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Cristian Javier, Héctor Neris and Ryan Pressly have combined to no-hit the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in a 3-0 win. It is the first no-hitter in the history of the new ballpark and the first against the Yankees since six Astros pitchers combined for one on June 11, 2013..

Colossal meltdown in the ninth inning by Pressly. Astros lose on a walk off hit by Aaron Judge.

Pressly said he didn’t sleep after Thursday’s game but he bounced back in a big way today..

“It’s just one of those things that I didn’t have it tonight. It sucks,” Ryan Pressly said. “The guys go out there and they grind, put up runs and I just didn’t make my pitches. -.

Ryan Pressly is an elite closer. Jabari Smith is a No. 1 overall superstar. Have nice things, ffs..

Ryan Pressly not showing a fkin ounce of nervousness during a no hitter AND against the 2-3-4 guys after what happened on Thursday was awesome.

Este juego se llama pitcheo, bateas bien pos yo pitcheo bien, @LosAstros por encima de @Yankees_Beisbol Gran premio para #Pressly #Enotronivel.

Pressly Photo,Pressly Photo by FansAstrosMx🇲🇽,FansAstrosMx🇲🇽 on twitter tweets Pressly Photo

@HooksHostMom Pressly, walked first 2 in bottom of 9, then Torres hit 3 run HR to tie, that’s when I turned it off.

Aaron Hicks sure does love to torture the Asstros. First it was Justin Verlander in the playoffs, Now is Pressly 🤣👏 #Yankees.

Not usually one for shitting on players Pressly get the fuck outta here with that you absolute bottle job. I can live with mistakes but that performance was beyond the pale.

We get Jermey Pena and Jake Meyers back, the Astros are winning it all. You heard it here first lol Yankees, Mets, whoever. They’re not stopping this Stros team. Too much talent in the bullpen, they won’t have to depend on Pressly. #LevelUp.

Perdieron los Astros 6-7 por una pésima entrada pusieron a Pitchear a Pressly que lo hizo infame, no puedes poner a Pitchear a alguien que es bateador y nunca nadie a visto Pitchear y el cambio dios mio, el cambio Staniek o Stanek realmente no se cómo se escribe iba bien pero.

@astros Hey Pressly give up a 3 run Homer that ties the game to Aaron Hicks.

Pressly Photo,Pressly Photo by Matt Carpenter truther (fan account) #WENDLE2NYY,Matt Carpenter truther (fan account) #WENDLE2NYY on twitter tweets Pressly Photo

@michaelschwab13 This team needs a centerfielder who can hit or atleast bat in runs. Siri is hands down a great fielder defensively but at the plate he chases so much. Dusty as well needs to make better decisions because Pressly has been shaky this season. We also need Yuli Gurriel to get hits..

@SMC_TX @houstonfan4life it definitely is, that loss sucked, but it was all on Pressly not having his command and walking 2 batters. He strikes them out and the game winning run makes it a 2 run game, even if he gives up 2 without those guys on base the Astros still win.

@astros Dusty never admits when he screws up! Such as NOT BUNTING SIRI, LEAVING PRESSLY IN TOO LONG, Not walking Judge! If Pressly didn’t “have it” then don’t wait until AFTER a game tying homer to make a change! Stanek shoulda faced Hicks! This Loss is ALL ON DUSTY’S poor decisions!.

Great win tonight for our filly PRESSLY’S HOPE @lonestarpark for the team of @diodororacing19. Great ride by the veteran Luis Q. Thanks to all! #DoubleDiamondGrad.

@YankeesNerds Holy shit. I was at the movies watching “Elvis” and the Yanks best Pressly! Lol!!.

@crimiercho Exactly, I would’ve called a mound meeting after that second walk. Pressly shouldn’t have kept pitching.

yk what i realized, ryan pressly slipped after the first pitch and he had a knee surgery for that, and after that pitch he seemed uncomfortable..

@HoodieTrevino LMFAOOOOO he just had a bad game and also it’s why I saw Astros fans were sending death threats to pressly especially when one of Ryan Pressly’s family members were blocking Astros fans after what happened.

@CantH0LDMe They just need to stop making excuses and the same fanbase that sent pressly death threats after the game after I saw one of his family members blocking Astros fans.

@HoustonChron Pressly you can blow game in other team , but not the yankee man, I hate that yankee team.

@Leestewart281 I just never have liked pitcher pitching 2 days in a row. Its just not enough recovery time. I remember Hinch going with Will Smith In game 7 after pitching game 6. Pressly had been pitch well lately..

Fatal relevo de Ryan Pressly en el Bronx da al traste con la victoria de los Astros.

@tallelvis @astros For the record I never like Pressly with the game on the line. More proof tonight.

@ChrisThomasson7 If it wasn’t for Pressly’s bad outing Thursday night they could’ve been going for the sweep tomorrow.

Also Astros fans need to Stop that and stay classy because some of them are sending Ryan Pressly death threats after what happened today if that’s why I saw some Astros fans posted one of his family members blocking them.

@HeyyRB I heard the Yankees fans are buying up the Pressly jerseys right now. It’s probably going to be hottest Yankee jersey on the market..

@ATTSportsNetSW @astros Only thing that matters is the end. Pressly trash and we had no business keeping him in.

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