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Another song about dads. “I’m pretty busy, so please forgive me if I forget to not forgive you”

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Anne G ()

@karla_kattz Ooooh how curious!!👏👏🙌🙌😃😃, but a little Boysdale fun sometime soon, pretty please🙏🙏😘

‏ً ()

Put my mind at ease Trickle down my spine Oh, you look so pretty, please Every single night, I need your hands on me When your kisses climb Oh, you give me sweet relief Made me feel so pretty Would you help me out, please?

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Marianne Williamson ()

We need to think about and articulate what we want. We want a democracy untainted by undue financial influence. We want clean skies, clean water, clean food & clean air. We want economic opportunity, healthcare & education for everyone. And we need to stop saying “Pretty please.”

Ecem ◟̽◞̽ ()

i miss louis so much it’s been only two weeks but it’s so painful i miss seeing his pretty face please can we get a selfie PLEASE JUST PLEASE

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₁₃тнαℓια⁷ JIMIN ()

please copy&paste to clear his searches jimin beautiful jimin breathtaking jimin beaming jimin best dancer jimin brilliant jimin bright jimin big-hearted jimin amazing jimin pretty jimin talented jimin filter jimin serendipity jimin promise jimin cute

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Maryamarshad ()

Every bit counts! The situation is pretty bad! They need our share and contribute whatever way possible!

It’s christiana nigga ()

@slideearound only songs I liked were levitating hallucinate good in bed and pretty please


@Cocoblabla_ physical jpeuuuuu paaaas, vrmt mal aux oreilles, après future nostalgia et pretty please en 1st

Zyzuś tłuścioch ()

Dua to weszła na jakiś wyższy level przy Pretty Please, zaraz się zesram, jakie to jest dobre

Culonavirus ()

El álbum de la Dula Pipa overall esta decente pero la producción de PRETTY PLEASE OH MY GOD está EXQUISITAAAA 😭

Kazè (A Dua Lipa Stan Account) ()

Break My Heart, Love Again, and Pretty Please are so catchy too

Marc ()

@peacefulbully Stop clogging my notifications by liking your own tweets pretty please

Bichiyal ()

@heatstroke_x TREMENDA OBRA DE ARTE. Siempre ha sido mi diosa pero ahora sí le voy a poner un altar LA AMO Por ahora mi top 3 (excluyendo las que lanzó antes que el disco) son Hallucinate, Pretty Please y Love Again

𝐝𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐧𝐞 ()

favorites excluding the singles are cool, love again, pretty please and hallucinate

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Al ()

@yeahragon PLEASE THIS IS LIKE THE BEST PANEL IN JOJOLION ok that was a lie pretty much every other panel is the best but STILL I WOULD LOVE THAT.

♥️ ()

I know I said it twice already tonight, but every time Pretty Please comes I just PHEWWW, the best song 10/10

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ً ()

after listening twice, my top 4 so far from the non singles are as follows: 1) levitating 2) pretty please/cool 3) hallucinate 4) future nostalgia

EDUArda feLIPA ()

Cuando tenga novio nuestra primera cogida va a ser con pretty please de la dualinga de fondo WOW

🦎 ()

have listened to all I think pretty please /hallucinate? my favs but they are all goood

Braydon ()

Love Again my least favorite so Cool, Pretty Please, Levitate SLAP. Let’s


3 g*z*d*s instantâneas com Dua loopa falando Pretty Please #FutureNostalgia

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Ryan ()

pretty please: the guitar on this song omg i’m in love and her voice too wtf, the best is so infectious and i just love the whole vibe of the song rating: 10/10

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MB ()

@therealhogsonic @RacismDog Please don’t play ignorant with me. It’s not a pretty look.

Tomasso ()

So far, my faves: 1. Cool 2. Levitating 3. Pretty Please 4. Hallucinate 5. Boy Will Be Boys

Robin Skulas ()

Or a running newsfeed on a split screen showing number of deaths and number of infected people on a loop? Pretty please.

E ()

I lost my wig with Boys will be boys, Hallucinate, Break my heart, Levitating, Love Again, Pretty k hold on., the whole dmn album is a M A S T E R P I E C E. #FutureNostaliga She didn’t come to play.

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Aj ✨ ()

Pretty please is actually needed in the album as it gives you a chance to recover from levitating and ready for Hallucinate

K ()

exploring. learning. dragging his nails a little higher inside his thigh, pinching to see if it hurts. it does. he loves it. fingers that find his already pebbled nipple and tug, urgently. “because i’m pretty.” jungkook cries out. “because i deserve it. i do, please. more.”

Jiyang teeth and gums ()

song jiyang can we please go on dates to the park and we hold hands and watch the squirrels running up trees and talk about how pretty the scenery is but it’s nothing compared to you

Traitor joe ()

Another song about dads. “I’m pretty busy, so please forgive me if I forget to not forgive you”

☚ #FridayFeeling Captain Crozier ☛
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