, pensando en las opciones qué hay disponibles me parece buena opción, mi ideal sería alguien más estable pero no veo a nadie así disponible y Potter por más fe que le quiera tener no me convence 😪.

i dont understand this nagelsmann infatuation? what has he achieved that we should consider him as the guy to take us forward? Potter is surely gone by summer, i dont see him doing anything till the end of the season. I dont know who can come in ?.

Still can’t believe @todd_boehly sacked this man for Potter 🤦‍♂️.

@farina__potter از اسم عرقهمعلومه خونتون معده ها همشون داغونه😂😂.

@restoredbynight aber nicht von chelsea oder potter seite aus sondern nur von manchen fans.

@VdykCFC @todd_boehly This is the same tweet people said about potter just with a different picture lol.

@1Zapper Calm down bro potter is your manager 😭he plays a defensive game after 1 goal.

@TheBlueDodger Just goes to show how far the expectations at Chelsea have fallen when a guy who’s team is where they are now is fired compared to where potter has dragged us an our owners are just showing blind faith happily dragging us thru this embarrassing season we are having..

@steph_harpers @Derah91 No top club will come for potter…his cv isn’t helping him.

@ChelseaFC @todd_boehly This information is for you. Fire that Harry Potter fraud. We have a proper and well proven manager available in the market. Less than 40yrs old too..

@zukorona amorim buyout clause is huge and still need 1 more this guy managed leipzig and gave the best ucl run in history then gone to think he will get madrid call in potter still dont work i can see vivell calling him asap.


@Habib_Potter @Ines_el_ Quand tu exprimes ton opinion calmement pendant des mois mais qu’on ne t’écoute pas certains changent de méthode. Encore une fois : on adhère ou pas mais c’est comme ça.

Bayern sacked nagelsmann for this while chelsea kept potter for making us like a midtable team sitting in 10th place. Boehly time to make a move..

@SaberthaZ I can imagine how fierce Chelsea would have been with the caliber of the players you guys have but heniway!!! Potter is running the show 😂😂😂 just trust his process 😂.

@TheBlueDodger Bayern sacked him because of the poor performance but they are in second position still in champions league, here are Chelsea 10th position still supporting Potter what a shit 😴 🙄 😳.

We recently passed 250 days of construction on the Reimagining Arts Centre Melbourne project – and celebrated with the removal of the bridge connecting Arts Centre Melbourne and level 4 of The Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre. 🏗️.

@faparedesv @CFCUruguay Principalmente fue el tema con la directiva, querían fichar jugadores que el no y querían que se involucrara más. Aunque algunos 🫢, tienen que justificar esto con que el equipo ya no funcionaba (6tos) y luego les parece normal ser 10os con Potter Por Aplaudir a la directiva 😒.

@blackaben03 @todd_boehly Potter waking up and checking his phone tomorrow.

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@TheBlueDodger Bayern are usually flawless in the Champions League by this point, they’re also normally 12 points clear by this point not trailing by 1. He made them worse and now everyone wants him at Chelsea. Guys the Graham Potter of the Bundesliga 😂.

@FaktaSepakbola tolong @ChelseaFC angkut ini pak julian daripada harry potter kaga jelas.

But really, why was Potter given that many years in his contract?.

Potter Photo,Potter Photo by Oldirty French,Oldirty French on twitter tweets Potter Photo

@CoteDrogba @CFCDaily Potter got Brighton to 9th in all honestly. What nagelsmann did at hoffenheim trumps that completely..

@todd_boehly @WatcherGuru Sack Potter Potter so we can have peace of mind.

@FutbolCheIsea YES! DEFINITELY!!! Any true chelsea fan would accept him over he Pretender POTTER OUT!!! POTTER OUT!!! POTTER OUT!!!.

i like to judge people based on whether or not i think they took the harry potter class in galactic.

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